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Beloved Wife on Top : Master Mo, Softly Kiss

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Une nuit avant le mariage, son fiancé l'a trahie et Chi Huan endormi avec son garde du corps personnel! En un clin d'œil, le garde du corps est devenu le grand coup mystérieux qui a couvert toute la ville de Lancheng! Devant le grand lit, elle portait une chemise d'homme et annonçait de haut niveau: "Soit vous vous castrez pour prouver mon innocence, soit vous devenez désormais mon homme!"

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Titre Court:MMSK
Titre Original:娇妻在上:墨少,轻轻亲
Weekly Rank:#3393
Monthly Rank:#4124
All Time Rank:#1967
Mots Clés:Acting, Betrayal, Celebrities, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Modern Day, Showbiz, Wealthy Characters,
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2 Comments on “Beloved Wife on Top : Master Mo, Softly Kiss
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  1. honestly FL is a very weak character ML is one of the typical characters that does not explain things but the author tried to make the character "cold", but as far as I know in the end the "cold" characters end up giving a complete explanation for the fl. Do you still have those "tension" breaks when the serious FL conversation says "I love you"? or "I want to get married" is basically accepting everything that ML says and ML doesn't go after the truth and prefers to be told by others, but what if everything that was said is a lie? FL's son dies, she is misunderstood and is ready to leave it at that! It would have been better not to have a child in that book, because it made no difference in any chapter as if he never existed until FL, nor did he regret the pain of the loss, let alone ML.

  2. It really takes a lot, and I mean A LOT, of patience in this novel. The first 40 chaps or so was really annoying, irritating, and frustrating, especially with the FL because she's blind. BUT, other than that, the next chaps for far are cute and fluffy so I'm lookinf forward to Chi Huan's and Mo Shiqian's relationship. I'm rooting for the two.

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