I Like You

Lin Wei: I want to attend Tsinghua Univeristy Jiang Su: Then I am a little different than you,…, Other than Tsinghua, I still want you. … Someone like me isn’t deserving of your interest. Me liking you isn’t up to you to say. {no many how many years have passed. Both Lin Wei and .... Lire la suite

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~ Extraordinary: Lin Wei's internship (5) Chapitre 339 Extraordinary: Lin Wei internship (4) Chapitre 338 Extraordinary: Lin Wei's internship (3) ~ Extraordinary: Lin Wei internship (2) ~ Extraordinary: Lin Wei internship (1) ~ Let's talk about 5 cents~ Chapitre 337 All my wishes come true Chapitre 336 Brother, give me a baby Chapitre 335 Easter eggs for you only Chapitre 334 She completes my whole life Chapitre 333 Let's move out Chapitre 332 Father and son

Chapitre 331 My girlfriend is Chapitre 330 Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiang Su, you be cold and calm Chapitre 329 Jiang Su was crazy by his girlfriend Chapitre 328 Because she beat me too Chapitre 327 I can't sleep anyway Chapitre 326 Waiting for your love at first sight Chapitre 325 mine Chapitre 324 Next time I promise to restrain yourself Chapitre 323 The gift your brother gave me is not suitable Chapitre 322 The strongest male protagonist Chapitre 321 Once raw and second cooked Chapitre 320 I have more

Chapitre 319 Chapitre 318 Love you~~ Chapitre 317 Untitled Chapitre 316 Brother, I want to be a whole year Chapitre 314 Hupengouyou Chapitre 314 Jiangsu, sorry Chapitre 313 There is a home, someone can rely on Chapitre 312 This world waits for him not all is misfortune, there is luck Chapitre 311 I'm not dirty at all Chapitre 310 Don't be so nervous, relax Chapitre 309 The tens of age is twice mine Chapitre 308 No one likes to talk to him

Chapitre 307 Love you forever Chapitre 306 Stay overnight, I hurt Chapitre 305 Tell you something terrible, right? Chapitre 304 None of these steps can be messed up Chapitre 303 Not good enough Chapitre 302 Also because of you ~ Brother, do you really want to? Chapitre 300 I'll help you Chapitre 299 Is it fun? Chapitre 298 This is the girlfriend i am looking for Chapitre 297 Fuck you Chapitre 296 Tejiang Schoolmaster Style

Chapitre 295 Brother, happy birthday Chapitre 294 You have to make your own decision Chapitre 293 Chen Bi Chapitre 292 Take the initiative again Chapitre 291 A glimpse of the fairy face Chapitre 290 Meet up Chapitre 289 He can play Chapitre 288 Buy a ring another day and start again Chapitre 287 Don't be afraid, I will be with you Chapitre 286 You turn off the lights Chapitre 285 Get rid of you Chapitre 284 Touch you

Chapitre 283 Just beat your so-called best friend Chapitre 282 Don't you go take a bath? Chapitre 281 Let's go out to live tonight Chapitre 280 I'm not sad Chapitre 279 I can't teach well Chapitre 277 Have you learned? Chapitre 276 It's a bit criminal Chapitre 275 I will be twenty-eight in eight years Chapitre 274 I don't like my boyfriend being so exposed Chapitre 273 I only drink water from my girlfriend Chapitre 272 Jiangsu, the college entrance examination champion, has a girlfriend Chapitre 271 Jiangsu, are you in a hurry?

Chapitre 271 Teach you how to soak brother Chapitre 270 Walk carefully Chapitre 269 I come to you Chapitre 268 My girlfriend is already in Tsinghua Chapitre 267 If nothing else, he should be the top pick in the college entrance examination Chapitre 266 Want to hug you Chapitre 265 You never came to see me Chapitre 264 I'm afraid he will like my boyfriend Chapitre 263 He committed suicide...because of you Chapitre 262 If you hit my boyfriend, you hit me Chapitre 261 Raised a little lover? Chapitre 260 To test Tsinghua University for love, even better

Chapitre 259 Are you a long-distance relationship? Chapitre 258 Classmates let Chapitre 257 Take care of yourself Chapitre 256 We will take the college entrance examination next year Chapitre 255 Go back to school with me Chapitre 254 Your husband abused you Chapitre 253 So I can rest assured Chapitre 252 I'm not afraid of you biting Chapitre 251 Brother, are you cool? Chapitre 250 Brother be generous Chapitre 249 18 tickets Chapitre 248 Diamond necklace

Chapitre 247 Lin Wei, I love you Chapitre 246 Strawberry Chapitre 245 Body without skin Chapitre 244 I miss you Chapitre 243 A little wet on the collarbone Chapitre 242 High school nail households Chapitre 241 Scared and I have no future Chapitre 240 She, Lin Wei can't let him go Chapitre 239 I listen to you Chapitre 238 Jiangsu, I'm going to Beijing Chapitre 237 Are you poisonous Chapitre 236 I don't want to hide from you

Chapitre 235 Can I continue to like him? Chapitre 234 Weibo, see you the day after tomorrow Chapitre 233 Countdown to college entrance examination Chapitre 232 Protect yourself, Weibo Chapitre 231 I like you Chapitre 230 Are you in love? Chapitre 229 I change classes Chapitre 228 Don't be afraid, i protect you Chapitre 227 It's my problem, don't blame her Chapitre 226 Come with me Chapitre 225 Again Chapitre 224 "小竹林" (* ̄︶ ̄)

Chapitre 223 Complain Chapitre 222 Closer, closer Chapitre 221 Hold hands Chapitre 220 Run after sleep Chapitre 219 We all have to be good Chapitre 218 I will live well Chapitre 217 Why are you so warm? Chapitre 216 Brother, can you bear it? Chapitre 215 I'll call you when I have the certificate Chapitre 214 Let's sleep Chapitre 213 You are fine, you are already fine Chapitre 212 Weibo, I made him believe me

Chapitre 211 I didn't dream Chapitre 210 Yuanjia Road is narrow Chapitre 209 he is my friend Chapitre 208 The gossip in this world never stops Chapitre 207 Let me coax you too Chapitre 206 Wash well, wash clean Chapitre 205 Want some excitement Chapitre 204 Do you like Lin Wei? Chapitre 203 To be continued, continue Chapitre 202 Interested in people Chapitre 201 Then your time is quite long Chapitre 200 not good for health

Chapitre 199 My little prospective girlfriend Chapitre 198 Show me a while Chapitre 197 Prospective boyfriend Chapitre 196 Private life Chapitre 195 Lin Wei's Chapitre 194 Butcher dog Chapitre 193 Like you Chapitre 192 Search notices Chapitre 191 She doesn't want to fall in love early, but she is willing to fall in love with him early Chapitre 190 Can't be a actor Chapitre 189 date Chapitre 188 You like a lot of tricks

Chapitre 187 Susu is my boyfriend Chapitre 186 Lin Xiaowei has fallen Chapitre 185 Pry your boyfriend? Chapitre 184 I leave the title for you Chapitre 183 Imprisoned her for seven or eighty years Chapitre 182 I am very affectionate Chapitre 181 Good, suffocated Chapitre 180 More cute Chapitre 179 I can fulfill you Chapitre 178 Left hand bun, right hand move brick Chapitre 177 Fined hahaha Chapitre 176 Screaming brother, I will take you in

Chapitre 175 Tsinghua and you and I are on Chapitre 174 We will all get better Chapitre 173 Hug hug hug hug again Chapitre 172 Sprite of 82 Chapitre 171 Mother's hand Chapitre 170 Weibo can do whatever he wants Chapitre 169 runaway Chapitre 168 A dog my dad kindly raised Chapitre 167 Want to beat you for a long time Chapitre 166 envelope Chapitre 165 Won't embarrass you Chapitre 164 Do you have a boy you like?

Chapitre 163 Kiss Chapitre 162 Don’t you want to satisfy me? Chapitre 161 brother Chapitre 160 Climb away for me Chapitre 159 Lin Cen Chapitre 158 Put on clothes Chapitre 157 Good for you Chapitre 156 I'm just chasing you Chapitre 155 You love me so much? Chapitre 154 Pretty cool Chapitre 153 Weibo loves me Chapitre 152 I love you

Chapitre 151 Your little front desk is looking for you all over the world Chapitre 150 Hold on for a while Chapitre 149 After you finish washing, I'll go find you Chapitre 148 The boy named Jiangsu likes her Chapitre 147 Good heart Chapitre 146 If you dislike wasting water, then you can wash it with me Chapitre 145 I prefer to hug Chapitre 144 Salty Chapitre 143 Don't hold back Chapitre 142 Feel good Chapitre 141 Tomorrow will be better Chapitre 140 Really small fairy

Chapitre 139 I am waiting for you at the end Chapitre 138 Little fairy Chapitre 137 The school's tyrant died Chapitre 136 Tut Chapitre 135 Come up, i'll carry you Chapitre 134 Sorry, she has never seen the world either Chapitre 133 Very arrogant Chapitre 132 Jiang Suxian Girlfriend Chapitre 131 Such a boy is a treasure in the world Chapitre 130 I want to wear a card for you too Chapitre 129 The first class of high school, people are in the tower, the first class of the king, five consecutive peerless Chapitre 128 bother

Chapitre 127 Satisfy you Chapitre 126 Jiangsu's dance, the fatal waist Chapitre 125 I'll be with me as much as Weibo wants me Chapitre 124 Jealous Chapitre 123 Jiang Su Chapitre 122 Child bride Chapitre 121 What a girlfriend does to her boyfriend Chapitre 120 Hug Hug Hug Hug Chapitre 119 This little boy student is a bit capable Chapitre 118 Uncle Chapitre 117 He grew up with me Chapitre 116 Happy birthday, Weibo

Chapitre 115 Change somewhere to hug? Chapitre 114 Jiangsu, you bastard Chapitre 113 Unique sense of distance Chapitre 112 Don't want it Chapitre 111 Lin Wei, happy sixteenth birthday Chapitre 110 Want to see me every day? Chapitre 109 Weibo's heart, I want it all Chapitre 108 What kind of school boss should love Newton and Einstein Chapitre 107 The small front table is cheating for him? Chapitre 106 Chocolate chip cookies Chapitre 105 Lin Wei, you really don’t love Classmate Jiang Chapitre 104 Want to follow you

Chapitre 103 Want to stay with me for a month Chapitre 102 Protection fee Chapitre 101 Do you want to die? Chapitre 100 From my small front desk Chapitre 99 You are more squeamish Chapitre 98 Catch a cold together Chapitre 97 I like you too Chapitre 96 I like you, I have the final say Chapitre 95 Weibo, screaming father Chapitre 94 Be my dad Chapitre 93 Can you come Chapitre 92 Eloping, Jiangsu?

Chapitre 91 I really knelt to you Chapitre 90 Lodging Chapitre 89 Make children Chapitre 88 Buy it for you Chapitre 87 You go out without taking me Chapitre 86 Will enter the wine Chapitre 85 Jiangsu invites you to buy sweets to eat Chapitre 84 No puppies Chapitre 83 Domestic Chapitre 82 There is soy milk in the wall breaker and fried eggs in the pan Chapitre 81 Why don't you sleep with her Chapitre 80 Nosebleed

Chapitre 79 Take a bath Chapitre 78 You look so beautiful Chapitre 77 Touch it Chapitre 76 Do you accept the younger brother? Chapitre 75 I am responsible Chapitre 74 He will try Chapitre 73 date? Chapitre 72 Do you want to follow me Chapitre 71 Her heart melted Chapitre 70 Fierce enough Chapitre 69 Your dad is looking for you Chapitre 68 Hold hands

Chapitre 67 Are you a man Chapitre 66 I'll go home with you tonight Chapitre 65 More well-behaved, more clever, more worry-free Chapitre 64 The ball matches you well Chapitre 63 Did you call? Chapitre 62 miss you Chapitre 61 Afraid you are not a man Chapitre 60 Isn't there ten minutes left? Chapitre 59 Tell the teacher Chapitre 58 The legs are thin and straight Chapitre 57 on purpose Chapitre 56 Up here

Chapitre 55 Your lips are quite soft Chapitre 54 Do you listen to songs together? Chapitre 53 He's so **** weird Chapitre 52 Su Ge's takeaway Chapitre 51 I will only get beaten Chapitre 50 After you have written, have I finished copying! Chapitre 49 Let's do homework every year Chapitre 48 See how handsome, rich, and fanciful I am Chapitre 47 My little front table Chapitre 46 How to be together Chapitre 45 Teacher Jiang is very satisfied with my attitude Chapitre 44 Listen to you

Chapitre 43 Teenager and cat Chapitre 42 Review book Chapitre 41 You give it, of course Chapitre 40 Looking for death Chapitre 39 Female school bully VS male school bully Chapitre 38 A good match Chapitre 37 Sweet, his blood tank is empty Chapitre 36 Weibo Chapitre 35 The door is open, come here Chapitre 34 I will check after class Chapitre 33 Swallow you after Xu Shu Chapitre 32 Candid me

Chapitre 31 Ryo Ohno Chapitre 30 Be a teacher Chapitre 29 Teacher, no Chapitre 28 A bit milky Chapitre 27 Go, take you elopement Chapitre 26 He is really sick Chapitre 25 piggy bank Chapitre 24 Keep me? Chapitre 23 Shy Chapitre 22 Our secret Chapitre 21 morning Call Chapitre 20 Boy, good waist

Chapitre 19 Can start chatting Chapitre 18 I decided to give up his custody Chapitre 17 Cooked Chapitre 16 Hands without restraint are weak and unable to take care of themselves Chapitre 15 Do you use paper? Chapitre 14 Classmates, do you go to the bathroom together? Chapitre 13 Lie Chapitre 12 Understand the relationship of a button Chapitre 11 Went in Chapitre 10 2 points for whistling in class Chapitre 9 Jiang Su who got 2 points Chapitre 8 I don't eat this routine

Chapitre 7 Real boss Chapitre 6 I'm underage Chapitre 5 I want to go to Tsinghua Chapitre 4 Disciplinary committee is much cute Chapitre 3 Suicide by cutting the wrist Chapitre 2 The kidneys are pretty good Chapitre 1 I do not have a boyfriend

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