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Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

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Résumé du Roman

Manger un repas, l'état de satiété agit sur soi

[Satisfaction : Retrouver la force physique de 1 point par minute, continuer à ∞]

Plus jamais besoin de manger

Mettez un morceau de papier talisman sur le corps, et l'action magique de Jiama agit sur elle-même

[Jia Ma Shen Xing : augmentez la vitesse de déplacement de 1000%, continuez vers ∞]

Frappez un médicament pour augmenter l'âme, tempérer le corps, nourrir l'âme et prolonger la vie. . . Agir sur soi, manger un tube à vie.

La technique secrète des ordures qui a éclaté pendant trois secondes de faiblesse pendant trois ans ? Non, c'est la compétence magique la plus puissante !

Vous sentez la longue rime d'attendre mille ans ? Non, il tourne autour de moi tous les jours !

Je suis moi, un dieu mâle qui transforme les moments en éternité→_→. . .

- Description de MTLNovel


Titre Court:MASHUD
Titre Original:修仙!我的增益状态没有时限
Auteur:Tortoiseshell hemp rope
Weekly Rank:#429
Monthly Rank:#355
All Time Rank:#1350
Mots Clés:Body Tempering, Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Cheats, Cultivation, Hard-Working Protagonist, Immortals, Male Protagonist, Multiple Identities, Puppeteers, System, System Administrator, Weak to Strong, Zombies,
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41 Comments on “Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration
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  1. Good novel but the world construct doesnt seem much, i mean a cultivation world gives off a vast and boundless kinda vibe right? Well i am not getting that kind of vibe here... (Personal POV?)

  2. Mtlnovel could you add this novel? Link: Alternative title:不死的我实在是太强了 A good novel for anyone who is bored like me looking for something good to read! Novel summary:The enemy hit your chest with a palm, your internal organs burst, you are dying, your body instantly recovers and becomes stronger. You get up in the morning and hit the "Seven Injury Punch" again. All your internal organs are injured, and you become stronger again. You eat an unknown poisonous weed, which is highly poisonous to your heart, and your body continues to grow stronger. You jump off the crater, magma and fire poison instantly put you to death. You are not dead, you are swollen, and you think it’s really hard to die! ... Bai Donglin: "All the harm done to me will only make me stronger!"

  3. My Review after reading up to 18 Chapters: 1. The first chapters are not much different than Warlock of Magus World novel about the MC arrived in another world, in this Novel case is Cultivation World. And, mc family background are just the same with WMW novel, if you read WMW you will understand it. But, don’t worry it’s OKAY. 2. It is GOOD for MC investigating all the Sect before joining, so he and his cronies can get the Best resources, even they are avoiding a sect that is controlled with 2 Surname family. 3. MC cultivation techniques is interesting too, unlike other Wuxia novel where you only need to Absorb energy heaven and earth then change them to any QI. Like Elemental Qi. But, MC in here need to go to Graveyard to cultivate his Technique. Even his System can’t change Heaven and earth aura to his Cultivation QI needed for his Technique. 4. Hmm, the vibes in this Novel gave me is DARK just like Warlock of Magus World novel. Unlike other Wuxia Novel. Ok, Maybe i’ll gives more review after reading more.

  4. I’m in Chapters 52 right now. And i like how MC being cautious for Hiding his cultivation. Because he is just a middle tier Spiritual root. Then how can his cultivation be faster than the higher or even the top grade spiritual roots. So he hide them is a very good choice.

  5. Already Read up to the Latest 142 Chapters. this Novel is recommended. There is much Logic on the MC power, for an example he can have 1000% Speed and having too much Strength on his Body, he can’t control them 100% even making a mistake by using them so he sealed them and only open when needed. MC system can eliminate the Side Effect and Time Limit of something that he received. I.e: When MC ate 1 Hard Skin Pill, he will received +1 Hard Skin, Side Effect Losing Hair, and Time Limit 60 Minutes. And he can keep the +1 Hard Skin and making the Time Limit to Unlimited, basically turning all the good side and throwing the all the bad side. But it’s not omnipotent because MC need to use Higher effect otherwise it can’t be stack.

  6. Novel so good but with little chapter, if it were the clichés that are everywhere, the chapters would be more than 2 thousand

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