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I Am In Charge of Myriad Realms Bank

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« Ding ! »

"La 1233e transaction est terminée et le taux d'achèvement est de 800% !"

« Récompenses : [Mille ans de temps], [Dix mille ans de vie], [Talent divers], [Beauté incomparable], [Sacred Artefact King]… »

Chen Fan y était habitué depuis longtemps, trop paresseux pour le lire, et l'a jeté dans l'entrepôt.

Depuis qu'il était en charge du système de la Banque des Dix Mille Royaumes, il jouait au sabre, s'entraînait au sabre et bavardait avec de belles femmes tous les jours, grâce à des ressources continues, une force qui monte en flèche, le désir des êtres et la reddition de toutes les races ! /p>

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Titre Court:IAICWB
Titre Original:我掌管着万界钱庄
Weekly Rank:#1444
Monthly Rank:#1428
All Time Rank:#1384
Mots Clés:Business Management, Dolls/Puppets, Fast Cultivation, Ghosts, Store Owner, System,
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49 Comments on “I Am In Charge of Myriad Realms Bank
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  1. Chapter 793 here. The mc is extremely passive , apart from trading in the bank and peeping at his subordinates he barely does anything , even when they are about to die he only watches , the number of times he took the shot himself doesn't exceed 5-10 times and that too casual shots. And there is a antagonist named Zhou yunfeng who is here from early 100s ch , mc knows he is plotting against the bank and him , he does nothing to stop him and now that cockroach is already a super devilish prodigy in the demon realm increasing his cultivation rate and combat powers tremendously. The dude knows he needs to get stronger faster because of the enemies previous owners made but has yet to try finding the last 2 materials needed for making his spirit body, the dude is a pure bystander here at this point and his subordinates feel more like protagonists than himself. His subordinates get hooked up with heavenly beauties and mc only bitches about being fed dog food :v . I'm gonna wait and see if the bitch becomes more active after getting the body for himself or not. -_-

  2. Mc acting all stupid like : i am here to collect debt, what does mc hope the guard will do? Go to the prince and tell him to return the debt to him, and after that the way he says, sure enough it can't be solved by talking is what annoys me the most, generally i would ignore bullshit like this but suddenly today i became a bitch about it, sorry everyone

  3. Mtl even if u delete my comment ( which is immature by the way ) it won't change the fact that u guys are just giving is our good content anymore and deleting my comment wouldn't change that fact

  4. You do realise that mtl isnt the one making the content and they're just adding user suggested novels into their automated system right? If you found a particularly good novel you can go to the discord to recommend it

  5. I have never seen someon0e this dumb in my life. MTL doesn't add content, the reader suggest and request novel on their discord which in turn MTL translates. You don't even know how thing works here and still came for complaining.

  6. So u sit there and tell me mtl have no power over what they upload , we make the decisions on discord , do u even hear yourself. Am saying that they keep uploading the same similar novel content which doesn't make sense , don't they check before uploading , bro just go and walk your fish

  7. It's a in the name MTL machine translation novel it's either the name is changed but same content but they just likely add the Chinese text to the machine and let it translates idk how this works but with a lot of people mixing up the name of the novel and different sites from which I also did when I was reading from Wattpad where someone is translating some novels for free and I still hate machine translation cuz grammar and stuff but now I don't care about that anymore but if ur new and you read it for hours you'll likely get a headache and pretty much trying to get used to a familiar grammar that you need to abandoned to understand machine translation novels a day or 2 later your headaches became less anyway the old suggestions box have like 200 thousands suggestions exaggeration I know but that was like years(maybe months idk but I was here might be in the 19s or 18s my first novel that I add is a cat novel that got discontinued in webnovel the cat charcoal a reincarnated human to cat back to the past) ago when I first made my own suggestions it was pretty hard getting that novel to be translated and I later don't remember it anymore but with my writing this I kinda remember so I might search for it after this

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