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Résumé du Roman

Xu Ran a traversé le continent Douluo, réveillant l'âme invincible de l'épée, le sang de la bête Qilin Rui. Flottant entre les humains et les âmes bêtes, dominez les deux races, devenant la personne la plus puissante et invincible de Douluo Star.

Hammer Tang San, Hammer Tang Hao, Hammer Tang Chen, Hammer Xiaogang, Hammer Mubai…

À partir du fiancé de Zhu Zhuqing, balayant le monde invincible.

Xu Ran: Je suis invincible, tu es libre.

Tang Sanzu Sun San s'est caché dans un coin et étreint dans un groupe de frissons, Yu Xiaogang a pleuré et est allé chercher de l'aide à Bibi Dong, mais il ne savait pas que Bibi Dong était déjà la personne de Xu Ran.

Terre, mer, race humaine, race orque, royaume divin… Xu Ran a dit: Invincible, est-ce si difficile?

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Titre Court:CGFD
Titre Original:从斗罗开始俘获女神
Weekly Rank:#108
Monthly Rank:#122
All Time Rank:#235
Mots Clés:Anal, Antihero Protagonist, Douluo Dalu, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Harem-seeking Protagonist Harsh Training, Kingdom Building, Maids, Male Protagonist, Netori, Older Love Interests, Polygamy, R-18, Sadistic Characters, Shameless Protagonist, Strong to Stronger, System, System Administrator,
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90 Comments on “Capture the Goddess From Douluo
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  1. douluo fanfic definitely takes all the girls and this happens in all series. Did the writer never think of taking a different storyline? I mean after reading a story or two with this story are you still interested in reading for the third and fourth where mc takes not some of the women but all of the women in the series

  2. this title is wrong! authors! I criticize you! the correct title should be "Douluo Dalu : Green Hats Along the Way"!!(ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻

  3. why mc still didnt use his system? he already got a lot of point, did he need to wait till all his womens died before using it? mc already know that he is weak, but he still did not have any sense of urgency, even while knowing that all his enemies will be those gods, he can still having fun with his harem, what an idiot. why need a lot of routines to get those girls while they already admired and liked him? cuz of that, mc waste a lot of time just to get them.

  4. and, his system can give him a lot of helps, then why mc didnt ask her first before helping bibi dong? did mc take those gods power for fun? the system already told mc a long time ago that those gods power relies on law and divine power, but mc still want to relied on his shit weak chicken soul power to contend with the gods?

  5. the story now has double the chapters of the original work and the mc has barely done half the stuff. the overly gratuitous word padding has finally gotten unbearable, as literally ever chapter starts with an overblown exaggeration description of a girls' beauty, or the background scenery, or the lame reactions of unnamed characters off to the side. like even for a cheap chinese rip off, this is pretty awful. first few hundred chapters go by pretty awesome but since the bibi-dong/maid arc this has gone to pure shit. shoot this dog, this slow death is painful.

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