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Eschatology: Raise a Man Into a Husband

2.5 (11 reviews)
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Résumé du Roman

Song Fengfu a sauté du bâtiment à l'improviste pour gagner de la place, sachant que la fin du monde arrive pour ramasser des provisions, mais ne veut pas rencontrer l'homme qui l'abandonne…

Est-il désespéré de lutter ces derniers jours ou de créer un nouveau monde ?

Les personnes abandonnées par Dieu lutteront-elles pour survivre dans les derniers jours ?

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Titre Court:ERMIH
Titre Original:末世之养男成夫
Auteur:Asan Lanze
Weekly Rank:#2770
Monthly Rank:#3319
All Time Rank:#3719
Mots Clés:Aliens, Apocalypse, Clever Protagonist, Cold Protagonist, Complex Family Relationships, Cruel Characters, Cultivation, Depictions of Cruelty, Doting Parents, Family, Farming, Female Protagonist, Friends Become Enemies, Handsome Male Lead, Hidden Abilities, Hiding True Abilities, Magical Space, Multiple POV, Schemes And Conspiracies, Slow Growth at Start, Slow Romance, Space, Zombies,
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7 Comments on “Eschatology: Raise a Man Into a Husband
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  1. Review:i was happy when she clearly understand about apocalypse situation and clean up supermarket and malls. Then the genre change around chapter 50s.. imagine she gives away 10 drinks to ex-mother-in-law, then stay with ex-bf (weak excuses), then allow ex-bf family to eat with them at her parents house, give pig trotter to strangers (young masters), allow her parents gives away foods everywhere, throw her backpack with food to beggars. Gosh, i thought it was apocalypse and she understands how precious food was or at least don't show off her wealth. She invites relatives to eat at homes too... Pfft... I regret i thought she was wise... The ex-bf families were like recycled story just to add words count in my honest opinion... Most chapter has no meanings, bland without point and the background story changes too... I'm giving up this novel and straight to the end just to see how OP she was going.

  2. Every single time someone threatens them, they'll give food... And she let many of potential enemy be supernatural just for fun including her ex lol.. i was frustrated as she never kill anyone who wants to kill them because she said hunan population is shrinking. And now I'm in chapter where people in capital eat human meat to survive and hunting them as food, and she bravely let them go after showing her space. She saved people and then let them die too. Now I'm confused if she's a good or bad people. I'm dropping this novel.

  3. I just want to ask... does anyone knows novel similar to the 'The monster I was redeemed' caused it's really good..

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