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Lord of Mysteries: Curly-haired Baboon

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Lu Xiaobai a voyagé jusqu'au « Seigneur des mystères » et est devenu un babouin frisé !

Ce n'est pas grave, il s'est lancé dans la séquence "Assassin" par erreur !

Comment faire ? Attendre en ligne est anxieux !

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Titre Court:LOMCB
Titre Original:诡秘之主之卷毛狒狒
Auteur:Yi Jun
Weekly Rank:#3444
Monthly Rank:#2239
All Time Rank:#5494
Mots Clés:Action, Amnesia, Evil Gods, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, God Protagonist, Goddesses, Godly Powers, Male to Female, Mystery Solving, Non-humanoid Protagonist, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, Witches,
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31 Comments on “Lord of Mysteries: Curly-haired Baboon
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  1. Well written... that is all i can the say the plot is so fuking horrid and forced.. forced so hard the world's on the screen literally developed hemroids.. this mc literally has zero ability to learn from her previous actions even though those actions should have had a serious imoact on her her.. replace a commaner of an army, almost gets assassinated, what how? It must be because this is the a dangerous world of strong eats the weak not because i replaced the commander of the army or anything... hey look a person completely unrelated to me acting lets follow! Almost died.. hey lets repeat the same process 5 fking times... it must be because i am being manipulated by gods that this keeps hapoening to me tottaly not because i am a retard who lives by following people and things completly without reason that happen to be large scale incidents.. it is so dumb.. i know at the end of the story it will come out that she is some super being , or some super being was manipulating her to do all this dumb shit, but at the last second even though she has followed there whims the entire way he will pull a massive victory without any real reason because forced plot and luck.. Honestly sick of this super overarching scheme/plot nonsense in stories it usually brings stories down a tier to d tier.. the only decent story to my knowledge that managed to pull it off was bleach... oh btw she jumps on the emperor's ship again without reason after deciding she didnt like to interact with him, and follow him and the one reason she came into contact with him again was because she wanted to warn him not to go to the island.... then guess what fking happens they go right to the fking island.. some dumb shit happens and she wakes up in the cemetery in intis with amnesia.... oh she also completely forgot amon existed even though she kept the dead time worm thingy and somehow conveniently got possessed by him again on the island of the primitive moon... WHICH MALES ZERO FKING SENSE... didnt realise this sequence 1 or 2 i forget is so fking godlike and behind the scenes he even dare play with the outer deities.. and seriously what is with this retard narrative of the outer diety having no conscious or intellect ? And her being able to steal 'authority' omfg it is so triggering.. all around decently writing but horridly forced olot that relies on pure luck to survive without the mc being abke to learn from her reapeated mistakes not once not twice but 5-10 times maybe more i lost count.... over and over again

  2. The idea is good, but the quality of the author is quite low. It is quite interesting that he was born in the Roselle era. The Witch pathway is quite an interesting read though. Frankly, I don't care much about reading male or female main characters in the novel. What I pay attention to in the novel is mc's character and the plot and character interactions. I'm in chapter 72 while commenting. The reactions of the characters, the world building, the stupidity of the MC are pretty bad. Author attributed mc's stupidity to out of control, but 70 chapters still haven't even been given a clue why mc is constantly out of control. If you are going to write a flag, you can give hints in at least 30 chapters so that we want to read. However, when you extend it for 70 chapters, the reader gets bored. And Mc is constantly having problem after problem. Every chapter is a problem and it's pure luck that Mc got rid of those problems. And the problems are for no reason. The author is making trouble just so that Mc will have trouble. The Witch pathway is somewhat sensitive to danger. but Mc is not cautious at all. He either doesn't understand or doesn't care when there's a trouble. A novel with high potential became medicore because of the author. If you like lotm, you can read it to pass the time. The writing quality is not very good, if you are going to start, think well and start.

  3. I read up to chapter 130. Writing quality is slowly improving. Mc isn't as dumb as he used to be. But Mc turned into Saint. I don't like Ruthless characters. But I don't like saint characters. I'm not saying that he should kill for the slightest mistake, but he should take a bit of a murderous approach when someone maliciously targets himself more than once. Ordinary people or weaker people are constantly targeting him. The event can be solved easily, but the event that will be solved in 1 chapter by taking their lives, takes 10 chapters. If it's the first time he kill, I can understand his hesitation, but he's already killed 3-4 people. When his intelligence improved, he turned into an indecisive person. Don't get me wrong, I don't like culvation protagonists who kill their whole family at the slightest thing. But if someone comes to you with malicious intent, and in a world like Lotm, you have to be a little more determined. Look at Klein. Although he is a good person in general, he does not hesitate to kill. I hope it soon improve. If I change my mind when I catch the update, I will write it here again.

  4. Well, in the beginning of the chapter, he become an assassin not by drinking a potion, but by eating a raw beyonder charateristic

  5. Lol monyet ini baru buat fanfic lotm😂 Btw Aneh si apalagi mc yg sequence penyihir itu jdi gender gender Tapi ya udh banyak novel gender gender jga ini jdi anti maenstrim karna jalur sequence nya.. Tapi Tetep aneh jga karna ini novel fanfic lotm tapi sekali lagi ga banyak cerita fanfic lotm yg bagus blm lgi yg bikin masih sedikit Ada lhi satu yg bagus di situs cina mc jdi keluarga abraham trs hidup di era kaisar roselle blm jdi kaisar, jdi setengah dewa trs ketemu tn.door tapi progres nya lama ini gtau kapan alur cerita asli di mulai

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