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Résumé du Roman

Je suis un fils abandonné, mais ma vie est dure et persévérante ;

Je suis un gendre, mais je suis plein de folie, comment puis-je baisser la tête ?

Après quinze ans de piqûres, il a été méprisé et humilié, histoire d'ouvrir la voie à la vengeance. Je veux juste compter sur mes propres mains pour retrouver la gloire qui m'appartient !

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Titre Court:MS
Titre Original:狂婿当道
Auteur:Linghu No. 2 Middle School
Weekly Rank:#4641
Monthly Rank:#4803
All Time Rank:#5799
Mots Clés:Business, Comedic Undertone, Male Protagonist, Revenge, Romance, Schemes And Conspiracies,
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11 Comments on “Mad Son-in-law
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  1. iu, the son in law novels are a total shit, the same fucking plot, retarted mc, retardded girl, retarded mother in law, and the hidden identity when he can make a lot of things,anyways, good luck to this novel guys xD, I can't.

  2. Why most of son in law type novel always the same plot, being humiliated by the relatives of his in laws, and then revenge once he regain his ability, anyway they are your in laws even if they despise you because of inability then you better move out with your wife in other places, or if your wife also despised you then leave her and them, they are not worth it, but anyway plot is plot it's impossible to do so, but it doesnt mean that most of this type were the same, no originality and unique. I'm tired of it, though I love this plot before but later I disgusted.. be unique with your own writing style or be creative..

  3. Just like easymodex said, don't use western literature standards as a benchmark to CN novels. It won't work. This kind of author tends to use the same "template" plot that proved to be profitable when writing a novel. It's just easy money for them. Copy-paste the same plot from a novel, modify the plot a little bit, change every character's name, and add some "unique" element (reincarnation, transmigration, system, cheesy comedy) to make this novel "different" from other novel. After doing that, just release your novel in someplace in the web and pray that his novel are read by someone in China then get popular.

  4. I just wanna ask if there someone know the title of this.. i just read sometime and i forgot the title.. its about story of married couple.. the man was always drunk and abused his wife but i think he got reborn as i remember and he got system and help him to get close to his wife and btw they are poor.. and the woman is rich girl but she escape from her family cuz of force married then she got kidnapp but the man parent save her and to pay for the man parent the girl got forced married to man and so on.. if anyone know the title.. plz reply to me.. and sorry for bad grammar..

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