Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

I really just want to lose money! T_T Best boss ever, prodigy of the business world, genius creator, visionary of the century. These are the descriptions used for Pei Qian, President of Tengda Corporation. Ever since his rebirth, Pei Qian finds himself in possession of a system t.... Lire la suite

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~ End of this testimonial Chapitre 1673 The throne is empty (the finale) Chapitre 1672 The spirit of Tenda is endless! Chapitre 1671 Headquarters building Chapitre 1670 Supervise! Chapitre 1669 Thanks and arrangement Chapitre 1668 Choice of loss and profit Chapitre 1667 Settlement Chapitre 1666 Game of the Year! Chapitre 1665 Regret for Tengda Chapitre 1664 Maybe Tenda would be better without me? Chapitre 1663 Miraculous merger success

Chapitre 1662 "Milky Way" Chapitre 1661 Chaolu Game Editor Chapitre 1660 Doing more wool is the greatest support for Mr. Pei! Chapitre 1659 Play GG with laughter ~ Glory of the King's wonderful pen plan "Daotian Inn" is online now Chapitre 1658 It seems right, and it doesn't seem right Chapitre 1657 Capital never sleeps Chapitre 1656 Is the final judgment coming? Chapitre 1655 This is my original purpose Chapitre 1654 Picture poor see Chapitre 1653 All good works Chapitre 1652 The success or failure is left to God's will!

Chapitre 1651 As long as there is a dream Chapitre 1650 "The Future You Choose" movie Chapitre 1649 "My Property" Chapitre 1648 Decisive moment Chapitre 1647 1 cycle Chapitre 1646 The 2 cornerstones of the game made by Mr. Bae Chapitre 1645 Its heart is punishable Chapitre 1644 Lu Xiaoping's interpretation Chapitre 1643 Throne is empty Chapitre 1642 "Tengda has never had a true president" Chapitre 1641 Resistance Army Chapitre 1640 Game on sale

Chapitre 1639 Tenda will not confess itself! Chapitre 1638 Twin stars shine? Chapitre 1637 Awards Chapitre 1636 Tenda's road to immortality Chapitre 1635 "My Property" Chapitre 1634 Final plan Chapitre 1633 Cherish life and stay away from the navy! Chapitre 1632 Combination of game and reality Chapitre 1631 The navy leader lost contact Chapitre 1630 What's the matter with this clothing brand? Chapitre 1629 The game is good, but not fun? Chapitre 1628 Free 1 black manuscript

Chapitre 1627 Let's hire a navy! Chapitre 1626 "Tailored" Chapitre 1625 DoubtPRO glasses Chapitre 1624 Watching animals can make people happy Chapitre 1623 Cross talk Chapitre 1622 Bao Xu breaks the game witty Chapitre 1621 Who is it? Chapitre 1620 Visitors are asked to complete the challenge on their own, don't ask ghosts! Chapitre 1619 Magic Prison Internet Cafe and Drag Coffin Gym Chapitre 1618 On the surface, it's as stable as an old dog, but in fact... Chapitre 1617 Bao Xu's small request Chapitre 1616 Animal show by the staff

Chapitre 1615 Hero in the Bird Chapitre 1614 Opening of the zoo Chapitre 1613 The phone cases are out of stock? Chapitre 1612 Routers are selling crazy! Chapitre 1611 Empathy Chapitre 1610 Escort game "Dimensional Game Adventure" Chapitre 1609 This router comes with puzzle games Chapitre 1608 Everyone must have a unified style, this is the router! Chapitre 1607 It's really a router Chapitre 1606 Conference preparation Chapitre 1605 Expensive mobile phone case Chapitre 1604 The direction is wrong, the greater the ability, the greater the damage

Chapitre 1603 Kill the heart for murder? Chapitre 1602 Can't refute! Chapitre 1601 The deep connotation of the paper Chapitre 1600 Excellent paper Chapitre 1599 He's anxious he's anxious Chapitre 1598 Stop calling, I'm afraid Tenda will misunderstand Chapitre 1597 The undercover agent was commended! Chapitre 1596 Special rectification of the self-media industry Chapitre 1595 Wei Jinghui fell into a swing Chapitre 1594 It's all because of my feelings! Chapitre 1593 Where are we from? Chapitre 1592 Tenda is a good reputation!

Chapitre 1591 Questions in "Open Class for Entrepreneurs" Chapitre 1590 The lower grassroots activities ended successfully! Chapitre 1589 It feels like a ghost Chapitre 1588 Was it waiting for me to counterattack? Chapitre 1587 This company is totally incompatible with the spirit of Tenda Chapitre 1586 The whole army of the cooperation department strikes! Chapitre 1585 Arrange 1 undercover Chapitre 1584 Is it an undercover or a pervert? Chapitre 1583 The Tenda Cooperation Department formed a long line Chapitre 1582 You should look for Min Jingchao, right? Chapitre 1581 This operation plan seems to have changed my mind Chapitre 1580 Can you get off work on time?

Chapitre 1579 Soliciting opinions and 1 Yantang Chapitre 1578 Prescribe a prescription for Longyu Group Chapitre 1577 "Sleep Anran" office chat system Chapitre 1576 The haunted house program is intensified! Chapitre 1575 Chen Kangtuo's Return of the Dead! Chapitre 1574 Plan ahead Chapitre 1573 People without thought, he must worry about! Chapitre 1572 paper Chapitre 1571 Home delivery counterattack Chapitre 1570 Yu Ping'an sacrificed himself as an undercover agent! Chapitre 1569 The people in charge show their magic Chapitre 1568 President Pei can't wait to go to battle in person!

Chapitre 1567 Everyone can be the person in charge! Chapitre 1566 Fitness brain Chapitre 1565 Haoxiang Fitness's new routine Chapitre 1564 "Dimensional Game Adventure"! Chapitre 1563 The must-see way to live broadcast in Rabbit Tail Chapitre 1562 Dismantling the live broadcast platform routines! Chapitre 1561 The meaning behind the **** game Chapitre 1560 How to do the **** game? Chapitre 1559 What is the **** game of the game router? Chapitre 1558 I can't change this paper! Chapitre 1557 The thesis is finally completed! Chapitre 1556 Give up deterrence and welcome offense

Chapitre 1555 Online racing Chapitre 1554 We Tenda must rely on our true ability! Chapitre 1553 Let them continue to dig people! Chapitre 1552 Game router? Chapitre 1551 new phone Chapitre 1550 Chaolu game platform's new goal Chapitre 1549 Mr. Nie, which one are you guys from? Chapitre 1548 The retreat has achieved great results! Chapitre 1547 Nie Yunsheng's rescue Chapitre 1546 It turns out that the demonized description of President Pei is true Chapitre 1545 Invincible is the loneliest Chapitre 1544 The truth must be revealed to the world!

Chapitre 1543 Tenda's gaming empire Chapitre 1542 Corporate Credit Information Publicity System Chapitre 1541 Professional reporters are here again Chapitre 1540 Become standing in line with each other! Chapitre 1539 Too good to the wicked, too evil to the good Chapitre 1538 We are really not short of money! (Happy Dragon Boat Festival!) Chapitre 1537 Promote CG of "Milky Way" Chapitre 1536 Nie Yunsheng: I can do it too! Chapitre 1535 Found a potential game development company Chapitre 1534 Mr. Pei gradually became vigilant Chapitre 1533 The Anti-Tengda Alliance is stunned Chapitre 1532 All show their magical powers

Chapitre 1531 The people in charge take office Chapitre 1530 Work together to avenge Bao Xu Chapitre 1529 Chen Kangtuo's Retaliation Plan Chapitre 1528 A rare opportunity in 0 years! Chapitre 1527 Tenda is calling! Chapitre 1526 Going with the Chuji plan! Chapitre 1525 4 suspicious points requested by President Pei Chapitre 1524 The unique business model of Moyu takeaway Chapitre 1523 The birth of the column "Said by the person in charge" Chapitre 1522 The person in charge goes down to the grassroots level! Chapitre 1521 The big frame of the paper is here! Chapitre 1520 1 ruthless essay writing machine

Chapitre 1519 President Pei is in retreat? ! ~ Update later Chapitre 1518 President Pei’s turn to stone! Chapitre 1517 Check-in drill Chapitre 1516 Very good, but need to swap 1 time Chapitre 1515 "The Future You Choose"! Chapitre 1514 The villain is myself? Chapitre 1513 The most optimistic settlement cycle in history! Chapitre 1512 Tenda special office chat software! Chapitre 1511 We are united! Chapitre 1510 Tenda deceives too much! Chapitre 1509 Who is Mr. Bae's disciple? ?

Chapitre 1508 Doing things for President Pei 1 must be careful Chapitre 1507 The deep meaning of the first aid plan! Chapitre 1506 Notice 1 Charles in advance Chapitre 1505 Can't understand, but shocked! Chapitre 1504 This seems to be scolding myself? Chapitre 1503 Tailor simulator? Chapitre 1502 Clothing brand luxury! Chapitre 1501 Settlement Chapitre 1500 Card points spent the last money Chapitre 1499 Was recruited by Tenda! Chapitre 1498 Lu Mingliang is still too conservative Chapitre 1497 Have the high-speed rail tickets been reported by yourself?

Chapitre 1496 Turned into a personal performance by Lu Mingliang Chapitre 1495 Talking to the heroes! Chapitre 1494 Lip gun tongue sword Chapitre 1493 Invisible platform in the event Chapitre 1492 Please enter the urn Chapitre 1491 Guide public opinion Chapitre 1490 written request for leave Chapitre 1489 Turnaround brought by 1 box of Apples Chapitre 1488 Internet hot discussion! Chapitre 1487 Headwind Logistics is fearless! Chapitre 1486 Courier system upgrade, sorry Chapitre 1485 Express War 1 is imminent

Chapitre 1484 It’s not easy to fool the workers now Chapitre 1483 The acquisition plan begins! Chapitre 1482 Hit the workers' cheers Chapitre 1481 Group of 4 Chapitre 1480 Acquiring a finger company? Chapitre 1479 Teng and never forget the original intention, to achieve and benefit the world Chapitre 1478 The undercurrent of the finger company Chapitre 1477 These are all talents that Tenda urgently needs! Chapitre 1476 3 kinds of people are specially recruited! Chapitre 1475 Buy games and win discounts Chapitre 1474 Live test! Chapitre 1473 New car launch conference

Chapitre 1472 Darze and help the world Chapitre 1471 Zhao Xuming's good way Chapitre 1470 Kim Young's problem Chapitre 1469 Each of the 3 modes has fun! Chapitre 1468 Try it out Chapitre 1467 How does this look like a sequel to "Bullet Mark One"? Chapitre 1466 "Bullet Mark II" is on top! Chapitre 1465 The last straw that crushes ioi players Chapitre 1464 Lie down to win, not fish! Chapitre 1463 Operation strategy of "Bullet Mark II" ~ Briefly talk about the follow-up update schedule Chapitre 1462 Unbeatable holiday!

Chapitre 1461 Autopilot can't hang up and make money Chapitre 1460 Driver's second pair of eyes Chapitre 1459 Elegant and easy-going driver AEEIS Chapitre 1458 An unreal car? Chapitre 1457 It turns out that Yu Fei, I'm on the top? Chapitre 1456 President Pei’s Employer Chapitre 1455 Ten thousand blood books keep Yu Fei! Chapitre 1454 The three-fold pattern of "Ghost II"! Chapitre 1453 Please resign from Weibo! Chapitre 1452 Pole Front K One Chapitre 1451 Don’t perform animal shows, ask people to show Chapitre 1450 Preliminary plan

Chapitre 1449 You come to be the principal! Chapitre 1448 Zoo expedition Chapitre 1447 Home Group chooses to lie flat Chapitre 1446 Joe old wet power 10 feet Chapitre 1445 "Ghost II" opening CG Chapitre 1444 Could it be that Mr. Bae is targeting me? Chapitre 1443 Charity as understood by Mr. Pei Chapitre 1442 Is there a commercial element in charity? Chapitre 1441 The general direction of the paper Chapitre 1440 The video is not bad, who made it? Chapitre 1439 Award for Suffering Travel Chapitre 1438 A powerful new energy car company?

Chapitre 1437 Mr. Pei, Mr. Ma, what major event happened to this? Chapitre 1436 Various anchors stand out Chapitre 1435 Is this racing or health preservation? Chapitre 1434 Try to drift! Chapitre 1433 I hope Kong Lao can withstand 2 unscrupulous disciples Chapitre 1432 Mr. Kong will take you personally! Chapitre 1431 Ready to write a graduation thesis Chapitre 1430 Let them give us money! Chapitre 1429 What a huge market this is! Chapitre 1428 Why are you still restocking? Chapitre 1427 Pei’s propaganda method, false and true Chapitre 1426 Mr. Li will never let go of any soup

Chapitre 1425 Matchmaking Chapitre 1424 The boss of the driving school calls the insider! Chapitre 1423 Can they be so similar? Chapitre 1422 80 million dollars! Chapitre 1421 "The Successor" is sold domestically and re-exported? Chapitre 1420 From actor to actor to actor Chapitre 1419 It's a big profit! Chapitre 1418 Driving a big truck is so fun! Chapitre 1417 Attraction to head authors Chapitre 1416 Creative direction of inspiration class Chapitre 1415 Featured live broadcast function Chapitre 1414 It can indeed improve driving skills!

Chapitre 1413 Headshot in a car accident? Chapitre 1412 Do not drive with fatigue Chapitre 1411 Become a game of suffering Chapitre 1410 Subject 2 in the game? ! Chapitre 1409 A car accident full of educational warnings Chapitre 1408 Ye Zhizhou, this is to carve a boat for a sword Chapitre 1407 President Pei issued the command of the general attack! Chapitre 1406 Suffering travel and expansion is imminent Chapitre 1405 But it’s okay, every day, you can forgive Chapitre 1404 Apply for 10 million quota by yourself! Chapitre 1403 Animals can't stab me back, can they? Chapitre 1402 You can leave after paying off the debt

Chapitre 1401 Meng Chang's joys and worries Chapitre 1400 I will definitely be spurned! Chapitre 1399 I'm sorry, Teacher Choi! Chapitre 1398 Qian wants to delete posts and run away Chapitre 1397 Spent safely on January 13th! Chapitre 1396 Such an expensive and niche equipment? Chapitre 1395 Remote live broadcast conference Chapitre 1394 Short and slick "Alternative Academy" Chapitre 1393 Tenda's "automated" process Chapitre 1392 Promote separately! Chapitre 1391 Pei’s propaganda method teaching! Chapitre 1390 Drift, from entry to soil

Chapitre 1389 "Safe and Civilized Driving" peripheral samples Chapitre 1388 Then this person can only be Tian Mo Chapitre 1387 Who in Tenda fits best Tian Gongzi Chapitre 1386 The shops came naturally! Chapitre 1385 The new model of amusement park planned by Master Pei Chapitre 1384 New world famous paintings Chapitre 1383 This time, the champion skin should not be pitted, right? Chapitre 1382 It’s better to post Chapitre 1381 The second round of publicity plan is released Chapitre 1380 President Pei's vision and courage Chapitre 1379 1 thing a few 0 kilometers away Chapitre 1378 Meng Chang's formula won't work anymore

Chapitre 1377 Go to Meng Chang Chapitre 1376 The black draft came out Chapitre 1375 Can you do it again? Chapitre 1374 "Project Skylark" roller coaster experience Chapitre 1373 The speed is full for me! Chapitre 1372 We solved the propaganda resources by ourselves! Chapitre 1371 Buy a black draft! Chapitre 1370 New champion skin Chapitre 1369 ioi worst case Chapitre 1368 #Support FV team transformation GOG# Chapitre 1367 President Pei is invincible Chapitre 1366 1 traitor, what do you look like!

Chapitre 1365 The victory of Eric and Zhao Xuming Chapitre 1364 How did President Bae do it? Chapitre 1363 It's already full? Chapitre 1362 The key is connections! Chapitre 1361 Jingchao, Bao Xu greets you Chapitre 1360 Tailored for Qiao Liang's "2 Entering the Palace" Chapitre 1359 The promotion scheme of the ugliest superhero Chapitre 1358 Let's choose the split mode Chapitre 1357 The added value of suffering travel Chapitre 1356 Brother Bao, have to increase the price! Chapitre 1355 Min Jingchao's distress Chapitre 1354 Isn't this an erroneous person?

Chapitre 1353 Starbird Fitness also has an expansion Chapitre 1352 Episode planning Chapitre 1351 Mr. Pei's work efficiency is really high! Chapitre 1350 Very optimistic, so no promotion plan Chapitre 1349 Chixing Studio "Reality Service Department" Chapitre 1348 The Crisis Public Relations of Houjia Group Chapitre 1347 The mobile version of watching games! Chapitre 1346 How come Qiao's weakness is getting shorter and shorter Chapitre 1345 President Pei probably still has a back player! Chapitre 1344 Integrate the new model Chapitre 1343 Do you call this a game update plan? Chapitre 1342 The new pattern of sloth apartments

Chapitre 1341 There seems to be someone who fits Tian Gongzi’s personal settings... Chapitre 1340 I am not, I am not! Chapitre 1339 Tian Gongzi's Person Setting Chapitre 1338 The fundamental difference between game content and reality Chapitre 1337 Dissecting the root cause Chapitre 1336 Tian Gongzi has posted another video! Chapitre 1335 Home Group’s Caring Butler Service Chapitre 1334 Why isn't the promotion of such a good game strong? Chapitre 1333 This game is poisonous! Chapitre 1332 Show someone in the game Chapitre 1331 "Real Estate Agency Simulator" released Chapitre 1330 What kind of monsters are all of them

Chapitre 1329 Is such a high climbing wall suitable for me to climb? ~ Update later Chapitre 1328 ioi is getting hot! Go down again! Chapitre 1327 Meng Chang's other way to make money Chapitre 1326 Goal: unmanned island! Chapitre 1325 Old wet Joe won the lottery! Chapitre 1324 A lottery specially prepared for Qiao Lao Shi! Chapitre 1323 Pei’s promotion of Fatianke Popularity Marketing Method! Chapitre 1322 I just came over to take a program Chapitre 1321 Only Tenda can do Chapitre 1320 President Ma is really a man of temperament Chapitre 1319 Do you dare to water the group without finishing the game and the new book?

Chapitre 1318 Home Group seeks cooperation! Chapitre 1317 The relationship between work status and suffering travel Chapitre 1316 Tenda game 5th generation Chapitre 1315 Alone Better Together Chapitre 1314 I still don't give pointers Chapitre 1313 Suffering Travel Phase 2 Personnel Adjustment Chapitre 1312 Take Zhang Yuan off the list temporarily! Chapitre 1311 Application of the latest theoretical research results of the Human Resources Department Chapitre 1310 Mr. Zhang sings really well! Chapitre 1309 Choice of name Chapitre 1308 Game background Chapitre 1307 Complex "official truant" mechanism

Chapitre 1306 A Preliminary Study of Mr. Pei's Design Concept Chapitre 1305 Everyone in Tenda's designers Chapitre 1304 The story behind Tenda games Chapitre 1303 Ordinary employee Li Yada Chapitre 1302 Just be real! Chapitre 1301 Candidates for the promo Chapitre 1300 "Smart people" and "dumb people" Chapitre 1299 Service providers and middlemen Chapitre 1298 The meeting between Meng Chang and Tian Mo Chapitre 1297 President Pei 1 shot and hit his culprit again! Chapitre 1296 It turns out that President Pei's goal is ioi! Chapitre 1295 1 image profile of each live broadcast platform

Chapitre 1294 Linked to heat Chapitre 1293 Broadcast rights of the Global Invitational Chapitre 1292 Find the right entry point Chapitre 1291 "Real estate agency simulator" publicity preparation Chapitre 1290 Is Tenda Spirit going to be updated again? Chapitre 1289 Wrong outrageous formula Chapitre 1288 Tenda recruitment exam brochure Chapitre 1287 The confident Meng Chang is back! Chapitre 1286 Advertising space for suffering travel Chapitre 1285 Can cross borders! Chapitre 1284 1 grasshopper on a rope Chapitre 1283 Arrange 1 time for everyone in the project team!

Chapitre 1282 Tenda also has something annoying Chapitre 1281 No overtime? Chapitre 1280 Career setting Chapitre 1279 3 game modes Chapitre 1278 "Bullet Mark II" Classic Mode Chapitre 1277 Suffering Travel Promo Chapitre 1276 I can see the essence of Mr. Zhao at one glance Chapitre 1275 Mr. Pei’s 3-fold layout Chapitre 1274 The person who dumped the pot was poached? Chapitre 1273 All calculations Chapitre 1272 Wait for the bait Chapitre 1271 GOG skin price increase?

Chapitre 1270 Simple cloze Chapitre 1269 Project bonus? (I wish you all a Happy New Year!) Chapitre 1268 1 dare to send, 1 dare to receive Chapitre 1267 Design direction Chapitre 1266 "Bullet Mark II" Chapitre 1265 Onlookers learning Chapitre 1264 Mr. Pei’s Resignation Game Design Method Chapitre 1263 The person who knows the opponent best Chapitre 1262 Get together again Chapitre 1261 Mr. Zhao, don’t get cheap and sell well ~ To clarify a small matter, 1 will be deleted Chapitre 1260 Conditions of Longyu Group

Chapitre 1259 The design is successfully completed! Chapitre 1258 Operation mode and plot Chapitre 1257 Inspect the design of "Ghost II" Chapitre 1256 Competition agreement Chapitre 1255 Digging! Chapitre 1254 The basis of fighting games Chapitre 1253 Invite you to dinner! Chapitre 1252 Isn't anyone responsible? Chapitre 1251 Small adjustments to the journey of suffering Chapitre 1250 Hu Xianbin's careful thinking Chapitre 1249 We have masters in fighting games Chapitre 1248 Sloppy design

Chapitre 1247 "Ghost Two" Chapitre 1246 Yu Fei's crisis consciousness Chapitre 1245 "Looking Back" is finally free Chapitre 1244 The microphone expresses to give up resistance Chapitre 1243 Player: I want it all! Chapitre 1242 Hu Xianbin's new home Chapitre 1241 Current Status of Rabbit Tail Live Chapitre 1240 The event is online! Chapitre 1239 Cross-server chat Chapitre 1238 The fantasy of the gods is at the peak! Chapitre 1237 For good reputation Chapitre 1236 Accept it all!

Chapitre 1235 strict condition Chapitre 1234 It turns out that DLC can still do this! Chapitre 1233 It turned out to be a misunderstanding of President Pei! Chapitre 1232 The ending of "Eternal Fallen Reincarnation" Chapitre 1231 The lack of the spiritual core of "Forever Fallen Samsara"? Chapitre 1230 Useful APP direction Chapitre 1229 Preliminary plan for the building Chapitre 1228 Mission of the headquarters building Chapitre 1127 GOG and ioi linkage activities? Chapitre 1126 Accidentally hurt a good brother Chapitre 1225 Is the Pei’s propaganda law wrong? Chapitre 1224 Unique combat mechanism

Chapitre 1223 Forgive me to be paralyzed in bed Chapitre 1222 People in charge of suffering Chapitre 1221 Game platform taster system Chapitre 1220 Fall off the altar? Chapitre 1219 Mr. Pei’s "remedy" method Chapitre 1218 Something went wrong! Chapitre 1217 The magic sword is a scum! Chapitre 1216 This is called "War God"? ~ Release Notes Chapitre 1215 "Forever Fallen Reincarnation" CG Chapitre 1214 Mechanism and game connoisseur Chapitre 1213 Status of gaming platforms

Chapitre 1212 New Achievements of the Ma Lab Chapitre 1211 Come for another month! Chapitre 1210 Xiaosun picks up in person Chapitre 1209 "Eternal Fallen Reincarnation" demolished and developed! ~ About the surrounding Chapitre 1208 Who is Tian Gongzi? Chapitre 1027 Apply for follow-up investment! Chapitre 1206 Do your best! Chapitre 1205 The true meaning of "Chao Lu" Chapitre 1204 1 experiment Chapitre 1203 Finally got the commission Chapitre 1202 Just waiting for the fish to get the bait

Chapitre 1201 Special training base Chapitre 1200 Open more experience stores! Chapitre 1199 Meng Chang is so reassuring! Chapitre 1198 At first glance, it looks good, but in fact there are many problems Chapitre 1197 "Tian Gongzi" Chapitre 1196 Just let Meng Chang decide Chapitre 1195 The platform owner obviously doesn't understand games! Chapitre 1194 Malicious removal has occurred! Chapitre 1193 This must be hype! Fake data! Chapitre 1192 President Pei calls praise! Chapitre 1191 What a weird game platform Chapitre 1190 Trial operation caught off guard

~ Year-end testimonials Chapitre 1189 No game, no promotion! Chapitre 1188 bug exchange group Chapitre 1187 Choice of different game companies Chapitre 1186 Feihuang Studio, ready to go! Chapitre 1185 Bugs don’t work on weekends? Chapitre 1184 What will be the core point of the promotion plan? Chapitre 1183 Director Tang, this building is a treasured place of Feng Shui! Chapitre 1182 Persuaded to quit another company ~ Ask for a monthly pass! Chapitre 1181 This platform is not reliable, excuse me! Chapitre 1180 I'm not talented, and once worked as the master planner of Zangyang game

Chapitre 1179 The game platform officially started! Chapitre 1178 Create a special training base! Chapitre 1177 Suffer travel Chapitre 1176 Is this the magic Tenda? Chapitre 1175 Conceal the relationship with Tenda Chapitre 1174 Shovel Officer, attack! Chapitre 1173 Own gaming platform Chapitre 1172 The witty Hu Xianbin and Huang Sibo Chapitre 1171 Bao Xu's ultimate anti-kill Chapitre 1170 Find a replacement Chapitre 1169 Direct drive steering wheel solution Chapitre 1168 It's Mr. Pei's third favorite link again

Chapitre 1167 Excellent driving simulation game Chapitre 1166 "Safe and Civilized Driving" Chapitre 1165 Racing games! Chapitre 1164 Brainstorming Chapitre 1163 Settlement Chapitre 1162 Can't stop now! Chapitre 1161 A few golden leaves Chapitre 1160 3rd round of money burning plan Chapitre 1159 The new game "Real Estate Agency Simulator"! Chapitre 1158 I can't lose in the big money era Chapitre 1157 The next step in Chixing Studio? Chapitre 1156 2 directions of VR games

Chapitre 1155 Establish VR game specifications! Chapitre 1154 You call this a gym? Chapitre 1153 Starbird Fitness has a problem! Chapitre 1152 Give the boiler in the snow Chapitre 1151 This game is interesting! Chapitre 1150 Live "Animal Island VR" Chapitre 1149 It seems that Meng Chang has indeed reformed? ~ Ask for leave Chapitre 1148 "Win-win" between Meng Chang and Mr. Pei Chapitre 1147 After 28 months, another performance art... Chapitre 1146 Summary of Pei’s Propaganda Law Chapitre 1145 What if the actor insists on giving me a trick?

Chapitre 1144 Jingzhou Metro Line 7 Chapitre 1143 The terrible news that Eric brought Chapitre 1142 Old friend came to Jingzhou Chapitre 1141 "Naturally" invest in Starbird Fitness Chapitre 1140 Separately count, 1 discount and 1 no discount! Chapitre 1139 Didn't even find Qiao wet? Chapitre 1138 "VR Era Concept Video" Chapitre 1137 Meng Chang's Weibo Chapitre 1136 Clarification announcement Chapitre 1135 Why buy here? Chapitre 1134 Where did you hear the name of this gym? ~ Have a fever, ask for leave

Chapitre 1134 Fancy 1 house Chapitre 1133 Got it by 4 hands Chapitre 1132 Propaganda plan Chapitre 1131 Mr. Pei’s suggestion Chapitre 1130 Mini game of "Animal Island VR" Chapitre 1129 3 ways to move in VR games Chapitre 1128 VR glasses samples are out! Chapitre 1127 Dayak Group Traditional Arts Chapitre 1126 The big screen is not for this! Chapitre 1125 President Pei is still as indifferently as always Chapitre 1124 Li Shi's 3 Happy Linmen Chapitre 1123 Mr. Pei’s subtle layout

Chapitre 1122 The cold girl appeared again! Chapitre 1121 Don’t you guys watch the news? Chapitre 1120 Summer promotion activity preparation! Chapitre 1119 The cultural connotation of the snack market! Chapitre 1118 Snack market officially opened Chapitre 1117 The deep meaning of ultra-low pricing! Chapitre 1116 How come the fixed assets are as high as 270 million? Chapitre 1115 It turns out that the snack market and the snack street are two places? … Chapitre 1114 Price cut! Chapitre 1113 It was Bao Xu who injected the soul into the snack market! Chapitre 1112 The snack market will open soon! Chapitre 1111 Sexy President Pei, overturned online

Chapitre 1110 Let me teach you how to do the aftermath! Chapitre 1109 I will come in person next month! You study hard! Chapitre 1108 Unfortunately, it's not a leak Chapitre 1107 It's an Oolong! Chapitre 1106 Qiao was caught Chapitre 1105 Why did the salted fish stand up? Chapitre 1104 1 Must keep an eye on Joe old wet! Chapitre 1103 The closer you get to success, the less you can relax! Chapitre 1102 Mr. Pei's plan is always overwhelming! Chapitre 1101 Why does it look like a coin hedgehog? Chapitre 1100 Champion skin of FV team Chapitre 1099 Congratulations to the prisoners for joining GOG Family Bucket

Chapitre 1098 President Pei, look at sales from a higher level! Chapitre 1097 Even Tian Mo you want to dig? ? ~ These 2 days are too tired, I will add more tomorrow Chapitre 1096 Experience store's transparent service Chapitre 1095 Help Mumchang buy the navy Chapitre 1094 Mr. Pei’s good ideas are simply handy! Chapitre 1093 "Black under the lamp" weapon for truancy Chapitre 1092 Plan a brand new combat system for "Looking Back at the Shore"! Chapitre 1091 "Eternal Fallen Reincarnation" DLC Design Plan Chapitre 1090 Didn't Bae always give you a lesson? Chapitre 1089 President Pei, write me a copy! Chapitre 1088 Meng Chang's 3 non-stick principles

~ Ask for leave Chapitre 1087 Research is over! Chapitre 1086 President Pei still seems to be a little conscience! Chapitre 1085 Inspiration class work film and television program! Chapitre 1084 "Inspiration class" works! Chapitre 1083 Countermeasures of traditional express companies Chapitre 1082 Investment Tiantuan once again focused on the snack street Chapitre 1081 Big deal, let the food court turn a corner Chapitre 1080 Bad news again and again Chapitre 1079 Bulk purchase of smart fitness drying racks! Chapitre 1078 Li Shi decided to invest in a gym Chapitre 1077 Helping Mr. Pei really gained a lot!

Chapitre 1076 Lin Jiaqiang's video Chapitre 1075 Get a 1000-square-meter outdoor big screen! Chapitre 1074 The structure of the experience store Chapitre 1073 Everyone gives Tenda face! Chapitre 1072 New experience store location Chapitre 1071 Headwind Logistics' business development! Chapitre 1070 Current status of upwind logistics Chapitre 1069 Cooling solution Chapitre 1068 "Fitness Fight" VR version Chapitre 1067 President Pei is one step faster! Chapitre 1066 Moyu Internet Cafe Renovation: VR Experience Zone! Chapitre 1065 You have a good connection...

Chapitre 1064 Want to run with one flick? Chapitre 1063 God's wound healed automatically... Chapitre 1062 The scalpers are fooled! Chapitre 1061 I am so big and stock up? Chapitre 1060 How to help Tenda Chapitre 1059 commune Chapitre 1058 God will bleed too? Chapitre 1057 Tenda also secretly changed the probability? Chapitre 1056 The huge gap in the concepts of the two companies! Chapitre 1055 I don’t even have any strength to shed wool! Chapitre 1054 True probability and false probability Chapitre 1053 This lottery draws money!

Chapitre 1052 The meaning of artificial intelligence Chapitre 1051 Home delivery with clothes rack Chapitre 1050 It's right to have a lucky draw! Chapitre 1049 You are standing and standing again! Chapitre 1048 ioi mobile game online preparation Chapitre 1047 Can you refund at will? Chapitre 1046 The professional version and the normal version are basically two different games... Chapitre 1045 The mobile game crashed! Chapitre 1044 The movie key is extended for 2 months! Chapitre 1043 Purchase a drying rack to upgrade the professional content! Chapitre 1042 "Fitness Battle" opening plot Chapitre 1041 Could it be that President Pei broke the boat?

Chapitre 1040 Eric visits managed gym unannounced Chapitre 1039 The whole job is always professional Chapitre 1038 Clothes rack press conference! Chapitre 1037 515 Game Festival Chapitre 1036 The joint press conference of Finger Company and Longyu Group Chapitre 1035 The signal of a price war ~ Take a leave Chapitre 1034 Mr. Pei likes your promotion plan Chapitre 1033 The only problem is that the acting is too good Chapitre 1037 515 Game Festival Chapitre 1036 The joint press conference of Finger Company and Longyu Group Chapitre 1035 The signal of a price war

~ Take a leave Chapitre 1034 Mr. Pei likes your promotion plan Chapitre 1033 The only problem is that the acting is too good Chapitre 1032 Smart fitness drying rack publicity plan Chapitre 1031 Unique lottery mode Chapitre 1030 The charging mode of the fitness battle? Chapitre 1029 Smart fitness drying rack sample Chapitre 1028 A godsend opportunity in Eric's eyes Chapitre 1027 The mobile phone promotion plan will be cancelled immediately! Chapitre 1026 The offline store is not leaking! Chapitre 1025 The real fans are already choking their hands! Chapitre 1024 There is no Mr. Chang at the conference?

Chapitre 1023 Advantages or disadvantages first? Chapitre 1022 The content of the mobile conference Chapitre 1021 The rescuer is here again, the rescuer is down again! Chapitre 1020 Meng Chang gets the bottom salary again Chapitre 1019 Misunderstanding resolved! Chapitre 1018 Being late was caught by President Pei on the spot Chapitre 1017 Can't sell anything! Chapitre 1016 Relax standards Chapitre 1015 Recruitment methods of the sales department Chapitre 1014 The exclusive advantages of Tutail Live Chapitre 1013 Misunderstanding resolved! Chapitre 1012 Underworld BP Proof War

Chapitre 1011 "BP Proof Tournament" schedule Chapitre 1010 "Animal Island VR" Chapitre 1009 VR handle design Chapitre 1008 "BP Proof Game" Chapitre 1007 First week box office Chapitre 1006 Large experience store Chapitre 1005 Make a whole, small shot 40 million! Chapitre 1004 VR games Chapitre 1003 Chi Xing Studio Chapitre 1002 Shenhua game department will start soon Chapitre 1001 Tenda sales department guidelines Chapitre 1000 Sales responsibility

Chapitre 999 Entrusted with Chapitre 998 Mr. Tian Hei Dog Chapitre 997 Sales talent found on the street! Chapitre 996 3 life-saving straws Chapitre 995 Mr. Pei’s Way of Talent Training Chapitre 994 Tell Qiao the truth about Lao Shi Chapitre 993 Can't wait to build a monument for President Pei! Chapitre 992 Heavy industrial movies and games! Chapitre 991 "There is no eternal kingship" Chapitre 990 Huyou Linwan's correct posture Chapitre 989 Get a sales department! Chapitre 988 Qiao Liang's inspiration is here!

Chapitre 987 The confusing "War of Fantasy Remake" Chapitre 986 Gong (shuai) from the guiding light lamp, hi (g... Chapitre 895 1 new plan to send away Lin Wan ~ Explanation 1 Chapitre 984 Mr. Bae was spoiled? Chapitre 983 More substitutable than all RTS games! Chapitre 982 A distinctive RTS game Chapitre 981 Qiao Liang's unexpected joy Chapitre 980 Was shocked by this movie! Chapitre 979 The details come first! Chapitre 978 The last hole card left by President Pei! Chapitre 977 This is an unconventional publicity program!

Chapitre 976 The God Assist of Fanqi Media Chapitre 975 Meng Chang Chapitre 974 Exposed! Chapitre 973 1 photo of Meng Chang Chapitre 972 51 movies "The Battleship of the Angry Sea" Chapitre 971 Mr. Pei wanted to do something with me again, but luckily I saw it through! Chapitre 970 What are the disadvantages of video? Chapitre 969 Joe old wet new video Chapitre 968 The new artificial intelligence technology is perfectly blessed! Chapitre 967 "Leave a blank" interview style re-emerges Chapitre 966 If it were Mr. Pei, it would not be surprising! Chapitre 965 Interview with Qiu Hong

Chapitre 964 The publicity plan has begun to bear fruit! Chapitre 963 The technological breakthrough is complete! Chapitre 962 The release date of the game has been changed! Chapitre 961 News of the remake of "Fantasy War" Chapitre 960 ICL teams are all replaced with managed fitness! Chapitre 959 Artificial intelligence and games Chapitre 958 "Punma" Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Chapitre 957 Collection of domestic classic games Chapitre 956 The gap in interpretation is the gap in the company's realm Chapitre 955 It's the turn of the ICL official commentary! Chapitre 954 Cyberpunk snack street! Chapitre 953 "Revisiting classic domestic games" promotion plan

Chapitre 952 Meng Chang's imaginative publicity plan Chapitre 951 Meng Chang's new mission Chapitre 950 ICL official commentary list Chapitre 949 Bao Xu is back again! Chapitre 948 GPL officials are also looking for professional players to explain! Chapitre 947 Tutail Live is always the most professional! Chapitre 946 The interpretation level is high and the judgment is made! Chapitre 945 Complementation of snack market and cold noodle girl Chapitre 944 The person in charge of the snack market Chapitre 943 Unofficial stream commentary Chapitre 942 We were all pitted by Zhao Xuming! Chapitre 941 A large number of spoilers in the ICL league are dog infested!

Chapitre 940 "Stall 0 State: Episode 1" Chapitre 939 Preparing to build an artificial intelligence laboratory Chapitre 938 ICL also needs to copy real-time data Chapitre 937 The "sincerity" of various live broadcast platforms Chapitre 936 Ready for ICL broadcasting rights distribution! Chapitre 935 Fight for ICL broadcast rights! Chapitre 934 It was finally calculated by Pei! Chapitre 933 Small program for GPL live broadcast ~ Send 2 small red envelopes to everyone Chapitre 932 Rabbit Tail Live: A clear stream in the live broadcast industry! Chapitre 931 This wave is a win-win! Chapitre 930 Real number: less than 30,000

Chapitre 929 President Pei's precision strike! Chapitre 928 High-priced places in Beimi Division! Chapitre 927 Overseas league preparation plan Chapitre 926 GOG Overseas League Chapitre 925 Other live streaming platforms panic! Chapitre 924 Do you want to buy ICL exclusive broadcasting rights? Chapitre 923 Meng Chang's three thousand basic salary Chapitre 922 Benchmark to GPL standards! Chapitre 921 Eric is difficult to advance and retreat! Chapitre 920 The contrast between the two promotional videos is too obvious! Chapitre 919 2 promos Chapitre 918 ICL broadcast rights offer

Chapitre 917 Live broadcast platforms have followed up Chapitre 916 1 false alarm on other live streaming platforms Chapitre 915 It was finally calculated by Bae! Chapitre 914 Tuwei live broadcast goes live low-key! Chapitre 913 Change 2 mobile games Chapitre 912 Rabbit Tail live broadcast and useful apps Chapitre 911 Where should the promotional video of the stall start? Chapitre 910 "Butterfly breaking through cocoon" Chapitre 909 Meng Chang's new mission Chapitre 908 Go to super first-tier cities to buy a house! Chapitre 907 Zhao Xuming and Zhitou Company's wooing Chapitre 906 "SUCCESSOR/Successor" (6)

Chapitre 905 "SUCCESSOR/Successor" (5) Chapitre 904 "SUCCESSOR/Successor" (4) Chapitre 903 "SUCCESSOR/Successor" (3) Chapitre 902 "SUCCESSOR/Successor" (2) Chapitre 901 "SUCCESSOR/Successor" (1) Chapitre 900 "Comfortable 3 points" Chapitre 899 ioi mobile game version Chapitre 898 Development category + fitness game Chapitre 897 Fitness battle Chapitre 896 Work after finishing Chapitre 895 Target location: Pyramids and mummies! Chapitre 894 Best employee selection

Chapitre 893 ioi burning money war begins! Chapitre 892 Plan (successor two) Chapitre 891 "SUCCESSOR"/"The Successor" Chapitre 890 The unique mode of rabbit tail live broadcast Chapitre 889 President Pei made the decision Chapitre 888 Rabbit Tail Live Promotional Video Chapitre 887 The physical industry fully enters the first-tier cities Chapitre 886 Superhero theme story background Chapitre 885 Mr. Pei’s creative secrets Chapitre 884 Cui Geng and the Superhero Theme Chapitre 883 Professional equipment for "inspiration classes"! Chapitre 882 "Operation Skylark" design plan

Chapitre 881 Indoor roller coaster scheme Chapitre 880 New project of the Thriller Hostel Chapitre 879 The Cultural Perspective of "Mission and Choice" Chapitre 878 "Mission and Choice" ending Chapitre 877 Faith lasts forever Chapitre 876 Inspiration class for web authors Chapitre 875 End Chinese website buys out works Chapitre 874 It doesn’t matter if you lose Chapitre 873 500 million projects, don't care? Chapitre 872 Common sense in the workplace has been subverted Chapitre 871 The publicity effect is so good? Chapitre 870 Rabbit Tail Live

Chapitre 869 Old friend Eric is back Chapitre 868 Product positioning and detailed plan Chapitre 867 Structure of fitness drying rack Chapitre 866 Double shoulder key game phone Chapitre 865 Smart fitness drying rack Chapitre 864 New mission of OTTO technology Chapitre 863 Settlement Chapitre 862 Eric, make a comeback! Chapitre 861 The public relations crisis of the finger company! Chapitre 860 The timing is perfect! Chapitre 859 How exactly does President Pei make the bottom team reborn? Chapitre 858 Person-to-person transmission

Chapitre 857 The trophy is a bit light Chapitre 856 Fear of being dominated by heroes Chapitre 855 Wild Monster Harvester Chapitre 854 Was shaken! Chapitre 853 Heavy blow Chapitre 852 It feels like a game change! Chapitre 851 There is no way to target! Chapitre 850 Pei's game understands horror like this! Chapitre 849 Tactical game Chapitre 848 Score prediction Chapitre 847 Won face again, won again Chapitre 846 Apologize to the players!

Chapitre 845 Promotion Video Chapitre 844 People in Los Angeles, awards come from heaven Chapitre 843 Tengda Annual Meeting? Tenda recruitment advertisement! Chapitre 842 New annual meeting arrangements Chapitre 841 The people at AEEIS are too sucking! Chapitre 840 AEEIS can be exported both dirty and Chapitre 839 Smart bar lift with cargo Chapitre 838 The Surprising "Office Worker Survival Manual" Chapitre 837 Mr. Pei said, a little bit of detail Chapitre 836 Lao Ma's live results Chapitre 835 1 point higher than Ma Yang! Chapitre 834 Kill chickens and monkeys, shock Xiao Xiao

Chapitre 833 False boss and real boss Chapitre 832 Mr. Pei's 7 arrests and 7 longitudinals Chapitre 831 Meng Chang's Somersault Cloud, President Pei's 5 Finger Mountain Chapitre 830 Ways to improve the taste of grilled cold noodles Chapitre 829 Food consultant Chapitre 828 Mr. Li's inside information Chapitre 827 Mr. Pei's way of breaking the game! Chapitre 826 The audience guessed the wrong script Chapitre 825 Pancake selection Chapitre 824 Street Food Contest Chapitre 823 Give me a harsh criticism of the cold girl! Chapitre 822 Mr. Pei remembered the pot in advance

Chapitre 821 FV's tactical reserve ~ Leave, update at noon tomorrow Chapitre 820 Eric dormant Chapitre 819 Lifting bar mode is strong! Chapitre 818 Food stall competition? Chapitre 817 The incubation base has achieved initial results Chapitre 816 DLC Chapitre 815 DLC update for "Fortress of the Sea" Chapitre 814 New level of Pei's investment approach Chapitre 812 Cabbage price Chapitre 812 The cold-faced girl collapsed! Chapitre 811 Mobile phone system update

Chapitre 810 Sorry, the training session is full (big Chapitre 809 Three: zero hits Chapitre 808 Highlight 1 head iron Chapitre 807 The GPL spring season starts! Chapitre 806 Sloth Apartment Model Room Chapitre 805 Unique advantages in the knockout stage Chapitre 804 Upside down black and white Chapitre 803 Rumors about the cold girl's collapse Chapitre 802 Inexplicable 10 million knives! (Big Chapitre 801 Give me a whole life! Chapitre 800 The race is coming Chapitre 799 Professional data analysis

Chapitre 798 Sprayers, please increase your efforts! Chapitre 797 Across the street! Chapitre 796 Can you upgrade Chapitre 795 take off! Chapitre 794 Repeated investment Chapitre 793 The ultimate fantasy logistics team Chapitre 792 Nothing costly Chapitre 791 Sentenced! Chapitre 790 GPL Spring Competition Promo Chapitre 789 ioi national service special promotion video Chapitre 788 Mr. Li's investment approach Chapitre 787 Doomed Deduction

Chapitre 786 Hurry up and sell! Chapitre 785 Meng Chang's performance Chapitre 784 Male soldiers 0 million solution conquest clothing Chapitre 783 New world famous paintings Chapitre 782 Physical strength is undoubtedly revealed! Chapitre 781 Utilize the total manufacturing heat of Pei Chapitre 780 You continue to fight like this Chapitre 779 Mr. Pei, go to the meeting alone Chapitre 778 Is there something wrong? Chapitre 777 Status 0 out Chapitre 776 Visit the Imperial Capital Chapitre 775 Form a qualifying team

Chapitre 774 Whoever you like, just pick it! Chapitre 773 1 cycle Chapitre 772 Don't buy, just invest! Chapitre 771 Buy an ioi bottom team Chapitre 770 Mr. Pei's immediate means Chapitre 769 Out of the bag Chapitre 768 Also double tired?/a> ~ Ask for leave Chapitre 767 1 Tenda must not be wasted on old players! Chapitre 766 Easter Eggs: Traveler Bao Xu's Gift Chapitre 765 Game Update DLC Chapitre 764 Grilled cold noodles

Chapitre 763 Mr. Pei, this is a must! Chapitre 762 ESports Holy Land Chapitre 761 The team was demolished! Chapitre 760 Strong union Chapitre 759 ioi version update message Chapitre 758 Financial video conference Chapitre 757 Play with AEEIS Chapitre 756 1 Dragon-style professional planning service Chapitre 755 Is this heaven Chapitre 754 Incubation space officially opened Chapitre 753 ioi national costume picker Chapitre 752 Tenda does not need spiritual building!

Chapitre 751 Pei fishing Chapitre 750 Need to adjust the Tenda mental test questions Chapitre 749 Has Tenda's spirit been upgraded? Chapitre 748 Sloth Apartment New Building Chapitre 747 "Reinforcement is coming" Chapitre 746 Former battle Chapitre 745 ‘Realistic Elements’ Simulation Training Chapitre 744 Mr. Pei's advice Chapitre 743 Design scheme of intelligent bar lift Chapitre 742 The bar is a little bit up Chapitre 741 First edition of AEEIS Chapitre 740 3 questions

Chapitre 739 Spying intelligence Chapitre 738 GPL venue preparation ~ Push Chapitre 737 Equip the horse chief with bodyguards Chapitre 736 1 warning from President Bae Chapitre 735 Questions from President Ma Chapitre 734 Correct answer Chapitre 733 1 small step for routine Chapitre 732 Investment Conference Chapitre 731 Independent game incubation base Chapitre 730 Independent game producer Chapitre 729 GPL League System Planning

Chapitre 728 Designated financial supervisor Chapitre 727 1 let the dream burn! Chapitre 726 Internet + cold noodles Chapitre 725 "Cold Girl" Chapitre 724 Tenda's terrible appeal Chapitre 723 It's a flying fortune! Chapitre 722 How can I raise Mr. Bae's 1 hand? Chapitre 721 Auction venue Chapitre 720 Revised Tenda Spirit Test Chapitre 719 Tengda Entry Test Supplementary Book Chapitre 718 Another one-year recruitment season Chapitre 717 President Ma, began to "carry goods"!

Chapitre 716 President Bae is so cruel Chapitre 715 A small amount of subtotal, another 10 million Chapitre 714 Mr. Lin: Give me the whole one! Chapitre 713 Mr. Li: Buy 2 first! Chapitre 712 Mr. Pei took the initiative to increase the price by 1 million! Chapitre 711 The psychological price of the club Chapitre 710 Mr. Pei's psychological battle! (Happy birthday to my wife!) Chapitre 709 Mr. Pei's "Tai Chi" Chapitre 708 E-sports club boycott Chapitre 707 Just give the old horse the pressure Chapitre 706 Poetry master AEEIS Chapitre 705 Still rely on Mr. Pei's personal charm!

Chapitre 704 Start of "Useful APP" Chapitre 703 Tengda Ma, bringing goods in reverse Chapitre 702 Less routine, more sincerity Chapitre 701 E-sports Division Chapitre 700 Regulation of e-sports environment Chapitre 699 Charcoal in the snow Chapitre 698 Invest in Cherry Studio Chapitre 697 Status of the sloth apartment Chapitre 696 Interested investors! Chapitre 695 Ma guides come back Chapitre 694 Investment policy Chapitre 693 The test of acting

Chapitre 692 Start shooting Chapitre 691 President Ma has started to distribute coins Chapitre 690 Yugong Yishan's workload Chapitre 689 Useful APP Chapitre 688 Fully automatic evolution of automatic lifting machine! Chapitre 687 Intelligent voice assistant AEEIS Chapitre 686 Let the old horse become a celebrity! Chapitre 685 Summary of the story: Action destined to fail Chapitre 684 The set of "Mission and Choice" Chapitre 683 Poor plan Chapitre 682 Linkage with "Fortress of the Sea" DLC Chapitre 681 Qiu Hong is the best candidate

Chapitre 680 Lucky and sad Chapitre 679 Guess your decision Chapitre 678 The script is almost 100 million Chapitre 677 8 cents across the sea Chapitre 676 Make all the mistakes you can make once Chapitre 675 National Travel Disgrace: "Mission and Choice" Chapitre 674 Teacher He refers to the road lantern Chapitre 673 Settlement Chapitre 672 Pei's special business model Chapitre 671 Tenda Group slogan Chapitre 670 DGE Club is not saved! Chapitre 669 DGE's talent gap

Chapitre 668 The champion always belongs to DGE! Chapitre 667 500 million does not matter Chapitre 666 Refer to Pei as a horse? Chapitre 665 1 thank you letter Chapitre 664 Mr. Bae will always be one level higher than what we see! Chapitre 663 Qiao Laoshi decided to move! ~ Explode 20,000 words for a ticket Chapitre 662 I am my own stand-in Chapitre 661 Tenda Spirit Manual Chapitre 660 1 nonsense! Chapitre 659 Mr. Pei on the 5th floor Chapitre 658 Consumerism and IQ Tax

Chapitre 657 Everything you need to know outside of Struggle Chapitre 656 1 clue Chapitre 655 "Living here does not improve your thinking skills" Chapitre 654 Death Notice and Precise Patching Chapitre 653 New world famous paintings Chapitre 652 The philosophical significance of the bar lift Chapitre 651 1 better interview location Chapitre 650 Someone posted the video in 1 step Chapitre 649 There are 9 more people like me Chapitre 648 Global Invitational Chapitre 647 Teacher He's last lesson Chapitre 646 Qiao Laoshi refused to withdraw from the battlefield!

Chapitre 645 The highest artistic peak of domestic stand-alone games Chapitre 644 "Struggle" is a textbook for game producers Chapitre 643 Let Joe Lao get nowhere Chapitre 642 He An's 4 theories failed to match 1 ~ The burst is over, beg the monthly ticket! Chapitre 641 I have no doubt about it Chapitre 640 "con man" Chapitre 639 False Propaganda and Exquisite Pricing in Struggle Chapitre 638 "Struggle", a breakthrough in expression of thought Chapitre 637 We are all willing to move to Jingzhou! Chapitre 636 Tell them what they did! Chapitre 635 What will President Bae do?

Chapitre 634 Tribute to all genuine users (this Chapitre 633 Qiu Hong's last lesson Chapitre 632 Huang Wang is back! Chapitre 631 Water does not have to be deep Chapitre 630 Visiting Mr. Pei's house Chapitre 629 Unexpected neighbor Chapitre 628 Do you know where you are from Mr. Pei? Chapitre 627 Controversy over the sloth apartment model Chapitre 626 So where should I rent it? Chapitre 625 If you are tired, you might as well be a sloth Chapitre 624 Mr. Pei's "蹭" tactic Chapitre 623 President Pei broke the vicious circle of zero-sum games

Chapitre 622 Mr. Pei's kindness is in his heart Chapitre 621 Bargain on transfer fees Chapitre 620 Horse guided professional brush field teaching Chapitre 619 East African Death Tour Chapitre 618 Outstanding employee selection Chapitre 617 Sentence-based "struggle" propaganda plan Chapitre 616 Consolidation Competition Chapitre 615 Mr. Pei personally brought goods for the takeaway fish! Chapitre 614 How does this food box sell in the news? Chapitre 613 Past and Present of Touch Fish Takeaway Chapitre 612 Concept of Tenda Life APP Chapitre 611 ZZ Cup Competition

Chapitre 610 3rd largest comic company Chapitre 609 Receive up to 3 sponsors Chapitre 608 Go to Times Square and pack 1 street! Chapitre 607 Sponsorship fee Chapitre 606 I can consider lending your private jet Chapitre 605 "newborn" Chapitre 604 Sloth Apartment Documentary ~ Ask for a ticket Chapitre 603 Poor multinational company is being played by CEO Pei Chapitre 602 Earn 500 million in blood! Chapitre 601 Mr. Bae is furious. Chapitre 600 ioi national service agency? Resolutely do not sell!

Chapitre 599 Microbial waste disposer Chapitre 598 Is this also the prediction of President Pei? Chapitre 597 Garbage classification Chapitre 596 Nirvana of failed experience Chapitre 595 What went wrong? Chapitre 594 Large Whip Corpse Scene Chapitre 593 He An: 3 levels to meet demand Chapitre 592 Healing the traumatic trauma of the team members with food Chapitre 591 Dust for the DGE Club Chapitre 590 Abandoning "The Works of God" Chapitre 589 Tenda Life APP Chapitre 588 Queuing problem

Chapitre 587 Unique 1 without 2 horror experience Chapitre 586 Toller Qiao Liang Chapitre 585 "Shi · He" Operation Concept Chapitre 584 Lonely expressor Chapitre 583 This world is crazy! Chapitre 582 Step by step in the horror experience Chapitre 581 "Ultimate horror"! Chapitre 580 My Joe is wet and not weaker than anyone! Chapitre 579 Mr. Pei's Secret Heart Chapitre 578 themed restaurant Chapitre 577 This person cannot be judged by common sense Chapitre 576 Mr. Pei's friends are my friends!

Chapitre 575 "Extreme Escape" Chapitre 574 Good news, the largest haunted house in Jingzhou has opened! Chapitre 573 Horse guidance, we meet each other! Chapitre 572 Otherwise, Ma guides you to play 1 game? Chapitre 571 Collapsed club image Chapitre 570 DGE e-sports club, bad visitors! Chapitre 569 Finally, it is necessary to prove that Xueba is coming soon as a failed project ... Chapitre 568 Don't tell the good news again 2 times! Chapitre 567 Instant Backstab No CD Chapitre 566 Amazing hostel completed Chapitre 565 Two aspects of Mr. Bae's conflict Chapitre 564 Speech on the concept of wealth

Chapitre 563 Such a publicity plan is complete! Chapitre 562 Help Pei propagate 1 Chapitre 561 Mr. He, borrow your good words! Chapitre 560 Don't talk about Tenda case today Chapitre 559 Zhang Zuting's hand Chapitre 558 To apply for funds for Zhang Yuan Chapitre 557 Over-reading finally worked 1 time Chapitre 556 Tell you 1 inside news Chapitre 555 Going back, there is no wind or rain Chapitre 554 Anonymous Mr. Ma Chapitre 553 Excuse me, how to stop the loss of Internet cafes? Chapitre 552 Fake the decree in my presence? ?

Chapitre 551 1 surprise after 2 hours Chapitre 550 Lobbyist Bao Xu Chapitre 549 Congratulations on entering Pei's thinking field Chapitre 548 Touching Fish Internet Cafe walked in front of President Pei Chapitre 547 I predicted the direction of President Pei! Chapitre 546 It's our turn to copy Wang's answer! Chapitre 545 Tengda, you can run the monk can't run the temple! Chapitre 544 Tricks for 觞 洋 游戏 Chapitre 543 This is in line with President Pei ’s expectations for Mingyun's personal chef Chapitre 542 Boiled cabbage Chapitre 541 Foreign customers of Mingyun Private Kitchen Chapitre 540 This account cannot be used in the future

Chapitre 539 The game can lose, you have to die 10 times Chapitre 538 Found a way to stab Ruan Guangjian! Chapitre 537 Bae always lets us work together regardless of each other! Chapitre 536 Is still a family apprentice 4 wall style! Chapitre 535 Buying a property and picking up trash Chapitre 534 This is all based on accurate speculation on the character of President Pei! Chapitre 533 3 failed experiences Chapitre 532 President Pei's gym model solves the pain point of the industry! Chapitre 531 Well spoken, why curse me? Chapitre 530 Teacher He, you are my guiding light! Chapitre 529 Why didn't you get Golden Palm? Chapitre 528 Golden maze

Chapitre 527 Let's congratulate Fei Huang for Fei Huang Studio Chapitre 526 Awards after 11 years! Chapitre 525 Mr. Pei, you are watching, but you are pretending to be indifferent. Chapitre 524 The payroll system has achieved initial success Chapitre 3 Skyburst is more than 55,000 words, just 2 sentences Chapitre 523 President Bae, not only one side Chapitre 522 This is a snack for President Pei. Chapitre 521 Make a note of Tenda spirit Chapitre 520 New training schedule Chapitre 519 The new coach is so cute but has a bit of strength Chapitre 518 A numerical problem in Struggle Chapitre 517 Full automatic bar lifter, mass production!

Chapitre 516 Mr. Pei's "Dan Shu Iron Coupon" Chapitre 515 Implicit friendship between President Pei and Brother Ruan Chapitre 514 Moving the studio to Jingzhou was the most correct decision! Chapitre 513 Traveler Bao Xu Chapitre 512 Jin Yiwei's first regular meeting Chapitre 511 No.1 Fish Takeaway Chapitre 510 Mr. Pei's New Home Chapitre 509 See the scenery from the heights with President Pei, and you will understand Chapitre 508 Why did President Pei kill a chicken with a bull knife? Chapitre 507 Lessons of failed experience Chapitre 506 Almost ready to open a branch! Chapitre 505 Mr. Ma killed zero to twenty-eight

Chapitre 504 Back to the familiar place Chapitre 503 Teacher He, can you share the failed experience? Chapitre 502 Counterattack's counterattack Chapitre 501 Mr. Pei's Mind Map Chapitre 500 The standards of good employees are lowered Chapitre 499 I knew there was no wrong person! Chapitre 498 Cultivate a team of deeds ~ Simply talk about the update schedule next month Chapitre 497 Your reasoning skills are truly amazing Chapitre 496 I can't figure out your true level Chapitre 495 Who dares to teach President Pei? Chapitre 494 GOG Creative Community

Chapitre 493 Is it pointing or not? Chapitre 492 DGE Gaming Club Chapitre 491 You missed 1 hidden condition Chapitre 490 Crowdfunding for games Chapitre 489 Encourage divisional shoveling officer and Jin Yiwei commander Chapitre 488 House apprentice 4 wall wind Chapitre 487 Is it a victory? Chapitre 486 Sloth Apartments Additional Services Chapitre 485 1 eligible architect Chapitre 484 I want this building! Chapitre 483 The magical "sunset" apartment Chapitre 482 What is shock therapy

Chapitre 481 Chief Pei's vision and strategy Chapitre 480 Tai Chi Guru Ruan Guangjian Chapitre 479 Is this some kind of daily exercise? Chapitre 478 Let me change this industry! Chapitre 477 Don't you listen to 1 first? Chapitre 476 Managed Fitness Chapitre 475 Take Joe's old wet road and leave him nowhere to go ~ Some big guys made interactive videos based on "Game Producer" Chapitre 474 "Kneeling in Reality" Game: Struggle Chapitre 473 Mr. Lin changed his mind Chapitre 472 Abdicated Chapitre 471 Settlement

Chapitre 470 Shock now! Chapitre 469 Interpretation of great success! Chapitre 468 Tenda Cornerstone Award Chapitre 467 I'm not bad either Chapitre 466 President Pei 1 thinks that things will change Chapitre 465 Good words ca n’t save the goddamn Chapitre 464 Mr. Pei is testing you! Chapitre 463 Should have been a good day Chapitre 462 This is also in line with the legal retirement age in our country. Chapitre 461 This is the friendship between President Pei and Brother Ruan! Chapitre 460 Moved in so soon? ? ? Chapitre 459 President Pei, you also said that you would not invest!

Chapitre 458 Master Pei's skill in turning stone into gold Chapitre 457 The painstaking and proud of the producer Chapitre 456 Feng Shen Zhi Zuo Issue 3 Chapitre 455 Start to spread coins Chapitre 454 Sorry, President Pei, you have to wait a bit Chapitre 453 Mr. Bae is really strict Chapitre 452 Mr. Bae's true intentions Chapitre 451 Rescue came, rescued down! Chapitre 450 Meteor Journey Chapitre 449 Here comes the savior! Chapitre 448 Games Chapitre 447 1 unattended, 5 million more

Chapitre 446 President Pei, how do you spend these 20 million? Chapitre 445 He Desheng Chapitre 444 Content in the input box Chapitre 443 New password Chapitre 442 Can it only be mass produced with tears? Chapitre 441 Mr. Pei's Psychology Chapitre 440 This conference is so interesting Chapitre 439 Opening of the conference Chapitre 438 1 password Chapitre 437 1 person is not worth playing this game Chapitre 436 Where I fall from, I roll Chapitre 435 Focus on the shortcomings of our mobile phones!

Chapitre 434 First Chinese Record Chapitre 433 OTTOE one Chapitre 432 Swordsman Modist Chapitre 431 Interview with Lu Zhiyao: Your Help Chapitre 430 Pride that only Tenda employees understand Chapitre 429 There is 1 website, as stable as an old dog! Chapitre 428 President Pei, do you still sell the shares? Chapitre 427 Change film review Chapitre 426 remedy Chapitre 425 Mr. Bae was moved to cry Chapitre 424 Movie release Chapitre 423 Row proportion

Chapitre 422 Entering the sinking market is really high! Chapitre 421 How to sell is a problem Chapitre 420 Mr. Li's Abacus Chapitre 419 Wu Bin's 16 Word Mantra Chapitre 418 President Pei in Good Times Chapitre 417 Gaming Club Chapitre 416 This question already has the correct answer! Chapitre 415 Go to work early? It's against you! Chapitre 414 Mr. Bae shouldn't avenge it, right? Chapitre 413 New year blessing Chapitre 412 Happy new year Chapitre 411 Best Employee Selection

Chapitre 410 0 Overtime Competition Selection Chapitre 409 The spiritual wealth contained in Tenda spirit! Chapitre 408 Dismiss investors Chapitre 407 One more reason to move to Jingzhou! Chapitre 406 Surprise parting for Ruan Guangjian Chapitre 405 1 little thing, already busy Chapitre 403 What exactly happened in the past week? Chapitre 402 How to thank President Pei Chapitre 401 Tailored positions Chapitre 400 "Butterfly Game" Chapitre 399 Bitch can teach! Chapitre 398 Ingenious Tenda spirit learning

Chapitre 397 Different lives Chapitre 396 Struggle for 1 nest! Chapitre 395 Danger! Chapitre 394 Mr. Pei was threatened? Chapitre 393 Movie flight ~ Made a public account Chapitre 392 No one is allowed to leave, I treat you! Chapitre 391 Who else! Chapitre 390 Pigeons from the net Chapitre 389 No. 1 student Chapitre 388 President Bae, I understand. I ’m not a 3-year-old. Chapitre 387 0 Overtime Competition

Chapitre 386 Frequent situation Chapitre 385 Finishing Web Course Chapitre 384 What to draw Chapitre 383 Artist hand painted phone booth Chapitre 382 You call this a phone booth? Chapitre 381 I am timid, Ruan Guangjian Chapitre 380 Advertising in the movie Chapitre 379 My only requirement is to hope that it can be dismantled by 1 point. Chapitre 378 What is venture capital Chapitre 377 Seems like there is no room to "dial" Chapitre 376 Haunted house preliminary plan Chapitre 375 Who makes money, who spends it

Chapitre 374 The first thorn in 2011! Chapitre 373 Halo played a role Chapitre 372 Don't blame me for being cruel! Chapitre 371 The culprit or myself? Chapitre 370 Coin Hedgehog Chapitre 369 What is Tenda Spirit Chapitre 368 Epiphany about Tenda Spirit Chapitre 367 President Li's cooperation proposal Chapitre 366 The staying power of 1,024 Digital Festival! Chapitre 365 Must-Have People Chapitre 364 "Think more" Chapitre 363 Heartbroken schedule

Chapitre 362 Camera operation! Chapitre 361 Tenda didn't treat me as an outsider! Chapitre 360 This test question ... there is a problem! Chapitre 359 Annual conference theme Chapitre 358 New employee handbook Chapitre 357 Advertising Chapitre 356 You do n’t raise his child! ~ It's going to be updated at night Chapitre 355 General Pei's intention to guess the difficult version (6,000 words) Chapitre 354 President Pei has a deep meaning in this process! Chapitre 353 Mr. Ma is not a dish, just targeted by the game mechanics Chapitre 352 People are more mad than people

Chapitre 351 ot box Chapitre 350 Evaporation on earth? ? ? Chapitre 349 I was fine before I came here Chapitre 348 Caught the dog Chapitre 347 I want to vote for the most unseen project! Chapitre 346 Decided, I will move the studio to Jingzhou! Chapitre 345 The big pendulum is so fun! Chapitre 344 How does President Pei know that I like to play this? Chapitre 343 This is definitely not easy! Chapitre 342 Secretly overtime Chapitre 341 Acting from 1 can of beer Chapitre 340 Guardian of Justice: Modist

Chapitre 339 Encourage teachers to "yintang" Chapitre 338 How can we be superstitious about this metaphysics? Chapitre 337 Share 1 job search experience? Chapitre 336 Donations to poor students Chapitre 335 Is this script tailor made? Chapitre 334 Box office poison! Chapitre 333 Duties of Director Lin Chapitre 332 Screenplay finalized: "Better tomorrow" Chapitre 331 Tenda spirit fit test Chapitre 330 Multiplayer horror game "BEQUIET"! Chapitre 329 A standardized process for guessing Pei's general intention Chapitre 328 The finalized gameplay was completely overturned

Chapitre 327 Then I'll have a GOG too! Chapitre 326 fast! Mr. Pei fainted! Chapitre 325 3 logos Chapitre 324 Outu Technology ~ Minor changes Chapitre 323 We are all dreamers! Chapitre 322 Fan Shenhua! Chapitre 321 President Pei, I'm your fan! Chapitre 320 Is hr so ​​unprofessional now? Chapitre 319 I need an investment consultant who does not provide any investment advice ... Chapitre 318 Circle Dream Ventures ~ Briefly explain a few questions

Chapitre 317 It will definitely be a masterpiece! Chapitre 316 Director Pei's script Chapitre 315 Tenda's recruitment criteria Chapitre 314 Recruitment mailbox burst! Chapitre 313 The perfect script for the return of all poisons! Chapitre 312 My employees have learned to answer Chapitre 311 Mobile phone business, whoever you are! Chapitre 310 1 new direction! Chapitre 309 This is the ultimate humane care! ~ Open Letter Inspired by Book Review by Enthusiastic Readers: President Pei Angrily Exhorts Ministers Chapitre 308 A letter from President Bae Chapitre 307 Wealth Conversion System II. Zero

Chapitre 306 Settlement Chapitre 305 No one knows who I am, but there are always me on the rivers and lakes ... Chapitre 304 The existence of 1 "invisible man" Chapitre 303 Interview with Huang Sibo Chapitre 302 New interview method: Leave blank Chapitre 301 Why did the lottery sneak? ? Chapitre 300 Bao Xu, you will be the leader in the future! Chapitre 299 President Pei was hardened into an acting school by life. Chapitre 298 The interviewer and the interviewee reached a tacit agreement Chapitre 297 Your deep thoughts are like the brilliant galaxy in the sky Chapitre 296 What is a professional reporter? ~ Take a wedding leave

Chapitre 295 Mr. Pei, there is your personal 100,000 yuan bonus Chapitre 294 Keep the money yourself, don't transfer it back to me! Chapitre 293 0 wrong, it's all Mr. Pei's fault Chapitre 292 Fortunately, I found it early! ~ Sorry, it's late Chapitre 291 Label the host Chapitre 290 Media ratings refreshed Chapitre 289 Wait for a better time Chapitre 288 WeneedEnglish! ~ Update during the day, no need to wait at night Chapitre 287 You have to take the initiative to worry about Mr. Pei. Chapitre 286 Link with the game 1

Chapitre 285 Where did the new readers come from? Chapitre 284 Break the dimension wall game! Chapitre 283 President Pei, rest assured, I'm here to escort! Chapitre 282 Hurry up and arrange your funeral Chapitre 281 Everything is under the control of President Pei! Chapitre 280 I give you 1 Purdue! Chapitre 279 Is this weapon too deep? Chapitre 278 Uncomfortable Joe Old Wet Chapitre 277 1 industry that will inevitably dismiss Lin Wan! ~ The 1st "Return to the Shore" Reader Poetry Competition Exhibition Chapitre 276 Who do you look down on? Yeah! Chapitre 275 Marines perfectly mixed into the comment area

Chapitre 274 The sailors are all stunned Chapitre 273 Ask me for my pockets, and I'm just a fan of the system. Chapitre 272 As long as the reason is good, you are not afraid that the system will not report Chapitre 271 Suggestion for horse 1 herd Chapitre 270 Joe old wet, you can't post videos Chapitre 269 Brother and Sister Love Chapitre 268 The key is to be fast Chapitre 267 Hope it can be an example for all page games! Chapitre 266 This game does n’t earn much, it ’s 5 million a month Chapitre 265 Think of this as black rice! Chapitre 264 Mr. Pei, who knows that the "Blood War Song" is on fire, should be very ... Chapitre 263 It's like a daughter treatment!

Chapitre 262 How did the epitaph change? Chapitre 261 Bao Xu: I am autistic, please do not disturb Chapitre 260 Good friends are neat Chapitre 259 Touch Fish Internet Cafe enters the second stage! Chapitre 258 Could it be my pot? Chapitre 257 You will always be a friend of Mingyun Villa! Chapitre 256 Pei's theory of balanced relativity Chapitre 255 Page game changed to mobile game, officially launched! Chapitre 254 Fortune has arrived Chapitre 253 Director Tie Tie Lin and happy CEO Pei Chapitre 252 This game doesn't seem to be saved Chapitre 251 Mr. Bae finally estimated it once

Chapitre 250 Fixed the bug that the speed of the vertical knife is too fast Chapitre 249 TPDb score Chapitre 248 Listen modestly to Joe's wet opinions Chapitre 247 Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance? Chapitre 246 The shop is small and has many rules Chapitre 245 Is there a shop that the promoter didn't find? Chapitre 244 Qiao Lao's wet doubts disappeared Chapitre 243 Happiness is indeed comparable Chapitre 242 Solving worries for Qiao Laoshi Chapitre 241 Meet each other? Chapitre 240 No explanation Chapitre 239 Fortunately, my assistant took note of the location

Chapitre 238 I can't suffer alone Chapitre 237 Where there is irrationality, there must be deep meaning Chapitre 236 "Purdu" Chapitre 235 Chief Pei's Exclusive Weapon Chapitre 234 Mr. Bae's performance time? Chapitre 233 Wrong reasoning, right conclusion Chapitre 232 "One Day of the Great Inventor" Chapitre 231 The legendary sailor Chapitre 230 New bonus distribution method Chapitre 229 Hello everyone, I ’m fried pork trotters Chapitre 228 Once you take a picture, the taste will change Chapitre 227 Invite Zhang Zuting to Jingzhou

Chapitre 226 See also President Li Chapitre 225 Mr. Pei's attitude Chapitre 224 Mingyun Private Chef ~ Update is late, do n’t wait Chapitre 223 Feihuang Studio's New Goal Chapitre 222 Headwind Station opens Chapitre 221 How can this man show revenge! Chapitre 220 The local tyrant smashed Shenhua N Seven because of ... Chapitre 219 My employees are overly humble, despite their unique skills Chapitre 218 Cry with tears Chapitre 217 The style of our restaurant is changeable! Chapitre 216 Calculation method of fixed assets

Chapitre 215 Hardcore reviewers dug Chapitre 214 Mr. Pei and Brother Nguyen are really good friends. Chapitre 213 Fully in line with Pei ’s expectations Chapitre 212 New version of the ship that was not saved in the introduction 4 Chapitre 211 President Pei is going against the sky! ~ Ask everyone a question, delete it in 2 days Chapitre 210 Where is the restaurant? Already set Chapitre 209 Seems like ... not expensive? Chapitre 208 Who is this, harm others? Chapitre 207 Small site, definitely pit! Chapitre 206 Fake when true Chapitre 205 Information released by President Bae

Chapitre 204 It ’s all gone, and anyone is spying on intelligence? Chapitre 203 What is the layout of Mingyun Villa? Chapitre 202 Write a plot of "Back to Shore"! Chapitre 201 1 group of horses Chapitre 200 Full attendance pulls me full! Chapitre 199 Director Lin really has something! Chapitre 198 Increase budget! Chapitre 197 This game is really incredible ... Chapitre 196 By the way for the benefit of society Chapitre 195 New layout! Chapitre 194 Small book arrangement Chapitre 193 Choice of 2 schemes

Chapitre 192 "Blood War Songs Enhanced Edition" Chapitre 191 Chinese Website Chapitre 199 "Turning Back to Shore" Chapitre 189 What the new game does Chapitre 188 Some "outstanding students"! Chapitre 187 Pei's small test Chapitre 186 Think of some other way to get money Chapitre 185 System i tony horse! Chapitre 184 Don't share your days with your Lin family! Chapitre 183 No solution! Chapitre 182 How is this number calculated? ? Chapitre 181 Don't leave, President Li. This is a misunderstanding! !!

Chapitre 180 President Pei, watch TV! Chapitre 179 Hold gourd and scoop Chapitre 178 Will count Chapitre 177 Change person Chapitre 176 Almost laughed Chapitre 175 Who's making a mess for me here! Chapitre 174 Approaching settlement, no risk Chapitre 173 Mr. Bae is always so warm Chapitre 172 Huang Sibo's Documentary Chapitre 171 I didn't answer yesterday, tomorrow ... Chapitre 170 Lin Wan + 觞 洋 游戏 =? Chapitre 169 There are ghosts!

Chapitre 168 It ’s so rewarding! Chapitre 167 Divided changed! Chapitre 166 Can we block Qiao Lao wet! Chapitre 165 One Zantengda boss is one cm shorter! Chapitre 164 Tenda employees are so happy Chapitre 163 New version, new weapon Chapitre 162 The highest value takeaway in history! Chapitre 161 Renewing passion for old horses ~ Made some minor changes that do not affect the plot Chapitre 160 No need! Chapitre 159 Bottom pay Chapitre 158 Mr. Bae is very angry.

Chapitre 157 I put it in this big 1 touch fish Internet cafe? Chapitre 156 What a shame for Tenda! Chapitre 155 Surprise Brother Qian Chapitre 154 Can't help but unknowingly hurt the meat! Chapitre 153 Sing for the singer Chapitre 152 Chief Pei's strong man has broken his wrist! Chapitre 151 Try a new service? Chapitre 150 Resident singer Chapitre 149 Whatever they want Chapitre 148 Problems that have never been answered! Chapitre 147 You have to believe President Pei's vision! Chapitre 146 Shang Fang's sword given by President Pei

Chapitre 145 The new boss of 觞 洋 游戏 Chapitre 144 President Bae's weekend Chapitre 143 Bargain Chapitre 142 Lose money, still have to see professionals Chapitre 141 Acquisition! Chapitre 140 Investigation of the game Chapitre 139 New store location! Chapitre 138 The desire to lose money is strong again Chapitre 137 Choosing a new manager Chapitre 136 Stop talking, I'll take the order! Chapitre 135 Ship new version! Chapitre 134 Carry forward the successful experience of Moyu Internet Cafe!

Chapitre 133 President Pei's doubts! Chapitre 132 The true humerus! Chapitre 131 Into the mysterious Tenda game Chapitre 130 Interview! ~ Thirteen more on the shelves, ask for a monthly pass! Chapitre 129 This is a work injury! Chapitre 128 You have to get out of the comfort zone! (Twelve / ten) Chapitre 127 I'm here to announce the good news! (11/10) Chapitre 126 Chief Pei's Foresight (10/10) Chapitre 125 Physical examination (9/10) Chapitre 124 Disadvantages of inheriting the game! (Eight / ten) Chapitre 123 Desperate President Pei (7/10)

Chapitre 122 Isn't this the B station upside down? !! (Six / ten ... Chapitre 121 President Pei, is this also in your plan? (5/1 ... Chapitre 120 What is Eli Island? (Four / ten) Chapitre 119 Misunderstood is the Fate of the Expressor (Third / Ten) Chapitre 118 This is 1 performance art! (Two / ten) Chapitre 117 How to reverse wind reviews ~ Testimonials Chapitre 116 New section: "Faith of God"! (Thanks to Fat Chicken ... Chapitre 116 New section: "Faith of God"! (Thank you Youyu ... Chapitre 115 Very uncomfortable Joe old wet Chapitre 114 Never touch this junk game! Chapitre 113 Bae is always a careful person.

Chapitre 112 President Pei ... shouldn't he be revenge? Chapitre 111 Special video commentary Chapitre 110 Pei's propaganda method Chapitre 109 President Pei ... is a lonely person Chapitre 108 Work of horse 1 herd Chapitre 107 Don't let him work! Chapitre 106 This is someone with great luck! Chapitre 105 Help the brothers push 1 Chapitre 104 Huang Sibo's difficult brother Chapitre 103 Deserted! Chapitre 102 Low-key opening Chapitre 101 I'm not reading a book

Chapitre 100 People's blood books, please ask for official meals! Chapitre 99 A hand Chapitre 98 Bao Xu is back! Chapitre 97 President Bae's intentions to speculate on the meeting Chapitre 96 My employees are treasure boys Chapitre 95 Mr. Pei's suggestion: Refuse to be served! Chapitre 94 "Pei's Everyday" is on fire! Chapitre 93 Make people big Chapitre 92 1 little lie Chapitre 91 1 shot Chapitre 90 This candidate is perfect! Chapitre 89 Master Pei's God Performance

Chapitre 88 "General Manager Pei's Everyday" begins shooting! Chapitre 87 Chief Pei's hint! Chapitre 86 I hire myself? ? ~ Talking for 5 cents, still coding, add more at night Chapitre 85 The menu has wines on the front and home cooking on the reverse! Chapitre 84 Internet cafe location! Chapitre 83 First 50 Chapitre 82 Ma Yang's Helper Chapitre 81 The manuscript is out Chapitre 80 Entering the film and television industry? Chapitre 79 1 abusive game for players! Chapitre 78 Game Name: "Game Producer"!

Chapitre 77 planning! Chapitre 76 Dream Fund! Chapitre 75 First elimination system, start! ~ Simply say 2 sentences, delete in 2 days Chapitre 74 A big step in history! Chapitre 73 The historic twist is a loss! Chapitre 72 Is paid shopping OK? Chapitre 71 Special reimbursement Chapitre 70 Full salary increase! Chapitre 69 For nothing! Chapitre 68 analysis report! ~ Do n’t ask customer service and bandwidth again.

Chapitre 67 President Pei, open champagne! Chapitre 66 Not good! Chapitre 65 It's really special ... Chapitre 64 I didn't expect the plot to be so brilliant! Chapitre 63 Plot Chapitre 62 There is a plot mode? Chapitre 61 This is Fire Unicorn! Chapitre 60 What sand sculpture weapons can sell for 888? !! Chapitre 59 Should find a few mice Chapitre 58 This game seems to have no publicity at all? Chapitre 57 Team building is all about eating and drinking! Chapitre 56 Pei Acceptance of R & D Achievements

Chapitre 55 Fortunately! Chapitre 54 Lin Wan's resignation letter Chapitre 53 Mr. Pei's smile Chapitre 52 Successful experience sharing! Chapitre 51 This office area is so crowded Chapitre 50 Arrived in Yangcheng! Chapitre 49 Skyfire Studio Chapitre 48 Exchange learning, surprise spending money Chapitre 47 Legendary overtime pay! Chapitre 46 Doubled my budget! Chapitre 45 Must pay overtime! Chapitre 44 Mr. Pei has good intentions!

Chapitre 43 This is the proposition composition of President Pei Chapitre 42 Happy and unhappy Chapitre 41 3 conditions! Chapitre 40 new project Chapitre 39 To celebrate the start of the holiday for 3 days Chapitre 38 Really talented! Chapitre 37 Recruitment seems too smooth? Chapitre 36 expected salary? Chapitre 35 Interview Chapitre 34 Online recruitment Chapitre 33 Hermit Master Chapitre 32 Line head

Chapitre 31 Big purchase! Chapitre 30 so cheap? Chapitre 29 Excellent assistant Chapitre 28 Hiring employees is a good way Chapitre 27 You can't lose it! Chapitre 26 The gentleman's friendship is as light as water! Chapitre 25 What about this data? !! Chapitre 24 Fire broke out in the artist circle! Chapitre 23 Chat group Chapitre 22 President Pei is too righteous! Chapitre 21 There seems to be a problem with this game! Chapitre 20 Game released, "Ghost General"!

Chapitre 19 The quality of the original painting is shocking! Chapitre 18 The card is finished! Chapitre 17 Passionate shooter Chapitre 16 Unreliable demand form! Chapitre 15 Reverse bargaining Chapitre 14 Ma Yang's work Chapitre 13 Spend money! Chapitre 12 It's you, the card game! Chapitre 11 Change your mind Chapitre 10 1st employee Chapitre 9 1 genius bastard! Chapitre 8 Settled!

Chapitre 7 The culprit has been found! Chapitre 6 How come there are several 0 downloads? !! Chapitre 5 This game really makes people think about life Chapitre 4 Looking for junk games Chapitre 3 The Lonely Desert Highway Chapitre 2 The world has changed! Chapitre 1 Wealth Conversion System ~ I'm so sorry

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