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I’ve Been Cultivating Immortals For Thousands of Years

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Résumé du Roman

Lin Xiao a rencontré les trois empereurs et les cinq empereurs.

A vécu dans le monde en tant que pratiquant.

Il n'y a ni soleil ni lune dans les montagnes, et il y a des milliers d'années dans le monde.

Lorsque Lin Xiao s'est réveillé de sa retraite, l'endroit où il vivait est devenu le lieu de tournage de la sixième saison.

Huang Xiaochu : Papy Lin, c'est le top Dahongpao !

Lin Xiao : Quels produits de premier ordre, ce ne sont pas des produits populaires, vous voulez les choisir comme vous le souhaitez.

Zifeng : Grand-père Lin, vous plantez des carottes ? C'est évidemment du ginseng, cette racine fait deux mètres de long…

Lin Xiao : Je ne peux pas finir ce truc, je l'apporte souvent pour nourrir les poissons.


La salle de diffusion en direct a été choquée, il s'avère qu'il y a des pratiquants dans ce monde…

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Titre Court:IBCIFTY
Titre Original:修仙万年的我被向往曝光了
Auteur:I'm salted fish father
Weekly Rank:#1415
Monthly Rank:#1801
All Time Rank:#3969
Mots Clés:Nationalism, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Racism,
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22 Comments on “I’ve Been Cultivating Immortals For Thousands of Years
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  1. I already at the chapter 400 .this novel is interesting it’s mix with cultivation, god domain and technology and he turned out to be one of the most powerful immortal in high latitudes dimension I hope they update quickly

  2. The novel is basically chinafying things out of nowhere, my final honest opinion with this novel would be, bunch of bullshit, wants to make china look awesome, steps on japan and America's face, spits on south korea, and that's all. Well its annoying but not disgusting, if you want to see china supremacy, you would love it. If it was set in paralle world, it would have been good, like mc is mentor of teresa tang, okay, mc is mentor of einstien, its also okay, what about mentor of pele, he's alive and well. Author just made up this shit out of nowhere, samsung owes money, softbank owes money, bullshit. Its annoying.

  3. Bruh japan invaded china and shit all over almost a quarter of china, and Ofcourse they are not happy with it so this novel was born, forcefully try to show the decomposed shit that had disappeared to prove there's nothing. Like bruh, the Japanese emperors didnt want to live in tsunami and earthquake laden place so they will of course invade. Trying to prove them as evil is straight up wrong, although they are indeed bad but chinese people should probably first look at themselves, oh i forgot , all the news they get is chinawashed lol.

  4. Mc doesn't know the value of things and money in modern world because he has not been in modern world, well that's okay, its understandable, but the way he refuses to accept the value of things is unacceptable. Like someone tells me i can sell my hair for 1000 kg of gold i won't believe it because that's common thing for me, but if someone shows me proof that my hair is worth 1000 kg of gold i would have to believe it even if it sounds ridiculous.

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