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Hongmeng System Shuttles Through the World

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Le lycéen otaku, l'empereur un jour, a giflé une certaine gloire, mais l'a inexplicablement traversé, et a également apporté un système Hongmeng. Dans les dix mille royaumes, il aime traverser, combattre et briser, Douluo, Wudong, Gunshenji, Fox Monster, Super Theological Academy, Qin Shimingyue… Expérience de vie mystérieuse, système mystique, mission mystique, traverser des positions maintes et maintes fois. Visages, s'améliorant sans cesse, le Lieutenant Général se dévoilait un à un. Puisque mon nom de famille est Tian et Zi, je régnerai sur les cieux !

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Titre Court:HSSTW
Titre Original:鸿蒙系统穿梭万界
Auteur:Emperor Shenyan
Weekly Rank:#745
Monthly Rank:#627
All Time Rank:#1798
Mots Clés:Douluo Dalu, Doupo/BTTH, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, System, Versatile Mage, World Hopping, World Travel,
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42 Comments on “Hongmeng System Shuttles Through the World
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  1. Sistem tak berguna, kenapa harus di segel kekuatannya setiap kali menyebrang bukan kah Seni Rahasia Keberuntungan Universal dapat diubah menjadi berbagai energi? Lalu di douluo juga kenapa selalu menggunakan teknik pedang tidak menggunakan wuhun?

  2. Tanya penulisnya. Aku baca sampai mc menyeberang ke douluo lepastu aku berhenti sebab dah tau bila mc menyeberang lagi kekuatannya mesti disegel🙃.

  3. the enemy keep provoking him, and mc strength can kill them in one trick, but mc didnt, he just supressed them to try his low shit trick that cant kill people within 1 second and cant even be compared with his own strength, and the he just let them go, then they come back later to give him more trouble even hurt his women, stupid mc. why not they keep troubling him, as mc always playing when they provoke him, and let them think that he just weak ass shit.

  4. and, mc always complaining that his soul realm are too low, then, why dont he goes back to quanzhi fashi(full time mage) world? the system already told him that world can cultivate his soul realm. zZz, for 100 years he stay at journey to the west world, his soul realm still the same. it would be better if he just go to another world, while using the progress bar to stop all the world he had already gone, for that 100 years, how many world can travel already. when he goes to one world, he just stay there until he finish at least 1 task even if it take 3-5 years??? suck, what about the other world, the time still going, those girls at the other world, what about them? and he leave doupo plane for many years already, dont he worried that his enemies would be stronger than he is now, and even kill his womens there? each time mc traveled to other world, mc be like innocent man, he would always get embarassed whenever he got in touch with women, and, mc always accuse of monkey king as straight man, but he himself are too.

  5. mc want to get stronger, then what are the function of the system? his sytem can let him travel to many world, and mc has a lot of point already, and it only takes 5000 point to travel to the world he wanted to, and it even can give mc many task in each worlds he goes. but, now, mc want to get stronger, he no longer use the system, even if mc didnt know anything about the world or things, mc didnt ask the system, and, now mc just go around, adventure, seeking trouble, always got hurt, even near death, wasting his power bla bla bla, while his system still there, but it looks like the system no longer have any function as usual. u know, from 1-4 world(maybe more), the system always get involved, but later on, none. it appearance are getting less and less each time he go travel, and when mc go to the great world, well, the system already useless, I dont know what hapoen to mc. he just wasting a lot of time. and his strength already invincible under the supreme, but, mc kept playing with those low realm, and even let them go, for a reason(they are not worthy of letting him chase them?), shit, and then those people keep troubling him, bcuz mc always weak in their eyes cuz of his inaction to let them realize that he already strong enough to even rival a supreme, stupid mc.

  6. and, he didnt even tell luo li his true strength, and she always kept worrying about him whenever some fcking low realm(that mc can even fcking one hit) were battling with him. mc want decent opponent, but, if he want that, why would he go to join those low level event? the one that join it, are clearly state that it is only heavenly realm and below, while mc already many time above it, and then he said its boring? then go fcking join those that may have supreme in it. stupid. and luo li always kept coming to him to comfort mc cuz she thinks that mc are fcking nervous(with shitty low realm). why dont mc just tell the dean academy about his strength, then he can goes anywhere he can go in the academy to improve his strength, not this shit for only improving only tiny bit of strength. and that's what I said mc just wasting time. it would be better if he just go to another world, huh waste mc. go change another one, let in the one that can maximise the advantage of the system.

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