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Fantasy: The Villain’s Hero

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Résumé du Roman

Après avoir traversé le monde fantastique, Chu Xu s'est rendu compte qu'il était devenu un Zhongzhou Tianjiao, dont le nom s'est répandu dans le monde entier !

Cependant, quand il a compté, il a découvert que lui et le fils de la chance avaient une querelle sanglante… Alors il est devenu un méchant ?

Mais il existe en fait un système de méchants, Chu Xu n'a pas du tout paniqué.

Il semble que dans cette vie, vous ne pouvez être qu'un méchant !

Hé, réfléchis-y, c'est quand même un peu sensationnel ?

- Description de MTLNovel


Titre Court:TVH
Titre Original:玄幻:反派大枭雄
Auteur:Lieutenant Tiance
Weekly Rank:#162
Monthly Rank:#123
All Time Rank:#355
Mots Clés:Antihero Protagonist, Betrayal, Charming Protagonist, Cruel Characters, Cunning Protagonist, Evil Protagonist, Harem, Manipulative Characters, Mysterious Family Background, Overpowered Protagonist, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Ruthless Protagonist, Strong to Stronger, System, Villain,
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  1. go on faloo, click on the book you want to read, turn off auto translate, copy the Chinese name, baidu/google it and if you are lucky, you might have one or two sites that have pirated the text version. There are one or two sites that I won't mention that have pretty much all the novels pirated but they are in image format because faloo is a bitch and have their novels fucking underlined so that you can't image translate or copy them. so I guess, learn Chinese? get a Chinese phone number with a Chinese sim card, make an account and spend shitloads of money that won't even go towards the author? faloo is a fucking bitch

  2. try mtlnation the continuation can be found there you just have to sign up(it's free), cause iirc this novel is premium there(premium=novels that has paywall)

  3. Chapter 568 Public Sentence....godd*amn it was finally getting ok then something stupid happens... the son of luck was just suspecting the mc's clan, it's just one of the possible suspects... but here we have him suddenly being sure that the mc's clan did the deed without any logical explanation... it's so stupid, the transition was so fast, it's like flipping some pages in a book... damn it's getting irritating again

  4. Chapter 570 Strange... for a novel that promotes conspiracy... you would have shutdown your brain to some things so you can enjoy it... this f*cking son of luck is getting so sure that the mc's clan really did it... the overall vibe where it's not good, if he finds out the relationship between the mc's clan and the gods is so stupid... it's really just there to add some f*cking spice, that something might go wrong and the truth will be revealed... the other orthodoxies knows the relationship between the mc's clan and the gods, but they are not so sure that the mc's clan really did it, they're still suspecting everybody... but to promote the f*cking plot and add some f*cking spice this son of a b*tch of a son luck is so sure that the mc's clan really did it and from the vibe of things, if he finds out the relationship of between those two, the mc's clan is gonna be f*cked... if that isn't so f*cking st*pid I don't what is

  5. "Lin Yi has always believed that the birth of the ancient gods was the work of the Chu gods. Therefore, many of the whereabouts of the Chu Protoss were extremely suspicious in his eyes. But Mu Xianrou didn't think so, so the reaction of the Chu Protoss was extremely normal to her... It can be said that there are different perspectives and different opinions."------- it's somewhat good that the author added this, it's just that the reasoning on why that son of luck is so suspicious wasn't really done right... there's no feeling(cause by luck) or instinct(in other words)...would have accepted if was because of that, but the transition between suspicious of everybody to singling out the mc's clan is so fast that it seems dumb

  6. The 580th chapter is a **** pot & Chapter 581 escaped?... ok I'm really happy with how this one was done, some things where explained which is good

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