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Résumé du Roman

Joueur 1 : « Pourquoi cet épouvantail ne se sent-il pas bien ? Bon sang, ça m'a pris une seconde…"

Joueur 2 : « Y a-t-il quelque chose qui ne va pas, le nom de ce monstre sauvage mesure plus de 40 mètres de long ? ! Ce n'est pas un être humain ?!"

Joueur 3 : « Putain, ce type a amené un groupe de boss pour assiéger à nouveau la ville, alors ne laissons pas les gens vivre ? »

Mo Fan : "Les enfants, avez-vous beaucoup de points d'interrogation ?"


Après que Mo Fan soit entré dans le jeu, il a découvert qu'il était devenu un épouvantail à côté du village des novices, un monstre sauvage pour que les joueurs puissent monter de niveau.

Mo Fan, qui est devenu un monstre sauvage, a commencé à s'améliorer continuellement et à évoluer à partir du niveau 0, à améliorer son étoile, à fusionner son sang et ses attributs ont grimpé en flèche !


PS : Le livre est également connu sous le nom de « Évoluer et évoluer à partir d'un épouvantail », « Je suis devenu un épouvantail et me traînant à nouveau », « Je joue à un jeu et joue un sentiment de supériorité » « Je ne peux vraiment pas y croire épouvantail est ainsi? Zheng Wenhong jugé contre Jun? br>……………………

Juste quelques lecteurs, ils ont dit que c'était trop solitaire, quelques amis de l'eau, vous savez : 26709174

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Titre Court:GSWS
Titre Original:游戏从稻草人开始
Auteur:Butterfly Nebula
Weekly Rank:#3368
Monthly Rank:#3995
All Time Rank:#4014
Mots Clés:Cunning Protagonist, Level System, Male Protagonist, Non-humanoid Protagonist,
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38 Comments on “Game Starts with the Scarecrow
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  1. bruh these Chinese mcs be stupid as f*ck, in reality like if a girl hits you you hit them back in the CN (chinese novels) they like be slave to those b*tches like bruh if a girl disrespects me ima disrespect them too, are the authos be slave to girls like bruh stupid or mentally retarded i only tolerate it because im bored as f*ck like i dont want to watch anime cause its all power of friendship or some flashbacks like bruh that too CLICHE especially one piece bruh how can a mentally retarded mc be still alive bruh luffa has a bounty but he never killed anyone, anyone who is a pirates atleast killed 1 person

  2. and i forgot to mention some things, like when an Chinese MC got reincarnated as a f*cking dragon or something they tried to help human if i was reincarnated as a monke in honghuang (search honghuang novels so you can understand) i would cultivate so i can be stronger than DaDao and reach HongMeng and f*ck some b*tches too i will never be a literal sage (sage is a realm btw) like bruh and i said help humans, so if i help humans i would only do that once cause i was once a human so there is something called cause and effect sh*t like that so f*ck Chinese MC they are stupid, idiotic, dumb, retarded, and a pussy.

  3. you guys may not understand my writing cause i've been reading mtl translations and my english sucks so sorry for bad english

  4. There have been novels where mc reincarnated as monster and didn't give a shit bout humans but cn people hate those types so they pretty much got axed asap.

  5. If you want a good chinese novel so i recommend you the best chinese novel that i Know:

  6. Main character is indecisive when it comes to romance it’s starting to piss me off a bit. When I started reading there’s no romance or harem tag I thought it was going be an eunuch wood. Main character sister Mo Han did introduce her friend Tong Yuan a long time ago. When the game started etc... so why am I now angry since I have read up to 187 chapters? I’m not going to read some beta bullshit who cant give out a straight answer and use his parent in coffin as an excuse. Like fuck the main character for hanging a girl life like that because of his dumbass not giving a straight answer she hadn’t moved on. Also he have an intercourse with another girl, had children in which the author never mentions again. Then main character just wipe his ass and left never visiting her again and his hybrid child so much for responsibility.

  7. I hate character who chases other but never look at the one chasing him/her in the eye fuck that bs I’m done reading this novel. I had read to much of this kind of character. Plot ain’t bad or else I would dropped it when he had never visited Cai Liangyue even once after the intercourse.

  8. I don’t think Chinese people understand relationships? If my sister kicked me I would punched her on the face, in public if I have to. Like I don’t care if she was the only family I have alive, if she hits me I’ll hit her back

  9. Actually and his sister is a complete bitch. She just uses him for levels, items and money. Not once has she ever done anything useful in the story.

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