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Zhuke a voyagé jusqu'en 1995, la sortie de « Toy Story » était imminente et l'ère d'Internet était sur le point de commencer.

« Harry Potter », « Pirates des Caraïbes », « Fast and Furious », « Avengers » et ainsi de suite, il y en a toujours un que vous connaissez bien.

Rebirth Hollywood, pour être un fringant franchisseur.

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Titre Court:HSA
Titre Original:好莱坞从动画开始
Auteur:Chief Minister
Weekly Rank:#7
Monthly Rank:#8
All Time Rank:#1042
Mots Clés:Absent Parents, Arrogant Characters, Business, Business Management, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Mob Protagonist, Modern Day, Movies, Playful Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Showbiz, System, Transmigration,
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  1. I just feel bad for Laura Sánchez, like the author practically made her out to be some kind of sexless Spanish mammy character… like they really did her dirty ! 🙉😂😭

  2. The MC can’t claim any national pride if he doesn’t bring out Masked singer, I’ve been following it since before it got shipped over to the west, and now that it has ?! If the author doesn’t use it there’s something wrong with them, they need to make a public apology ! 😂 also since they included unrelated stock information I hope he sets up a music group because he already let a bunch of actors slip through the gaps, and hey if you want good sound tracks why not make it in house ??

  3. Seriously author has no sense of humor, not a tiny bit...MC is like a clown dancing aroung everywhere although author tried to make funny...

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