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Football’s First Defender

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Qu'est-ce qui manque le plus au football au 21e siècle? Pas le patron qui agite les billets! Pas un coach plein de passion et de force! Pas un attaquant talentueux! Pas un milieu de terrain créatif! Vous voulez dire, n'est-ce pas un gardien de but qui ne fait pas d'erreur?

Bien sûr que non, le garde est le genre de talent discret, mais rare!

Après avoir assisté à la renaissance de Yang Feng, il sortira de son propre monde sur le continent européen!

C'est super de jouer au football! ! !

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Titre Court:FFD
Titre Original:足坛第一后卫
Auteur:I have many thieves
Weekly Rank:#5601
Monthly Rank:#2982
All Time Rank:#2710
Mots Clés:Football, Soccer,
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18 Comments on “Football’s First Defender
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  1. Ah okay, so Yang Feng, the MC is a 31 successful entrepreneur who owned billions of assets, he just brought a chinese football club and during the game, he substitute the player so they can break the 0 score, then they win. Held party and he got drunk. In his dream, it shows his memories from getting married to a smart schoolmate girl that he was with for 10 yrs, then the time during his colleges, the entrance exam, the ex girlfriend broke up, and bam. He just woke up inside the hospital because he was several days sleeping

  2. Before the regression,if only he was younger he can become international player or something. During his school days, he was known as sporty dude but he realised reality during college that he abandoned his dream and as you know, become successful entrepreneur. So, now that he regress, he definitely become a player as what he dreams before

  3. Scratch that! He actually go back during his elementary days and teach/help/suggest economic stuff to his parents lol then the story started when he and his future waifu entered famous russian school in their college

  4. Unlike other sport cn, Yang Feng, the MC doesn't have system. Although his disadvantage is his physical strength, he can fill up it up with his accurate judgment and excellent reaction ability as his advantage

  5. Oh, that was fast lol. Well, tbh I got bored halfway (;^ω^)probably because I read kn lol even so, I still finished it. Its said its completed but in the last chapter, there seems to be next chapter 🤔 anyway, from Zenit to Chelsea, change to Liverpool to Real Madrid, that take a while, MC suffered injuries but not that much, lol he had plot armor anyway. To all fc he join, they win championship :3 tho not that omnipotent

  6. Is it really bad? I kinda want to read this as I got interested after reading the summary but the ratings are rather low so I'm undecided and there are too many chapters.. If i get bored after reading halfway through, my time will just get wasted..

  7. Llevo 50 cap pero el estilo de la narración de los partidos. No es mucho de mi agrado... Será porque estoy acostumbrada a las narraciones apasionadas de narradores latino americano

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