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Résumé du Roman

Su Qinghe, casanier et paresseuse, renaît et devient une fille de la campagne dans les années 1960.

Pour survivre, Su Qinghe ne peut que continuer à accomplir des tâches et devenir une petite épouse qualifiée de l'armée.

Ding… Après avoir terminé la tâche de cuisine, obtenez 1 point de compétence de cuisine. Récompensez une livre de poitrine de porc.

Ding… Après avoir terminé la tâche de couture, obtenez 1 point de compétence de couture et récompensez un pied de tissu de coton.


La devise de la vie de Su Qinghe : c'est juste difficile mais ce n'est pas impossible !

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Titre Court:AMW
Titre Original:重回六零全能军嫂
Weekly Rank:#786
Monthly Rank:#767
All Time Rank:#1633
Mots Clés:Beautiful Female Lead, Caring Protagonist, Childcare, Comedic Undertone, Devoted Love Interests, Doctors, Doting Older Siblings, Familial Love, Female Protagonist, First-time Intercourse, Game Elements, Genius Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Investigations, Lazy Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Military, Poor to Rich, Pregnancy, System Administrator, Transmigration,
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17 Comments on “Almighty Military Wife
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  1. is this novel really good? I just read the 1st chapter but I feel that everything is a mess. I specifically don't like the system which force the MC to follow a planned lifestyle without even having the right to choose her husband. will it keep going this way?

  2. It's really good. The story is like how life should be. Taking it step by step. You must read it until the end. By the way it have a funny moment in some chapters.

  3. Is there any sequel for this novel ??? Honestly i love thiss😭😭😭. Best story ever after it's not easy become a man after reincarnated

  4. No way! That novel had a great start then became sooooo convoluted I almost lost track of what happened and the romance was barely there too. Utter turn off for the gender bender I expected.

  5. Kinda boring. I'm a lazy person myself but I hate it if someone trying to justify their laziness. Lazy is just excuse.

  6. Right! There is something new in the usual 'rebirth to 60's plot" but not interesting enough and quite boring The MC, I don't like her personality... so dropped and maybe, If I don't have any book to read... I'll read it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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