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Apocalypse: Picking up Attributes and Becoming Stronger

3.8 (74 reviews)
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Résumé du Roman

"Ding, décrochez avec succès, obtenez l'attribut de force * 10."

"Ding, a décroché avec succès et a remporté le monde de domination LV1."

"Ding, le ramassage est réussi et la capacité de temps et d'espace est obtenue."

En voyageant à travers les derniers jours, Long Chen a découvert qu'il pouvait en fait récupérer les attributs abandonnés par les autres pour se renforcer. Est-ce vraiment bien?

Le pouvoir peut être récupéré, la vitesse peut être augmentée, la défense peut être récupérée, les pouvoirs surnaturels et les arts martiaux peuvent être récupérés, même la fille ... tousse tousse, la fille doit la récupérer elle-même.

De toute façon, il est impossible de cultiver en cultivant. Il est impossible de cultiver dans cette vie. Ce n'est qu'en choisissant des attributs que vous pouvez maintenir une vie…

- Description de MTL


Titre Court:APABS
Titre Original:末世:我能捡属性变强
Auteur:Wang Ergou
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#36
Monthly Rank:#39
All Time Rank:#243
Mots Clés:Ability Steal, Adopted Protagonist, Beast Companions, Cheats, Elves, Fast Cultivation, Game Elements, Harem, Hidden Abilities, Male Protagonist, Multiple Realms, Outer Space, Overpowered Protagonist, Post-apocalyptic, Rape, Strong to Stronger, Sudden Strength Gain, System, System Administrator, Time Travel, Transmigration, Unique Cultivation Technique,
74 vote(s)

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24 thoughts on “Apocalypse: Picking up Attributes and Becoming Stronger
  1. Basically, there are two novels in one novel. until chapter 390 is one story after 391 is another one story.
    mc transforms into god of the universe into urban life system mc LUL

  2. Story is okay, as long as one can ignore the author’s inability to do maths; i.e. when mc upgrade his Time Manipulation skill cost him a total of 1.6mil when his system says he only have 1.25 mil points, etc

  3. Mc is too stupid.
    He doesn’t know anything , but didn’t think to study knowledge about the world first.
    When he encounter something, he didn’t know about it, then stupid shit.
    He has a lot of skill ,, lot of law ,
    But didn’t know how to utilized it. Shit.
    Only know those basic skill given by system. So fcking stupid.
    When fighting with enemy, he didn’t knoe how to fight, only fighting head-on, not knowing how to use his law? Shit. Wasting power.

  4. Good novel until chapter 410 or more because he can’t be contented with his universe creation god level and misses his family from earth even after thousands of years, bullshit

    Still don’t know about the elves queen, he forgot about her even after he raped her due to the world three, hir first woman but..
    Still good for a past time

    1. We expect too much from a 2 lifetimes hardcore virgin whom never considered the need to keep own “Crown Jewel” properly managed.
      Its also a lesson for the rest of the virgin readers – keep your “throne” in check, or the “throne” will put you in troublesome “karma”

    1. Accurately, it not the mc, just some of the side characters. MC’s a prick though. The – oh I raped her when I was being powered up, oh well, just move on – kind of prick

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