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Douluo’s Stealing the Ten Thousand Realms System

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Tang San: Voleur, ramène mes huit lances araignées! Rends mon herbe féerique! Pourquoi mon herbe bleue argentée ne peut-elle pas se réveiller en tant qu'empereur bleu argenté?

Xiao Yan: Quel voleur a volé mon étrange feu!

Castan: Qui a volé le cœur de Feiyan? Je suis contente à tous points de vue, mais elle est indifférente!

Tian Yan: Père, quand reviendras-tu me revoir et revoir ma mère!

Li Xingyun: L'impératrice ne devrait-elle pas m'aimer?

Deux piliers: restituer la roue d'écriture de ma Nissan!

Un certain animal Blue Star, par hasard, est passé sur le continent Douluo, voué à voler le système! Dès lors, pas seulement les trésors des cieux et du monde, et les techniques… laissez-le voler! Vous pouvez également voyager à travers les cieux.

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Titre Court:DSTTRS
Titre Original:斗罗之偷取万界系统
Auteur:Fried green pepper with egg
Weekly Rank:#318
Monthly Rank:#346
All Time Rank:#159
Mots Clés:Ability Steal, Abusive Characters, Adventurers, Douluo Dalu, Eye Powers, Fanfiction, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Imperial Harem, Lolicon, Loyal Subordinates, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Martial Spirits, Mind Control, Naruto, One Piece, Overpowered Protagonist, Polygamy, Pregnancy, R-18, Reincarnated in Another World, Romantic Subplot, Ruthless Protagonist, System, System Administrator, Threesome, Time Skip, Time Travel, World Travel,
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107 Comments on “Douluo’s Stealing the Ten Thousand Realms System
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  1. finish reading, so, just want to complain here about mc IQ that he put on his knees at the crucial time /// Ayan slowly opened his beautiful eyes and began to ask every day: "Daddy, Ayan has grown up, when will you marry Ayan as a bride?" //// "Uh.. What's the matter... How can there be a daughter marrying a father in this world... Do you want my father to die socially?" The clan chuckled his mouth and said in an angry tone. /// ????? mc already transcend everything, but he still follow the secular law on the earth????? is he stupid?? if he so tough to following those rules even worry about others view, then why didnt he stop his son from marrying zhuqing's sister??? wont that still make people on earth view it weird too??? and then why did mc marry both mother and daughter in Qin Shi Mingyue world?? isnt that the same as he marry his own daughter?? cant mc put his stupidity aside?? he can tranverse time, even change the timeline whenever he wanted to, so wasnt those girls he ate same as his own creation??? mc said "Do you want my father to die socially?" seriously? tell me, how can he die?? who can kill him?? are those ordinary people killed him?? condemn him?? disgust him??? hello? is mc ordinary people or a god? dont he realize that he was a god already? all thing can happen within mc thought, and everything can be change to be beneficial to mc of he ever wanted to, so, if mc was so afraid of ordinary people condemning him A GOD for marrying his own daughter, just change the rulse of that world, change the views of that world, didnt he do the same when he go to other world in his 100 reincarnations??? he change the rules to allow polygamy and then married the girls, then what else? tsk. For whatever reason mc afraid of, I'm 100% sure, if somebody put mc history, mc harem, mc use of his power to benefit him, mc information in front of the entire multiverse, there wouldnt be anyone that have courage to say something bad to mc. why? cuz of strong is respected everywhere in the multiverse, and while mc already the lord of the entire multiverse, even if he go to one universe and take all the beauties in there as his harem, there would not be anyone that will condemn him, rather, they would be pleased and even excited to send their own families girls to him even if it was to become his slaves, if there are none, they can even do it day and night to conceived a girls for him every time he wanted to... now, mc already transcend everything, but his thinking are limited to secular law, he never saw his own life are already above those law, even if he done something outside the law, nobody would disrupt him.

  2. tsk, I know that the story will be shit when mc got the hidden breath exercise. I really dont understand why mc need to pretend to be weak in order to soak a girl? In doupo plane where the weak worship the strong, is there any reason to pretend to be weak??? U know, if mc just let his breath be mysterious rather then weak in front of people, it would be easier to soak those girl. cuz mostly woman in stronger world always worship the strong, why? cuz it can bring them security. not like what mc did, if in the future, he pretend to be weak in front of girl with strong sect or background, then there would be many troublesome thing happen, from the simplest solution to get the heart of woman, to the most hardest cuz of unnecessary worrisome of the women from her family.

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