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Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables

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Lu Yaoyao a émigré. Lorsqu'elle vient d'ouvrir les yeux, le beau visage d'un homme est apparu devant elle, essayant de lui faire un doux sourire: "Ma fille, appelle papa."

Elle n'avait pas encore réagi, et un autre visage beau mais indifférent est venu dans sa vue et a dit succinctement: "Appelez-moi Père."

Lu Yaoyao a regardé les deux beaux mecs avec des styles différents et a fait une voix confuse: "Ah?"

Alors, qui est son vrai père?

Les deux Vénérables Suprêmes du diable et de la race humaine étaient des rivaux mortels depuis des milliers d'années. Chaque fois qu'ils se rencontraient, ils se battaient à mort, mais toujours sans vainqueur clair. Un jour, ils se sont battus pour avoir une chance de monter dans un royaume secret et ont accidentellement laissé tomber leur sang sur un morceau de pierre spirituelle à proximité.

Et cette pierre spirituelle a donné naissance à un fœtus spirituel, qui est alors né d'une petite fille avec un mélange des deux lignées des Vénérables.

Diable vénérable et Dao vénérable: "…"

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Titre Court:DDDV
Titre Original:穿成魔尊和道尊的亲闺女
Weekly Rank:#4725
Monthly Rank:#3879
All Time Rank:#2957
Mots Clés:Age Progression, Animal Characteristics, Child Protagonist, Childcare, Cultivation, Cute Children, Demons, Doting Parents, Family, Famous Parents, Female Protagonist, Reincarnation, Slow Growth at Start, Transported to Another World,
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28 Comments on “Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables
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  1. I’ve read the whole book on a now closed website. I go back and try to read as much as I can to finish it. I really liked this book especially the dynamic between parents and both of them realizing their strengths and weakness. I know a lot of ppl want them to be lovers but I think it’s fine like this where they learn to see the other perspective and work to protected their child. But the mc ,it’s just I had to drop the book because I couldn’t stand how she never grew. Like she acts the same way she did as a child and is in the body of a child. The mc mindset and vibe she gave off was no different despite her spiritual age growing. She acts alittle more cold /calculating and smart cus she’s in her 20’s now or something. You just expect character growth or change especially since the mc started off as a child. Which is why I find it hard to write mc from child to adulthood if you make them have the ‘ grown adult reborn as a child plot ‘. They usually make the mc act childish but have skills of professionals with yrs of practice or random talent and strong thinking ability. Which is a hit or miss to be honest. But physically and mentally the mc did not grow . I was hoping she would change into and adult even if they explained why she won’t unless she reaches a certain point. I know she had some changed but to me it wasn’t noticeable throughout .Also a lot of the characters just fell off after a certain point and forgotten for a new plot change . Which I still wanna know how her relationship with other characters are after the time skips not that they are just there to show her strong background and group pet attributes. The plot was kinda repetitive but with diffrent characters but it was enjoyable until I got bored. The parents honestly stop showing up as much until it came to them thinking abt her or showing up to see how she’s doing occasionally. So if your looking for more of them they’re sorta fell off with the other characters who if the author remembers get mention.

  2. Lmao the tags in the website so right. ‘Slow growth at start ‘. Anyways the ones on the website I read didn’t have that. But the tags don’t lie and if u what a slow book cus your bored . I would recommend this cus even if I said some pet peeves of mines. I still enjoyed the book and still have good feelings towards it. But as someone who hyperfixates on one genre for years until I find a new one .I also really don’t mind reading books like 2 changes off and the same plot and characters. I can be alittle picky with pet peeves due to always seeing it as a common troupe and style authors likes.

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