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I Took the Player to Build a Territory in Another World

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Anyi a hérité du système Ten Thousand Realms Lord et l'a développé en un jeu virtuel via le système. Il faut que les joueurs développent, construisent et gardent les histoires des territoires des différents avions (cet article est purement fictif, veuillez ne pas vous enregistrer!)

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Titre Court:ITPBTAW
Titre Original:我带着玩家去异界建领地
Auteur:Buns that year
Weekly Rank:#5097
Monthly Rank:#4619
All Time Rank:#4338
Mots Clés:Game Elements, Gamers, Male Protagonist, System, Virtual Reality,
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22 Comments on “I Took the Player to Build a Territory in Another World
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  1. No offence this is a good novel but at the Start in my opinion its going to slow it might be good later but I'm not gonna read it cause its too slow at the Start

  2. haello everyone important info for users who have joined our discord server or who have not joined This week's #requestnovel channel will be open at 10:00 GMT + 8 until 20:00 GMT + 8 Channel requests will be open once every 2 weeks to keep the distribution of novel types evenly distributed, and what you should know that mtl does not all take from your requests during that batch mtl also searches on other sites to see good ratings and votes. We will send a DM if the novel you asked for is problematic and cannot be up-dated on mtl. Make sure for discord users not to complain if they are late in making requests! thanks -admin sasa

  3. You will be bored the mc is too stupid for programer who worked for a game company and he doesn’t know anything about gaming.

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