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Doomsday I Have a Super Survival System

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Résumé du Roman

An Kai se réveille et voyage dans le monde apocalyptique.

Les zombies sont endémiques ici, il y a une crise d'explosion nucléaire, et dans un proche avenir, il y aura une crise météorologique.

En tant que jeune homme dans la société, An Kai n'a aucune compétence de survie, mais il a un super système de survie qui peut même être amélioré en fonction de sa situation.

Recherchez, fabriquez, construisez des bases, améliorez des abris…

Avec le système, non seulement il peut survivre, mais il peut aussi vivre une bonne vie.

- Description de MTLNovel


Titre Court:DIHSSS
Titre Original:末日我有超级求生系统
Auteur:Wanli Shenyan
Weekly Rank:#347
Monthly Rank:#89
All Time Rank:#2729
Mots Clés:Apocalypse, Army Building, Cheats, Clan Building, Crafting, Firearms, Male Protagonist, Military, Post-apocalyptic, Scientists, Survival, System, Weak to Strong, Zombies,
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  1. Hello if you wanna watch some evil novels with the baddest Mc available. Do click the link. And if you want any kind of novel do watch other videos then if you want any summary or novel tell me in the comments and I'll make a special video for you

  2. Summary : Mc transmitted into an early zombie Modern world. Mc has Super Survival System (SSS for short), so he has too survival and developed his own force...Mc gain Xp by killing zombie,building,crafting thing,, Lvl Up, To gain Point to UPGRADE Survival skills ot stat. Here is why i like this novel :: SSS isnt that OP, LVL up is hard so every Point is scarce...You cannot LVL UP skills wantonly . The initial SKill will has a Skill Tree , pick a skill mean choosing a job also Skills need sufficient stat, which also need Points. ALSO , doing thing related to your job will has Bonus Xp why other dont (or less than normal), That mean you pick 'fighter' you have to fight everytime no other option And Crafting need time, Skill,Stat Resources, it doesnt appear out of air just bcs you click it....SOOOOooo....bye bye "solo leveling","invincible kungfu healer","close combat mage" . What i like the most about this System is that it has "common sense" function, Ex: "Throwing iron ore + coal into a Furnace doesnt give you Iron after some minutes BUT the system make everyone seeing this scene will thing that it is normal which prevent a lot of loophole when MC build his force.... The ppl there also have "common sense" which is scarce in Chinese Novel . Mc need comrades just like Head needs Brain....After 60ch, I dont see any Racism,Nationally,Stupid MC,"big brain" beauties.....SO I highly recommend this novel , it may goes worse after ch200 or ch100 ( pls comment if it is ) i think you should read this ;>...And Harem ?? i dont think so..Mc only meet 1 Fm lead and they both like this other ( after time, not just drop in love suddenly like my exams grade) so Yeah NO HAREM (MC ISNT A VIRGIN EITHER, he got r*p* by FM lead Btw)

  3. lol starting from chapters 100,180 onwards already started to be racist and talk about nationalism lol, their novels will not be able to escape racism and nationalism, because without those two things, novels made by chinese authors will never pass the test and will not be accepted by most Chinese readers lol, that's how the things work and decided by their chinese government lol....

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