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Résumé du Roman

Au réveil, Han Mo est devenu une autre personne, non seulement cela, mais aussi une petite princesse excentrique.

Aux yeux des autres, il est le dieu des hommes, le dieu du chant, le dieu de la cuisine et le dieu des spectacles de variétés.

Tout ce qu'il écrit est fait de Dieu, mais dans le petit cœur de Xuan Xuan, papa est une existence toute-puissante, c'est un scientifique, oui Un philosophe est un maître de toutes choses et un homme fort.

Dans la vie précédente, il a travaillé désespérément pour rechercher la gloire et la fortune. Dans cette vie, il veut juste vivre l'esprit tranquille et être papa.

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Titre Court:ASD
Titre Original:全能巨星奶爸
Auteur:Running silly rabbit
Weekly Rank:#746
Monthly Rank:#843
All Time Rank:#1070
Mots Clés:Child Protagonist, Childcare, Doting Parents, Entertainment, Familial Love, Genius Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Parallel Worlds, Poor to Rich, Pregnancy, Romantic Subplot, Showbiz, Singers, Transmigration, Writers,
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  1. There are some things that bother me about the narrative of this story. The original body owner's dream was to be a celebrity, so even if minimally bad, he should have some acting skill. but he didn't get any role or opportunity, on the contrary, who got an opportunity was his partner who just followed and (so it seemed) was not an actress before that and had no dreams of it. This is already weird and forced, but ok... I can accept it. But here comes something that's making me angry so far In the period of time that she has acted in entertainment and has been growing in popularity, hasn't there been any opportunity for her to open doors for her partner? To help him in he's dreams? Even if it was a figuration role, to introduce him to the industry and help in his dream? NOT ONCE Man, this is bothering me a lot, I think the author didn't even think about this hole in the story, but it doesn't make any sense.

  2. Ngl if ure looking for something family thing this is one of it, I don't really mind about those film, song, show etc. The only problem is this film almost 700 in chapter i read so far they mention nothing about his wealth. Only once about house. I mean he literally make a lot of billion but from story he still look poor af lmao.

  3. I don't know if the author went braindead at the time he was writing about "The Amazing Spiderman" but seriously this is either the biggest plothole till now or author's brain went dark at the time........he made a Chinese actor play the role of Peter Parker and the shooting of movie happened in China in stead of NY city.

  4. The first day box office of a movie never depends on the story and depends on publicity and star lineup, the consecutive days the movie may do very well because the audience have liked it and the word of mouth promotes it but on the first day it completely depends on publicity.

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