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Do Not Seek Fairy Fate

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Résumé du Roman

Il n'y a que quelques personnes dans le monde qui recherchent l'immortalité depuis longtemps.

Les jeunes ne cherchent pas à traverser les rivières et les lacs, les arts martiaux et les disputes immortelles, étape par étape pour accomplir leur propre légende.

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Titre Court:DNSFF
Titre Original:莫求仙缘
Auteur:Masked Monster
Weekly Rank:#1732
Monthly Rank:#2516
All Time Rank:#3475
Mots Clés:Alchemy, Cultivation, Dark, Death of Loved Ones, Demons, Ghosts, Hard-Working Protagonist, Insects, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Master-Disciple Relationship, Mature Protagonist, Medical Knowledge, Monsters, Pragmatic Protagonist, Slow Growth at Start, Slow Romance, System, Unique Cultivation Technique, Weak to Strong, Xianxia,
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28 Comments on “Do Not Seek Fairy Fate
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  1. Not just for women. For his relationships. He is someone that values friends and benefactors . If you read further, he also goes out of his way to help other people (irrespective of their gender). I won’t call him a simp cuz he doesn’t do it to get sex or their approval.

  2. seems like a novel to my taste, i`ll check it out again when it`s finished. i wish there would be more such novels: no harem, and mc who knows what his goals are. not just random stuff. also romance is in style of true romance for this type of stories. same as "renegade immortal romance". it is sad, but it leaves some aftertaste when you read. you cant say the same about bland and tasteless harems.

  3. This is a very slow starting novel. It's now at chapter 535 (mislabeled as 525) and he's finally starting to speed up I think. As someone stated before...he does take a long time to get into cultivation, he had the comprehension but no spirit root so he had to take the martial arts route. I was getting annoyed with it while waiting for the cultivation to start. I don't know if I would have kept waiting for it if I hadn't been able to binge read over 400 chapters at the start and knew that it would actually get to the cultivation. The character is fairly focused. He knows what he wants and he doesn't let other things distract him. There were several women along the way but luckily they didn't turn into a harem so far (thank goodness!). This novel seems to release about 2 chapters a day (every day) and they are not small chapters. My biggest problem with it is that I want even more chapters to read! LoL.

  4. A wonderful cultivation novel where the mc is your average dude with mediocre qualifications but he's able to learn any kind of sutra with golden fingers help.Realistic world setting

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