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Everyone Pampers the Small Blessing Who Has a Spatial Pocket!

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Résumé du Roman

Afin de saisir l'opportunité, Ayu, âgée de quatre ans, a été jetée dans la montagne profonde après le blizzard.

Heureusement, des personnes bienveillantes l'ont compris.

La famille Wang est si pauvre, malade, handicapée et endettée, mais de haut en bas, ils l'adorent comme un bijou.

Tout le monde a dit que la famille Wang avait ramassé un objet perdant de l'argent, et que tôt ou tard ils finiraient le jeu ensemble !

De manière inattendue, cette poupée pour animaux de compagnie de groupe est vraiment une petite bénédiction.

Xiao Ayu a sorti sa petite poche et a souri gentiment : Espace portable, Source super spirituelle, Souris au trésor testant les esprits, Ayu a tout ce que vous voulez !

Il y a vengeance pour vengeance, il y a vengeance pour gentillesse.

Cette bénédiction est incroyable. Il n'est pas seulement un petit agriculteur, mais aussi un expert des petites entreprises. Il peut également ouvrir une académie, ouvrir un commerce maritime et établir un jardin d'enfants noble. Il a gagné la faveur de tout le personnel !

Regardez le groupe Chong Fubao se retourner et emmener la famille au sommet de la vie !

La voyageuse dans le temps et les méchants étaient abasourdis : il s'est avéré que ce sont eux qui ont raté le doigt d'or !

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Titre Court:EPSB
Titre Original:团宠福宝有空间
Auteur:bamboo shoots are not damaged
Weekly Rank:#988
Monthly Rank:#650
All Time Rank:#1417
Mots Clés:Adopted Protagonist, Alternate World, Ancient Times, Character Growth, Child Protagonist, Court Official, Cute Protagonist, Doctors, Familial Love, Farming, Female Protagonist, Hidden Abilities, Magical Space, Naive Protagonist,
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31 Comments on “Everyone Pampers the Small Blessing Who Has a Spatial Pocket!
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  1. There's a lot lot lot in this novel. You've got a transmigrator, the Xie girl, 2 systems, the FL and the Xu girl. There's royalty involved, two countries in fact. There are groups of assassins and secret guards, hidden identities, and profound sects. I think Grandma and Grandpa Wang and probably hidden masters as well.....annnnd the protagonists are still snotty kids around chapter 400s, so who knows how many chapters will be there until it's complete. People are commenting the FL is too kind, I would disagree. She's kind but not brainless. She also holds grudges and will not freely give out her spring water to people who she doesn't like and/or were previously unkind to her and her family.

  2. Hey guys, have you seen a novel with a child protagonist where as a child when a seed(fruit, veg, etc) is placed in her hand it automatically grows and when she grows older she can control her power. The male lead(I think) always brings her new fruit seeds so she can use her power for them to eat. The fruits she grows are sold by her family and this is how they start getting out of poverty. The grandma loves girls more than boys so she loves her as the only girl in the family, she later gets twin younger brothers. If you know the title please share, thanks

  3. Now in chapter 254 and I think it's pretty good so far. She's still a kid, but if you're in the mood for cute and wholesome, it's just right. Also, she is really abnormally kind as per the reviews but so far it's not to the point of martyrdom. Shes just a pure kid who likes to share what she has and doesn't know the consequences. Fortunately, she is surrounded and protected by smart people who cover up her traces. And , perhaps more importantly, kindness is THE FOUNDATION OF HER GREEN THUMB. So for those people who hate virgin marys this shouldn't peeve you too much.

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