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From the Power of Space To the Heavens

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Résumé du Roman

"Comment est-ce possible !"

Tang San regarda Lu Yuan indemne en état de choc et dit inconsciemment ce qu'il avait dans le cœur.

"Rien n'est impossible."

Lu Yuan se tenait là calmement.

Si un utilisateur de capacité spatiale ne peut pas esquiver l'attaque physique la plus élémentaire sur place, il peut tout aussi bien creuser un trou et s'enterrer.

- Description de MTLNovel


Titre Court:FPSTH
Titre Original:从空间之力至诸天
Auteur:sleep in class hhh
Weekly Rank:#6154
Monthly Rank:#6628
All Time Rank:#6111
Mots Clés:Douluo Dalu, Male Protagonist, Spatial Manipulation, Transmigration, Xuanhuan,
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22 Comments on “From the Power of Space To the Heavens
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  1. I get that this is a fanfic, but it's just so damn unoriginal. Author directly plagiarizes all of the MC's spatial abilities from other works of fiction. Also, it's looking like a mediocre revenge fic.

  2. No dire mucho, solo una pregunta: __ Si eres un transmigrado/invocado/reencarnado, con tus memorias de esta vida y sabiendo lo que sabes sobre un poco de todo; Te pondrias a crear cosas de la nada o tomarias ideas que ya la completaron otras personas para volverte fuerte? aqui es donde entra el dilema "moral" de si quieres ser fuerte con cosas que ya sabes como deberian ser y la potencia que deberian tener o ser original y gastar tiempo que no tienes en lograr cosas que probablemente cuando las quieras hacer no seas lo suficientemente fuerte o tener el conocimiento minimo para completar tu genialidad; porque hay que admitirlo, hay que ser un genio de algun tipo para crear algo sin tener la base de conocimiento adecuada... __ Si recuerdo bien como dicen en "LoM", Omnisciente es igual a Omnipotente.

  3. I’m looking for this Douluo Dalu 2 fanfic where Mc got transmigrated into Douluo Dalu 2 world as his kid form and then traveled around the world. Mc met some girls when he traveled around the world and also met Hu Yuhao, who is a girl in that novel (Mc doesn’t know that). Mc helped her and became friends with her. The same goes for other heroines like Tang Wutong, Zhang Lexuan, etc. After the main story started, Mc went to Shrek and met Hu Yuhao and Wu Tong. Mc’s martial spirit is related to chess and the human king. Also, there are some backstories, like Mc being the "it" and his original world being advanced, and some other things. Also, Mc sacrificed himself to save Wutong. After some time, his martial spirit also gets broken. He also meets Wang Quier and helps her a lot. Mc still feels disgusted towards Hu Yuhao because he thinks Hu Yuhao is gay and likes him. Tang San later erased Tang Wutong's memories so she could forget Mc since Mc is a dangerous being and can die anytime. Also, if I remember correctly, Wang Quier sacrificed herself to save Mc’s life and became his spirit ring. Mc has different eye colors. This novel is from here: I remember searching up the word “斗罗”, Then scrolled up a lot before finding it, But those Mf now only shows newest 20 novels. They used to show every single Douluo Dalu novel if u search up with the name. But now only the first newest 20 novels!!

  4. The original Mc is totally OOC and just regulated to a young master esque roll, same thing with the tang Hao who is very annoying in this. Tang San doesn't read as an more mature adult who reincarnated but instead as a annoying kid who doesn't want to lose. Haven't read too far but it seems pretty poisonous. Just lowering the IQs of characters and changing their whole personalities is just bad. The actual MC is nowhere near likeable enough to make me want to read more especially when things are like this...

  5. But other than that this seems like a pretty standard fanfiction. The MC seems to have a decently cool power system, while the rest of the plot is ok. It should be okay to read if there's nothing else

  6. Tbh tang san in original work still childish though. For ex. Bringing that rabbit to biggest soul master competition, then got killed and he is angry, this is clearly his fault okay but he act like all of them evil

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