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I Was Pregnant After Divorce

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Lin Zhixia transmigre dans un roman, ignorant qu'il est maintenant la chair à canon vicieuse qui a tué le protagoniste, Luo Qin. Luo Qin, le mari et le leader masculin de la chair à canon, était froid envers Lin Zhixia, ne se souciant pas de savoir s'il vivait ou mourait, ce qui lui rendait la vie misérable. Bien alors! Il donnera à l'acteur masculin ce qu'il veut.

Peu importe ce que Lin Zhixia a fait, ce n'était pas suffisant. Son mari était convaincu qu'il avait des motifs sinistres.

Lin Zhixia a pris une décision, a fait ses valises et a giflé Luo Qin avec des papiers de divorce !

Il n'a rien emporté avec lui quand il est parti, seulement les anciens propriétaires ont mauvaise réputation. Il espérait prendre un nouveau départ, mais un mois plus tard, Lin Zhixia a découvert qu'il était enceinte !

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Titre Court:IWPAD
Titre Original:离婚后我怀孕了
Weekly Rank:#727
Monthly Rank:#481
All Time Rank:#3376
Mots Clés:Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Childcare, Cute Children, Devoted Love Interests, Divorce, Doting Love Interests, Forced Marriage, Heartwarming, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Lovers Reunited, Mpreg, Orphans, Second Chance, Transmigration, Tsundere, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. (please help me) I read a bl novel, and I forgot the title. Her shou has many small vests, which will continue to be exposed at the shows she participates in with gongs and other celebrities. At first the audience was always dismissive but when the vest was opened, the audience was shocked. and the routine continued throughout the variety show, until the other shou vests were revealed. shou is also a designer and he designs hanfu for all guests in just one night. His shou is quite aggressive, he is not shy about expressing his feelings to the gong.

  2. I know what ur talking about but I can’t remember either, and the one wear they go on a variety show in the countryside and there was a hanfu making competition. That one. Have u found it yet

  3. its not lovey dovey novel. mc quite rational, not exagerated. ml also quit normal. not fantasy ceo who rule black side n bright side world. he is just ceo. the plot flow nicely. ml actually not bad. he just misunderstand mc so he cold to him

  4. I really liked this hence I went on finding the author other novels For those who like it Here it is

  5. I don't normally comment on book but today I just had to. What is this??? Like my guy waltz in and thinks he can pay for he's "son". I'm not even gonna lie Lin Zhixia is too fucking timid wth. I couldn't even continue reading. After all the disgrace, he still follows him to receive he stupid??? VHVBVHZCJNZOFHSOI!!! Sorry I just needed to vent, this annoyed me a lot (Just my personal opinion).

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