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I Have a Martial Arts Panel

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Résumé du Roman

Il existe de nombreuses sectes, les capitales des États sont en difficulté et les monstres sont retranchés.

En des temps troublés, les arts martiaux ont prospéré.

Xu Ning a voyagé ici avec le panel d'arts martiaux et est devenu un fermier ordinaire.


Est-ce que cela consomme 3 unités d'énergie pour améliorer la technique du couteau coup de vent ?



« Oui ! »

- Description de MTLNovel


Titre Court:IHMAP
Titre Original:我有一张武学面板
Auteur:Charge Flame Pig
Weekly Rank:#411
Monthly Rank:#382
All Time Rank:#926
Mots Clés:Alchemy, Cheats, Fast Cultivation, Male Protagonist, Pill Based Cultivation, Pill Concocting, Sect Development, System, System Administrator, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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44 Comments on “I Have a Martial Arts Panel
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  1. What happened to Tao girl that learn magic art? Is she just disappear like that? And where is Grey? Why he didn't appear again in the end of novel? And MC never meet the legend master in Grey story before iinw the name is Shi Fengxui.

  2. Really good novel not a TON of leapfrogging except at the end but only because of other people investing treasures to him mc is smart good at battles alchemy is like halfway through but uses it a lot SPOILER also he’s only the strongest person right now he can get stronger which I love

  3. Having read the whole novel, i will give some of my thought : =1=...the PROS: +Short novel,every chap is not too short or long. +The Cheat is Simple too use and strong enough ( doesnt have INT so it wont be annoy). +The Realms are clear so even small realms have diff power,leap killing is hard (mc can only kill 1 small realm higher at best). +No usual face-slap,young master,waste body cliches ( not much compare to normal,some scenes do look like thou ). +Especially, no Harem,beauties dont run around like dogs or even ROMANCE !!! +MC personality is OK, not too bad or stupid,horny or Agnorant. + PPL here has common sense,know when to retreat. ..........=2= NOW,the CONS: from chapters 100 toward,the story become repeated : MC lvl up--> Fight--->wins--->move to other place,join some clan,sect,does some things -->conflicts appear,someone stronger appear---->MC LVL up---> FIght and repeat like above till chap 300 (not that bad thou,just a little annoy, i advice you too read some chap and skip 3,4 ch forward). +Since even small realm has many diff so MC will be put into passive situations many time when some one stronger appear, reading will be a little frustrated,MC just lvl up 1 small realm,kill the previous enemies and some one 2 s-realms higer appear +Also since the ppl arent always kill each other the moment they meet and MC has to act as a good guy to befriend many ppl so he will has too talk alot and does some sacrifice to earn trust so...yeah good guy type. The sect development isnt that good,so skip if you dont like...+ The skills or techniques in this novel are very simple and lacking or Unexisting ,mostly from Void realm(2nd realm,in the same small realms,higher skill lvl can have some advantage,but use some normal can also do that) .Dao realm does has some skill but that has too small impact...power mostly involves Realm Stage and weapons,some time pills.....since the big realms is simple and kind of little (mortal-> Voi->Dao->4th),it lack some stable reason why 4th can be so strong(like :u can only fly in Dao realm , yet, in 4th realm you can come to other world, involve with time and space??? like daf*k??? + another one is that this novel doesnt have other job, i only see Alchemist and 1 or 2 Weapon Refined Master, no talisman,formation,corpse refine,..etc...........In short since i have already finished this novel i will give it 4 star cause it readable and has some good stuff to pass time AND also bcs i like how the author choose to Complete this book early(intentionally, i guess) since he know he is out of idea Instead of adding water and braindead scene to lower his novel further, u earn my respect author.

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