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Harry Potter’s Most Powerful Wizard

2.5 (49 reviews)
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Résumé du Roman

Il est la couverture résidente de "Wtcher Weekly".

C'est une figure éternelle de la Gazette du Sorcier.

Il est le chef absolu du sorcier de sang pur.

Il est le seul sorcier de l'histoire qui a rendu Dumbledore impuissant.

Il est aussi le seul mage le plus fort au monde qui rend Voldemort impuissant !

C'est Yunye, un ancien chauffeur professionnel.

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Titre Court:HPMPW
Titre Original:哈利波特之最强大法师
Weekly Rank:#3
Monthly Rank:#3
All Time Rank:#715
Mots Clés:Arrogant Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harem, Harry Potter, Magic, Male Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, System, Weak to Strong, Wizards,
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58 Comments on “Harry Potter’s Most Powerful Wizard
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  1. Why do i think that this speziell author think that Chinese are superior to anyone else? I mean i dont care if its a Chinese mc or Japanese or corean. But we all know that england dont have chinese pureblood families and so its extrem unlikely that he will get in slytherin. Dont have read just my opinion of the comments that i read only half and the synopsis

  2. To be honest, this is one of those novel with good idea but poor execution. I can say that earlier part of the conflict in this novel is quite well thought of in my opinion (such as protagonist enter syltherin, Slytherin leader chosen by duel, there is a mysterious holy land in forbidden forest where you can got material for magic enhancing potion, and Dumbledore try to stifle protagonist because he think the MC too dangerous from the fact he succesfuly steal philosopher stone even go as far as to attack MC family). Additionaly the classification of power is done reasonably logical and the MC pace of getting stronger also done beautifully not too slow that made MC seems too weak and helpless, but not too fast that MC become too op with no enemy. But all those advantage completely ruined by awful characterization (professor flickwick play favoritism, hermione being a useless damsel, hagrid extremely prejudiced against pureblood, Harry become fanboy, etc) not only making the character one dimensional but also made you wonder whether author truly watch the movie or read harry Potter book series. Heck the whole book give me impression as if the author never did saw the movie and read the book or worse he didn't even done comprehensive research about whole Harry Potter series no matter it's about the setting or the character before he wrote this ahem *Sarcasm* FANFICTION. Seriously after the fifth years when the MC forced to escape from Hogwarts the whole setting of this book totally collapsed I mean I still can accept MC forced to face voldemort and Dumbledore in three way battle, but the whole development after that is totally unreasonable ,illogical and chaotic (fudge and ministry become Dumbledore thug, merlin actually being sealed in oak tree and being found out by vampire then end up enslaving the whole vampire race, nicholas flamel helping britain ministry of magic to fight MC even zealously trying suicidal bombing to kill mc, voldemort fused with demon or to be specific one among prince of hell and try to open gate of netherworld, heck MC even sent to past twice first in arthurian legend era caused by fighting merlin and the other *sigh* being sent to four founder era by Dumbledore in their decisive battle and then forced to fight four founder then escape and later even kill hufflepuff and Gryffindor because all four founder except slyhtherin are too stupid to see Dumbledore deception) seriously at the later part the whole story is full of various villain that seems to jump out of nowhere and focused wholeheartedly to try kill the MC for no other reason except that they believe the MC is pure evil and need to be purged for the greater good. It's totally frustating that it seems the MC need to go full circle just to kill Dumbledore and seems that the MC can only show his oh so smart and oh so wise mind because the fact that all people around him are completely retarded and moronic, with 90% of character had brain disability

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