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I Can Resist Most Vicious Beatings

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Résumé du Roman

Ding, le corps physique subit l'attaque du poing, le corps en acier +1, le combat +1!

Ding, subis une attaque de sang, sang +1!

Ding, subit une attaque de flamme, résistance au feu +1!

Ding, le corps en acier est amélioré pour devenir un corps doré indestructible…

Ding, le corps d'or immortel a été amélioré en corps d'origine antique…

Jiang Du a ri avec arrogance: «Je ne vous vise pas, je veux dire que tout le monde ici est nul, et vous refusez de m'accepter et de me battre!»

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Titre Court:ICRMVB
Titre Original:我能抗住最毒的打
Auteur:Old hoop
Weekly Rank:#2816
Monthly Rank:#3102
All Time Rank:#629
Mots Clés:Absent Parents, Academy, Child Protagonist, Childhood Friends, Comedic Undertone, Elemental Magic, Game Elements, Magic Beasts, Magical Space, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Racism, System, Urban, Weak to Strong,
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31 Comments on “I Can Resist Most Vicious Beatings
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  1. Things turn very abruptly. One second, he was plotting against the enemy and in the next second, he's fucked and on the brink of death. No build up at all

  2. The first time I read this novel, chapter 1, what was inside my mind was ‘Oh so this is how other people starts to become a masochist’

  3. But first I realized something, mc be like: Daddy, I was wrong! Papa!, me be like: checking the tags to see if it’s a male or female protagonist😐

  4. became the strongest in carried earth with him to escape...bla bla bla.... after that expect for Chinese ppl all is treating only chines as humans..then mc runs frm one pace to another nearly dies ..come bck...goto another place offend ppl.. fight..loot..upgarde.. nothing more

  5. Hey this novel is written by Chinese for Chinese in Chinese language. We are not supposed to read this novel haha. That is why the author doesn't care about excessive nationalism because he never taught his novel will be read by other people not chinese all over the world someday.

  6. As duas mulheres são muito irritantes porra toda a hora abandona o mc para ficar mais forte mais caramba ele tem a porra de sistema cultiva apanhando não tem como elas ficaren forte junto larga o mc virjen e depois uma tem a alma estuprada por um alien e a outra desaparece dai o idiota tem que corre para resolver os problemas delas acho que o autor so vai desamarrar as bolas do mc no final kkkk

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