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Dressed As a Farm Boy, He Cheated on His Way Out of the Desert.

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Résumé du Roman

La famille de Lao Li a finalement donné naissance à une fille ! C'est dommage que nous soyons sur le point de nous échapper…

Mme. Li : Que dois-je faire ? Mon bébé a des grumeaux et pas de lait à boire !

Jiayin a craché des bulles de salive et a agité ses petites mains : "N'ayez pas peur, j'ai de la place, apportez vos propres rations !" alors…

Li Laosi : Maman, j'ai ramassé une chèvre laitière au bord de la route !

Femme de Li Laosi : Maman, ce lapin a heurté l'arbre tout seul !

Li Laosan : Maman, je suis allée chercher de l'eau, et le gros poisson a sauté dans le seau !

Femme de Li Laosan : Maman, une poignée de riz fait en fait un pot de riz !

Mme. La tête de Li bourdonnait. Avec la bénédiction de ses ancêtres, elle donnait naissance à une petite fille chanceuse, qui ferait prospérer sa famille une fois née ! Du coup, quand je me suis retourné, il y avait un tas de dattes, de pommes et de poires sur le kang…

Mme. Li : « Attendez une minute ! Fu Niu'er, laisse grand-mère ralentir. Nous avons de bonnes choses, mais nous devons les éliminer lentement ! 

Li Jiayin : Héhéhé

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Titre Original:穿成农家小福宝,逃荒路上开挂了
Auteur:Delayed flowering
Weekly Rank:#14
Monthly Rank:#4
All Time Rank:#1631
Mots Clés:Ancient China, Farming, Female Protagonist, Magical Space,
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  1. I looked for a novel online about a young villager who caused a trap and ended up losing her virginity to a young master who took her as a concubine but she died and returned to the past and decided to no longer be a concubine.

  2. Please help me find the was a fake world/gaming world like real world FL was a worker in a small night when she fall asleep she entered the game ml was a rich young master he came 1 level before 1 level they all were in a mansion of a painter there was a young girl only 5 or 6 years old she was very bad pampered and would always ask the colour combination if they give the wrong answer one of them would die in the other level there was the pack story of female lead how her mother treated her after she got remarried in this to recognise female lead main lead forcefully right her name on his arm with iron rod so that he would not forget her actually in real world fl is a doctor and male lead is a police man they meet and get married after they completed the game the manufacturer himself strapped in the game he was a gay female lead was 23 years old but because she look so young she was always mistaken as a minor in fake world one time may leads mother came to their house she was shocked to see fl and thought she was a minor this have a hint of horror

  3. Ahhh I wish the author left Miss Sun and her mom alone. It really seems like using her as a comparison. Seem like the author wants to bury the past help by killing her off. I really hoped they'd meet and become friends. And like it defo wasn't even out by her saving her daughter. She let the whole family on the boat plus the in law. The kid lost her mom and was traumatised by her uncles family, but like they had no sympathy. I'm sure if she was tramigrated into that body from the future or something she would act better. But she's a kid

  4. Sometimes i'm confuse.. How many are they in the family? Grandpa is dead right? So, old Mrs. Li is the grandma.. And who is mr. Li and Mrs. Li? Is it their uncle and aunt? Bcoz 1st son already in the capital.. 2nd, 3rd and 4th is lao'er, laosan and laosi.. 🤔 and there are 5 brothers jiaren, jiayi, jiahuan, jiaxi, and jia'an.. Btw, i'm in ch.56..

  5. Old Mrs. Li quickly took her granddaughter out, and sure enough, Mr. Li came in from the courtyard .... Tao Hongying took the luggage distressedly and asked ... Li Laosi waved his hand, "Bring me two pots of herbal tea, I'm coming back quickly!" ::: so.. Mr. and Mrs. Li is her dad and mom.. Hoo~ okay..

  6. Really? Your daughter gave you a good knife/blade and you give it to other?? Why?? Bcoz you're good at bow and Arrow?? It's a life saving tools your DAUGHTER gave you.. 😑

  7. He drew out the long knife at his waist and struck Liu Laifu directly with the knife! :: oh good! You only lent your knife.. 👍🏻 (ch.90+)

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