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Résumé du Roman

La terre entière est devenue une arène de jeu. Si vous voulez survivre à ce jour apocalyptique cruel, vous ne pouvez que prendre les armes entre vos mains, vous battre constamment, combattre des monstres et des améliorations, et vous renforcer constamment.

Après des efforts inlassables, Tang Tian a finalement renversé le dernier BOOS de 100 niveaux sur la terre et a découvert que ce n'était que la première carte à traverser.

Regarder Tang Tian grimper au sommet de l'arène terrestre cruelle, mener la course pour la suprématie et la course désespérée pour la suprématie, et enfin pénétrer le terrain de jeu des dieux et des démons de l'enfer…

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Titre Court:AG
Titre Original:末世魔神游戏
Auteur:Shi Wen
Weekly Rank:#3448
Monthly Rank:#1255
All Time Rank:#2181
Mots Clés:Apocalypse, Game Elements, Harem, Level System, Male Protagonist, Survival Game, Weak to Strong, Zombies,
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14 Comments on “Apocalypse Game
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  1. I won't say much. It's just that MC has no charisma at all. Take any MC of any other novel and it will have more charm than this MC. True, absolutely anyone, even an antisocial loner, is more pleasant than him.

  2. Ch 146. He is seriously obsessed with the bitch named lan lan(his first crush), he even swore a vow if there is a next life he'd still love her with all his life, despite the fact she straight af called him a poor bastard without any thought of how much he helped her or protected her and the dude cried bitterly like a wuss when he saw her chained as a zombie, I was happy about her death but his crying left a bitter taste in my mouth.

  3. Ch. 335 when he said I should start ignoring personal grievances and start looking after entire race I lost whatsoever interest I've had Here, every time a mc says something like this , they start sparing their enemies only to get bitten in the ass every fucking time. -_-

  4. Author only show mcs stats once then he never bother to do it for mcs stats.its definitely random just as author like it he'll add any number without bothering to tally it all.

  5. i hate when that happens, if you introduce stats you need to keep them because we look forward to them to see how much the MC has progressed in terms of numbers many times i read novels where the writer keeps the stats/numbers and then drops them half way through it pisses one off.

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