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Le modèle de calèche acheté sur le marché des antiquaires, qui sait que cette calèche peut réellement emmener les gens à travers les cieux et tous les royaumes. Découvrez un monde après l'autre, grandissez dans des mondes différents et colonisez des mondes différents.

Enfin, avec le monde sans fin, l'éternité sera atteinte !


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Titre Court:JIW
Titre Original:无限之巫师的旅途
Auteur:Tao Mu
Weekly Rank:#1952
Monthly Rank:#2203
All Time Rank:#2410
Mots Clés:Aliens, Discrimination, Fanfiction, Interdimensional Travel, Kingdom Building, Magic, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Monsters, Movies, Nationalism, Non-humanoid Protagonist, Racism, System, Weak to Strong, Wizards,
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62 Comments on “Journey of the Infinite Wizard
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  1. Seriously guys this is from chapter 164 in this chapter MC decides that you should prioritise science and technology of the country and the timeline of the world is 1950 so you can understand science and technology is important so he describes that kis country started recruiting people from around the world to be in there science department but 8000 aise amanganj black is too much just look at it yourself. “At the same time, facing the international community, began to recruit a large number of scientific talents! No restriction on nationality, race! Of course, except for black people! Jiang Ning hates blacks, and Tuthem has no affection for blacks. He is just a slave! Although the official did not clearly state, but from the private to the official, they all despise it! Even if we enter the new century in the future, it is absolutely impossible for blacks to pass their immigration applications! Not to mention, the current black people have never been born scientists! They are born with problems! ! This is a fact they have all admitted! (I saw it on Youku!) Moreover, this race is genetically too aggressive. Once mixed, if you don’t mix for several generations, you can’t wash it off at all! Jiangning naturally does not allow such a bunch of waste to be raised on his own land! No production, no work, mixed eating and death, crooks, robbers, thieves”

  2. When China is translated as "mysterious east", "heavenly people", or the chinese call themselves yanhuang people, the novel is dogshit

  3. you sir are correct, every time i see that sentence i know its trash and it has not been wrong so far. we are all humans with the same origin. the nationalism/Patriotism in china is so damn powerful that it defies Science and Logic.

  4. correct, dear sir, although it isn't that sense transcendent type of nationalism. its pure brute governmental control and intimidation, resulting in people telling and retelling lies, until they start believing it

  5. I'm currently in chapter 1053 of echo it's kind of boring when it's abla on china antler the degree that it almost breaks the pc but as long as you stand it... Anyway if you are someone with problems of patience I do not recommend it since the narrative explains the color of the underwear of the mc ok no but explains too much And at the same time nothing osseous that explains antler servant point and then changes it for other things which is somewhat annoying ... While you support the above because if it is a good reading to spend the afternoon.. (Sorry for broken English 💔✌️)

  6. If you want something paired to this but more ruthless It's fine at the start as I've only read 20 chapters 😈😈👻

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