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Lose From Poor God to Richest Man

3.3 (15 reviews)
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Résumé du Roman

Le pauvre dieu tapota l'épaule de Zhen Qiong et dit avec sérieux : « Bébé ! Il n'y a rien à manquer au monde, terminez rapidement le procès et revenez hériter de la position du père ! »

Zhen Qiong : « Père, ne vous inquiétez pas, je pourrai… »

Système : "Son Altesse Royale, votre investissement le plus récent a rapporté 10 milliards supplémentaires."

Qiongshen, Zhen Qiong : « ... »

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Titre Court:LPGRM
Titre Original:从穷神亏成首富
Auteur:Chen Meng San Tian
Weekly Rank:#2399
Monthly Rank:#2335
All Time Rank:#4366
Mots Clés:Business Management, Businessmen, Discrimination, Game Elements, Handsome Male Lead, Loyal Subordinates, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Modern Day, Nationalism, Racism, Son Of A God Protagonist, Sudden Wealth, System, System Administrator, Unlucky Protagonist, Wealthy Characters,
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14 Comments on “Lose From Poor God to Richest Man
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  1. Very inferior copy of losing money to become a tycoon. every chapter mc say he is son of god and he is higher than all people, i just want to punch him in the face. not to mention thing like making AAA game in 8 hour with god power bullshit at the start.

  2. Didn’t like that novel too, MC tries to lose money repeatedly only to make more…the plot is just to repetitive, like young masters appearing one after another 😅

  3. Its not like that repetitive... What people's (for someone like me or LMTBT fans) is not about the MC perspective (like he's raging, angry or unreasonable when making money), rather how the employees or external factors that makes it success and profiting for the company step by step..

  4. why the hell dropped novels are getting added. I have seen two other dropped novels added before, what is the point of reading a dropped novel because even if you like it, it will remain unfinished.

  5. Mmm can someone please recommend this novel in discord name :廢土種田就是要攢.....The mc travel throught a wasteland world/Nuclear apocalypse with system....

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