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I Have a Martial Arts World

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Résumé du Roman

Cancer avancé, la vie ne tient qu'à un fil, comment l'inverser ?

Ce n'est qu'en cassant le chaudron et en coulant le bateau que les deux mondes peuvent être conférés aux dieux !

Porte à double passage, la seule extraordinaire~

- Description de MTLNovel


Titre Court:IHMAW
Titre Original:我有一个武道世界
Auteur:I'll make up the head
Weekly Rank:#7476
Monthly Rank:#5446
All Time Rank:#4788
Mots Clés:Ancient China, Calm Protagonist, Cheats, Hard-Working Protagonist, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Weak to Strong, World Hopping,
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  1. A handsome young man sat leisurely in front of the hospital bed, with Erlang's legs crossed, his eyes cracked with a smile. "You beg me, how about I give you a drink?" Lu Yao's face was expressionless, and he didn't say a word. Since losing the ability to take care of themselves, a bunch of relatives have seen many faces, not bad for this one. The handsome man got up, held the water glass in his hand and handed it over, "Cousin, don't be angry, I'm joking, you are so good to me, you can still feed your saliva." After he finished speaking, he slowly poured the water from the cup onto Lu Yao's pale and thin face. Choking, Lu Yao weakly coughed a few times, but fortunately a small amount of water flowed through his throat, giving him some strength to speak: "Zhang Xin, why? I have never offended you. I sponsored you to study in the Star Alliance country!" Zhang Xin put down the water glass and said unhurriedly, "Who told you to be so old-fashioned, just transport some cold medicine, and it's not illegal, you have to do everything possible to stop it." A look of understanding flashed across Lu Yao's face, and he said, "Zhang Xin, you rubbish, a dog can't stop eating shit. Ship cold medicine abroad to extract drugs...cough..." Zhang Xin adjusted his tie and said with a smile, "Don't spit, I'm an internationally renowned entrepreneur. When I return to China this time, the Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau called me to welcome me~" Lu Yao sighed, now that he can't do anything, he simply closed his eyes and stopped talking, quietly waiting for death to come. But Zhang Xin didn't want to let his cousin who was suffering from illness and was about to pass away get better. He got close and whispered: "Cousin~ Actually, the main purpose of my return to China this time is to meet you and tell you - your cancer was caused by me~" Lu Yao suddenly opened his eyes, "What did you say!"

  2. again, yet another story where the start is good, middle story is medium and the story toward ending is damn shit, not including extream racist after chapter 400++ ..

  3. how come the comments are more entertaining than the novel lmao, to be fair i didnt read much, the start where the mc is getting humiliated by his cousin while he can't move due to his cancer is just weird and funny but makes me lose hope in the future

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