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Résumé du Roman

Lu Wanwan a transmigré dans un roman mélodramatique et riche de type homme d'affaires intitulé The Rich Young Master's Gentle Love. Dans le roman original, la jeune fille aînée de la famille Lu était un lotus blanc à cent pour cent, elle méprisait le rôle principal masculin Shen Yi pour n'avoir ni argent ni influence, elle l'a forcé à divorcer et après leur divorce, elle a cruellement écrasé lui sous ses pieds.

Qui savait qu'après avoir largué Shen Yi, il connaîtrait une ascension fulgurante si rapide ? Shen Yi, cet homme, était sanglant, impitoyable et tyrannique. Son caractère était mauvais, il se vengeait de n'importe quel petit grief et avait de la rancune comme un démon fou.

Lu Wanwan, qui vient de transmigrer, avec prudence et diligence, a essayé de gagner sa faveur afin d'éviter la série d'actes de recherche de la mort du roman original.

La première fois, elle a été enfermée par le premier rôle masculin.

La deuxième fois, elle a été à nouveau enfermée par le premier rôle masculin !

La troisième fois, Lu Wanwan a décidé qu'elle allait être un lotus blanc gourmand, vaniteux, faux et déraisonnable !

Au diable les faveurs du curry.

Divorce ! Elle veut divorcer de Shen Yi.

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Titre Court:HOL
Titre Original: 他的独宠
Weekly Rank:#2124
Monthly Rank:#1727
All Time Rank:#5288
Mots Clés:Beautiful Female Lead, Cold Love Interests, Divorce, Female Protagonist, Male Yandere, Nightmares, Obsessive Love, Past Trauma, Possessive Characters, Suicides, Transmigration,
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15 Comments on “His One Love
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  1. Hi, does anyone know a novel in which male lead pretends to be blind and female leads pretends to be an idiot so that her aunt (adoptive parents?) don't harm her. Thay both get married in first few chapters.

  2. 星際探險︰開局扮演大劍豪...Han Jing traveled to a parallel world with highly developed civilization. Here, the earth can no longer meet the needs of mankind, so they set their sights on other planets. But those undeveloped planets are so dangerous that even the best explorers in the world can't get out of their bodies, so these planets are also called life forbidden zones. At this moment, Han Jing awakened the god-level playing system. In order to obtain the luxurious rewards of the system, he chose to participate in the annual adventure in the restricted area, and started playing as a three-sword master swordsman. An unremarkable barrage in the global live broadcast room: "The people who participated in the adventure in the restricted zone this time are all ruthless people, except for the green algae head with three knives."..(note: this is for my hatred...Pathological envy and jealousy is an integral part of narcissism (envy is a desire for what another person has, while jealousy is the fear that something can be taken away). Narcissists are envious of anything in others that they lack in themselves (i. e. beauty, possessions, knowledge, personal qualities, power, skills, achievements, qualifications, relationships, money etc. ) Their envy consumes them, and the list of their covetousness ("I want, I want") is endless.

  3. Hahahaha lol I just see that kind of Quetes in pinterest so I have no doupt that you just copy it right? Jiejiejiejie

  4. From the summary and first chapter alone, either the ML is truly a neurotic man, or there's been some humongous and I mean HUMONGOUS misunderstandings because the author is claiming that it's a sweet story (that may or may not allow the readers to scold the two main protagonists) but like locking her up in an apartment for 10 years? locking her up in the basement after refusing your proposal? damn

  5. male lead can be a scumbag first and become a gentleman later, but locking up is wrong. i dont like this kind of story

  6. It's a Chinese romance novel. Except very few of them, all others are Male lead torturing wife, misunderstandings, lots of crying and more.

  7. I agree completely, that's why I usually avoid those kind of drama filled novels that are usually 1200+ chapters long, but I wanted to see if this was different since there wasn't a lot of chapters lol but I couldn't even get past the second after finishing the first, I haven't had a lot of experience in reading the actual cliché "naive Mary sue, obsessive mentally ill yandere" romance tropes that every romance novel mentions and makes fun of but like I've heard so much about them that it made me scared and constantly avoid them haha (*/∇\*)

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