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Un garçon à cheval, à cause d'un cauchemar, s'est avéré avoir un talent pour pratiquer la magie, et à partir de là, s'envoler dans le ciel ! Cet article est lent, pas un article passionné !

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Titre Court:MT
Titre Original:魔法工具
Weekly Rank:#2355
Monthly Rank:#2347
All Time Rank:#2594
Mots Clés:Genius Protagonist, Kingdoms, Magic, Male Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Slow Growth at Start, Transmigration, Transported into Another World, Wizards,
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18 Comments on “Magic Tool
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  1. So far, the MC haven't avenged himself towards those who bullied him lol. Even the one who commissioned to kill him he didn't even bother to investigate. Even the one with jacque guy, he didn't even kill him. The mc is just a punching bag, even if you bully him he would not even retaliate when he had the strength. It is frustrating as fuck. It is interesting and all but I want some slaughter, MC too beta to act on it. He acted cold and all that but in the end he would not make a move to take revenge.

  2. Even if he is a free man with a extraordinary power and status people keep calling him " horse slave " and him not retaliate also did not bother investigating almost getting killed everytime cause of bounty in his head, getting bullied over 2x faceslapping bitches when he is annoyed the only thing he cares about is runes and space magic.

  3. This novel is F#cking very irritating former slave turned magician face-slapping stronger enemies looking down on him again and again. The enemies always keep saying "interesting" when the MC is stronger than normal then faceslap always getting bullied in every chapters F#ck this novel the power system is confusing as F#ck !

  4. Damn, this is harem? Seriously? Another good novel to be dropped i guess. It had the usual disgusting descriptions of women, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised.

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