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Résumé du Roman

Je ne suis qu'une ancre de jeu, Fang Rui n'est qu'une ancre de jeu.

Mais je peux briser seul la défense du Pentagone et écrire des logiciels pour faire de l’industrie informatique mondiale 30 ans d’avance!

quoi? Le boss noir veut s'agenouiller et me chanter pour vaincre?

Désolé, je ne suis qu'une ancre de jeu ordinaire. .

- Description de MTL


Titre Court:MSOP
Titre Original:绝地求生之开挂吃鸡系统
Auteur:Meng Zhu Jue
Weekly Rank:#2344
Monthly Rank:#2764
All Time Rank:#2660
Mots Clés:Anal, Artificial Intelligence, Clever Protagonist, Clones, Doctors, Game Elements, Gamers, Hackers, Level System, Master-Disciple Relationship, Poor to Rich, Sudden Strength Gain, System, Weak to Strong,
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  1. I don't understand people complaining about nationality like seriously. Author is Chinese and he is writing for Chinese people not for people outside of china. Judging by reading shit ton of novel I can say the more you show china is best in book, the more your book will get attention and liked by people. Author don't even know that there is people outside china reading his work. As for people complaining is just wasting their time because writer never going to read this comments and review. At the end of the day all I can say we are all here because we all like Chinese web novels and so we are reading them even when they are machine translated. No matter how much we hope for the Chinese novel to less cliché, less face slapping, no nationality it is not going to work.

  2. The author won't read the comments here, I know, but we do. I am grateful for people who remind others that a novel have disagreeable contents for they help potential readers like me from wasting our time :)

  3. theres even the dog in this novel name 'super dog lord'. i think in "A Valiant Life" Master Lin dog name is 'Elder Dog Nicholas'

  4. yeah master lin is also a hacker a can understand the dog the same with this mc. Master Lin have many skill and identities so i think the mc here will also have some of them. so far its readable since A Valiant Life is good novel.

  5. Yah bener tuh ada kesamaan kayak novel a bambang life. Tapi yang ini mah membingungkan dah novel nya. Gak kayak yang a valiant life, bagus dah itu mah alur, latar ,tokoh nya pas banget

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