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Fortunately, the Main Line is at Hogwarts

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Traverser est heureux. Il est naturellement plus agréable de se rendre dans un jeu solo que vous connaissez le mieux et d'apporter votre propre panneau et système.

Mais pourquoi ? Evidemment ça devrait être un double bonheur, mais pourquoi mettre à jour autant de DLC avant de traverser.

Heureusement, la ligne principale est toujours à Poudlard.

Lord Poudlard, pas de super-héros, la magie de la vision globale du monde, vient avec Crystal Lake Juvenile Shark Beach et ainsi de suite.

- Description de MTLNovel


Titre Court:FMLAH
Titre Original:幸好主线在霍格沃茨
Auteur:Binamingju dumplings
Weekly Rank:#2545
Monthly Rank:#3022
All Time Rank:#3314
Mots Clés:Alternate World, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Harry Potter, Magic, Ruthless Protagonist, Schemes And Conspiracies, System,
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31 Comments on “Fortunately, the Main Line is at Hogwarts
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  1. I'm kind of tired with this is reality and not a game and which we don't really know second of all the autor from china so most of the novels there need to be checked and if there was a novel against china they will get removed or blocked because we are talking about the biggest novels website (qidian) so you can enjoy the novel without being so much serious about that is china number 1 in the world otherwise all are trash and this kind of shit etc

  2. 70 chapters in he slaughters a village, many in the village were innocent and some were children. I find it hard to read from here

  3. I feel like the mc definitely could’ve tried using his metaphorical magic to give Dudley magic power now whether he would’ve let him keep it is something else because who’s want to keep the annoying foursome around ! That said maybe he could give Dudley some trivial magic powers like the ability to make harmless fireworks or something, anyways I feel like if he didn’t have to deal with the consequences he’d totally be interested in trying the limits, hell ! Could he give someone the ability of prophesy ?! Who knows, I think that the metaphor magic is a super cool concept

  4. My review and summary of story in my understanding: MC was a chinese (I think) live in an era of 2020 - 2030 which the virtual reality was advance, he has an stand alone game Harry Potter VR with added DLC which is western film, tv show, cartoon, live action and etc. One day he was playing his VR then suddenly waken up on a body of his game avatar (Charles) he realise that he is in Harry Potter VR game which he finish multiple times together with its dlc. He chose to follow the plot of his Harry Potter game and he take advantage about the game and find treasure hidden entrance and etc. The world Harry Potter mix it with Alice Wonderland world and many more which was in other dimension which he can also access due to his knowledge of the game and he can level up like in the game, get quest by the system and etc. Alice in Wonderland world was mix in of other fairytale like Agrabah of Alladin, and etc. Theres a parallel world of fairytale world which like live action version and 3d like tangled Rapunzel. Imagine this fic was Kingdom of Heart but downgrade versikn and same convolited stories. He chose to stick to Hermione and make her Belle of Beauty and the Beast because of various reason of the plot in stories and Hermione do a ritual which she can share her mind with other Disney Princesses which MC (Charles) called Princess Alliance which is also the plot in the HP game VR to counter Disney Villain alliance like Maleficent, Jafar and etc which they do a ritual to reverse time and comeback to the past in order to win they storyline against fairytail stories. So far the MC was come to New York which was DLC of HP vr game focus more on horror slasher genre with magic like tv show American Horror Stories, Friday the 13th and etc. Macusa is also in US. Heres where some said Pedophilia comes in which was true because MC meet Madision Montgomery (AHS) and introduce himself with aging potion which Snape brewd him in exchange for Lily Evans portrait (not lily potter), he enrolled in highschool which was in the year end and introduce himself has his real name Charles 16 (but his real age was 11) to Madison Montgomery which was 16. And the only one person he was sex with was Madison and somehow Madison find out that he was 11yrs old and thdy continued sex. I think so far in my understanding theres no Communism or Chine numba wan so far altho I read twice he likes chinese food but thats it. So far it caught the essencd of chinese game character stories but the level up of characted is so slow like after 150 chapters he still on lvl 12, but he has powerfull skill in his dispatch like Kamar taj Teleportation, Apparition which he learn in shortime and many more. Thats all I can say you judge wether you read this fic or not and Im not pass at 200 chapters when reading this chinese fanfic. Remember the author was chinese so I expected so far the author injected chinese essence in this fic (I really hope not tho).

  5. Yeah it doesn't seem to have the chinanumbawan syndrome, especially when he skipped making Hermione fit into a mulan role. Honestly, the sex wasnt even depicted, just says the have sex and done. Pedophilia didnt really have a presence, they aged a lot with the serum and have each other's consent and even switched bodies. Compared to being serial killers their sex life is nothing. The most annoying though is the repetitive "this is not a game" narration.

  6. Wow I’m genuinely impressed, this novel is sometimes a challenge to keep up with, anyways I think the level system is explained early on but yeah I do think it’s a little over exaggerated how slow it is I mean you only get 3 levels for literally KILLING a GOD?!?!? Anyways they said levels weren’t important… but then go and make things have levels to deal with them like in steam city or Dumbeldore being level thirty ?? Lots of things don’t make sense….. 🤷‍♂️

  7. It seems the author wants to avoid the power creep while still trying to maintain the "i can defeat everyone" theme. He hardly fought anyone at his level after the first trip to wonderland, which is very disappointing. Being bound by rules in jumanji is smart though, the author can let go and blame the game settings so the mc can have a challenge instead of bulldozing the whole game.

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