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Résumé du Roman

La Terre n'a pas l'intention d'ouvrir l'afflux sans fin d'énergie dans le réseau interstellaire, la Terre est entrée dans une période d'évolution rapide et la fin de l'humanité approche!

Du maître de la terre à une vie humble, la vie et la dignité sont bafouées!

Di Ping a eu une lueur de vie ces derniers jours, a ouvert la fin du patrimoine mondial et a commencé d'innombrables légendes…

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Titre Court:DS
Titre Original:末世庇护所
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#11
Monthly Rank:#2
All Time Rank:#120
Mots Clés:Adapted to Drama, Adapted to Game, Adventurers, Apocalypse, Army Building, Character Growth, Evolution, Game Elements, Harem, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, Outer Space, Post-apocalyptic, Schemes And Conspiracies, Slow Romance, System Administrator, Weak to Strong,

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Chapter 4352 I want to die for you il y a 20 heures Chapter 4351 Hard to argue il y a 20 heures Chapter 4350 Peace and war il y a 20 heures Chapter 4349 It's over il y a 20 heures Chapter 4348 This is the condition you are talking about il y a 1 jour

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13 thoughts on “Doomsday Sanctuary
  1. the main character who is stupid, already has a market shop instead of buying medicine or a reserve of weapons every time the gun is damaged or injured against a monster without any preparation even though there are many crystals << I've read until chapter 552

  2. Finally an MC that has a feelings. Yeah feelings, but I feel annoyed on how timid he is when it comes to crowd pressure lol, people be like asking for self-indulgence things and he talk it out with them. LOL cringe. So far, he will tslk it out and not kill to make an example and dominate, so it makes the chapter redundant and long. Just dictate, dude. It is the apocalypse, you have to be cruel to them if they won’t bend. It makes him so vulnerable to betrayal and he is kind of afraid on what people think he is. Cringe.

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