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Après que Ren Jie soit mystérieusement transmigré, il se retrouve le chef de famille choyé du clan familial Ren, l'un des cinq plus grands clans familiaux de la dynastie Clear Jade. Simultanément, Ren Jie découvre son talent exceptionnel en apothicaire.

Malgré l'opposition de certains de ses aînés du clan familial et des quatre autres plus grands clans familiaux de la dynastie Clear Jade, il se lance sur la voie de devenir l'un des artistes martiaux les plus puissants de son époque.

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Titre Court:HAG
Titre Original:邪少药王
Weekly Rank:#4888
Monthly Rank:#4921
All Time Rank:#4208
Mots Clés:Alchemy, Arrogant Characters, Artifact Crafting, Battle Academy, Body Tempering, Comedic Undertone, Cultivation, Eidetic Memory, Hiding True Abilities, Magic Formations, Male Protagonist, Poisons, Schemes And Conspiracies, Shameless Protagonist, Transmigration,
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6 Comments on “Heretic Apothecary Genius
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  1. I can understand why "soume" would rate it 1 star after reading 1 chapter, after comparing the translated version on webnovel and here, I can only say that here sucks, and the meaning of a lot of the content is different, especially flipping negative and positive. The amount of repeating after rephrasing is a bit much, almost half of the chapter.

  2. After reading 13 chapter, the plot/story is somewhat intriguing but it isn't a great novel. The author's writing makes the novel a little lacking in quality, it feels like the author thinks about some things after writing the related plot and later just adds it in somewhere more suitable or just adds the next storyline with little explanation (feels like something is missing in the middle even though there is actually nothing wrong).

  3. At 100 chapters. Even though the story has barely anything to do with apothecaries and nothing about the mc being evil/heretic, it is an okay story that is worth a try if you have nothing better to read.

  4. At first I thought that the mc's cheat/golden finger was to allow him to understand the dao by listening to dao ancestors discuss dao, but it seems that the mc can do whatever he wants while entering the state of the cheat and doesn't have to listen to the discussion and gains benefits passively. That state allows the mc to do some random bs and gain benefits that, in my opinion should only be gotten when the mc actively tries to listen/understand the discussion.

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