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Fantasy: God-level Store Manager

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Résumé du Roman

À Tianlan Continent, il y a un magasin de magie appelé Origin Mall.

Le Coca ici peut rendre les gens pleins de sang en un instant; les barres épicées ici peuvent inciter les gens à se battre avec saute-mouton; les jeux ici peuvent amener les gens à améliorer leur cultivation; les romans ici peuvent faire comprendre aux gens les techniques…

Il y a d'innombrables produits ici, y compris les loisirs, les divertissements, les repas, la formation…

Oh, au fait, souvenez-vous d'une chose, ne faites pas de problèmes dans le magasin, car le propriétaire du magasin est très fort…

- Description de MTL


Titre Court:FGSM
Titre Original:玄幻:神级大店长
Auteur:Li Tian Wang Liang
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#8
Monthly Rank:#1
All Time Rank:#32
Mots Clés:Comedic Undertone, Cultivation, Money Grubber, Store Owner, System, System Administrator, Unique Cultivation Technique,
90 vote(s)

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50 thoughts on “Fantasy: God-level Store Manager
  1. I hope there are novel with the same genre as this but has harem.

    I really cant think of mc being able to live surrounded by or seeing beautiful immortal cultivator goddess everyday yet mc like a retard who dont have any six desire and seven emotion.

    1. What do you mean ‘same genre’?
      If it’s the same ‘have system, will send miraculous items at high price’ and very much ‘bound by system unreasonable rules’ then I can say : Gourmet Food Supplier (restaurant), Gourmet of Another World (restaurant), The strongest technology manufacturer (household items).
      And bonus for skills instead of items: Live Surgical Broadcast (surgeon) and Path of Medicine With a System (doctor)

    2. Gourmet of Another World. Same concept but Main Character runs a restaurant. The system is guiding him into cultivating to become the god of cooking so he actually has to learn techniques. Later he has missions to hunt his own ingredients.

        1. Even if you ask, you can’t machine translate it because it is because an image novel so it is very difficult but if you solve this you also have to deal with paying to read more chapters. Of course, If you find the novel raw with no paywalls with also no images than that would be great.

          1. Thanks! Now I know why…


            I think this novel is good to read though…

            I better stop requesting this then.

  2. this type of novel is interesting to read at he beginning but later it becomes repetitive and boring. Cultivators play games all the time and eat and drink earthly foods to increase strength. There is no world building. The most important part MC is a slave to the system, he can’t do anything outside systems rule.

          1. Its not all similar to black tech cafe system, just continue reading its very good to read, although some chapter are boring but later there some chapter are not and also this is much better compare to the other shop owner novel, and also he might have a lover later because her clerk love him and it might have other women too, just wait for it

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