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Résumé du Roman

La petite amie qui parle de rencontres en ligne depuis six mois est en fait une camarade de classe se faisant passer pour…

Par hasard, Yin Jing a découvert qu'il était capable de copier les compétences des autres.

Niveau huit anglais? Oui, copié!

Compétences médicales avancées? Copié!

Cuisine avancée? Copié!

Piano, échecs, calligraphie et calligraphie, maîtrisant tout, ne pas appuyer sur de nombreuses compétences.

«Hein? Il existe encore une méthode de culture? Je l'ai copié! »

- Description de MTL


Titre Court:ICCAS
Titre Original:我能复制一切技能
Auteur:Yin Jing
Weekly Rank:#432
Monthly Rank:#438
All Time Rank:#446
Mots Clés:Ability Steal, Action, Cultivation, Early Romance, Exorcism, Handsome Male Lead, Jack of All Trades, Medical Knowledge, Nationalism, Poor to Rich, System Administrator, Twins, Urban, Younger Sisters,
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26 Comments on “I Can Copy All the Skills
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  1. Well just got to chapter 354 and went from quite liking the sisters to being quite disgusted. You get kidnapped, and the kidnapper threatens and fights your brother in a lethal fight, but then apparently this complete stranger you haven't known has told you some secret and you refuse to tell your brother who has always cared for you and is also your martial teacher when he asks what it is? What kind of behaviour is this? If I was MC I would immediately lose a massive amount of trust for them.

  2. Only major complaint is the MC is constantly letting people go that try to kill/rape him or those close to him despite the fact that over and over it has been shown these people will just come back with more powerful allies to try to harm them again. I get in the beginning the MC is a naive good boy but after 3-4 times of this pattern repeating maybe he should have learned to just kill those that attempt to kill him or harm those close to him to cut the problem from the root rather than letting it fester.

  3. It’s complicated lol MC has one main girl, but as of chapter 325 he still hasn’t even done more than give her a peck on the cheek or hold her hand and she hasn’t even officially acknowledged they’re in a relationship. Then there’s a few girls that seem like they could potentially maybe be interested in MC, but it’s really hard to say since even main girl is under developed on a romantic front this far in and the others it’s barely even there if you try to read between the lines and guess. Finally there’s his cute younger twin sisters which usually is a formula for more in most asian novels, but so far this relationship seems to be kept purely familial.

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