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I’m Picking Up Pieces in PUBG

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Résumé du Roman

Jiang Siming a soudainement découvert que les champs de bataille de PlayerUnknown auxquels il jouait étaient différents des autres!

Il peut trouver des fragments de différentes couleurs dans le jeu, et après synthèse, ils peuvent être transformés en capacités, attributs, talents, argent, antiquités, même médicaments, exercices, etc.

S'appuyant constamment sur la collecte de pièces dans le jeu, Jiang Siming a complété une contre-attaque à vie et a fait fortune!

«Ça va courir du poison! Jiang Siming! »

"Oh, attendez, je vais aller de l'autre côté de la mer pour ramasser quelque chose!"

"J'ai été battu, ne viens pas m'aider avec une arme à feu, Jiang Siming!"

"Attendez d'abord, je trouverai quelque chose et je reviendrai bientôt!"

"À quelle vitesse?"

"Tournez une carte et revenez."

- Description de MTL


Titre Court:IPUPP
Titre Original:我在绝地求生捡碎片
Auteur:Half pot of sake
Weekly Rank:#62
Monthly Rank:#62
All Time Rank:#12
Mots Clés:Ability Steal, Action, Aggressive Characters, Alternate World, Artificial Intelligence, Artists, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Carefree Protagonist, Celebrities, Cheats, Clan Building, Discrimination, Famous Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Fellatio, First-time Intercourse, Game Elements, Game Ranking System, Gamers, Gaming/E-Sport, Genetic Modifications, Hackers, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Jack of All Trades, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Modern Day, Movies, Nationalism, Netori, One Piece, Orgy, Overpowered Protagonist, Perverted Protagonist, Playboys, Polygamy, Poor to Rich, Pregnancy, R-18, Racism, Ruthless Protagonist, Sexual Cultivation Technique, System, Technological Gap, Threesome, Virtual Reality, Weak to Strong, Zombies,
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230 Comments on “I’m Picking Up Pieces in PUBG
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  1. ,,, 次元入侵现实地球 ,,, no wonder this novel mc was single dog in his past life. all the way, the girls that he contact, he treat them all as his sister, I guess maybe this mc was a sister control, u know, even luo huo from godslayer became his sister too.

  2. know that mc always emphasize many time that he created team 'law' was to break the heaven and world. but, all the time I saw was, he and his team always been used or order by the goverment(u know). and, mc dont have self knowledge or self reflection about what actually happen. those people in other worlds can coperate with his country all bcuz of him not his country, but mc felt proud when he thought that it was bcuz of his country power that make those other worlds people choose to coperate. stupid. mc felt that he dont have a lot of patriotism, in reality it actually full of racism, even mc always biased toward his country. u know, he want other to get powerful faster, but he didnt even tell them how to open properties panel, unless they become his country person(getting an ID) would mc tell them how to open. he gave s level meditation method to his 'law' team(except the one related to his country), but gave sss level meditation method to unrelated people as same descendant of his country in other world.

  3. mc always waste too much time on unnecessary thing. better just go to perfect world to cultivate, and there's a world that link directly on earth when 4 aura tide comes, but mc didnt go in there, he already know that, if he go to that world, his cultivation would rises faster, but he didnt, he just wander around on low level place. perfect would highest realm was half-sage, and mc realm was the lowest realm, didnt he hasany sense of urgency?? need to wait for those monsters higher than holy rank to come would mc go to cultivate???? stupid.

  4. mc always worried if there are more holy order would come to earth. fck rubbish mc. if his realm was higher than them, what need to be worried about? its was many months that mc waste time searching monster around the world. shit. in that times, maybe his realm would rise to golden immortal already. did mc not think that bcuz of his fcking rubbish strength that he need to think about many trash thing?

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