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Marvel: I’m Silver Superman, Join the Chat Group

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Résumé du Roman

Carl voyage dans le monde Marvel et emporte le système de connexion avec lui. Après avoir signé pendant vingt-cinq ans, j'ai enfin acquis une force solide.

Modèle Superman argenté ! Le pouvoir de Superman à l'âge d'argent était beaucoup plus fort que celui de Superman normal.

Voyager dans le temps, manger de la kryptonite brute, souffler des étoiles… juste au moment où il s'envole de l'étoile bleue pour la première fois, en regardant le soleil. Ding ! Le groupe de discussion dimensionnel vous invite à vous joindre.

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Titre Court:MISSJCG
Titre Original:漫威:我白银超人,加入聊天群
Auteur:Lian Shan Gui Zang
Weekly Rank:#181
Monthly Rank:#105
All Time Rank:#638
Mots Clés:Chat Rooms, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harem, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Polygamy, Protagonist Strong from the Start, World Travel,
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65 Comments on “Marvel: I’m Silver Superman, Join the Chat Group
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  1. Are the sign in system and chat group text/ding or whatever it is gone? When he got Silver Superman template at first the system didnt say anything, then the chat group too??? When Tsunade brother Nawaki died and there is a mission/quest it didn't show up too, why??? There are just people chatting around, nothing shown that resemble a system window or shop or smt.

  2. He is doing almost nothing remarkable!! He doesn't study/research something with his super ultra quantum brain, nor does he try to get more power, atleast the non destruction one, maybe get magic for daily use, or get teleportation, or visit some worlds and do shits, Tsunade maybe? Collect tail beast etc, built yourself an AI, the kind of super AI in Krypton. He is damn smart but does nothing except for eat, drink, shopping, sleep, wtf is going on??? Most of the chapters are dummy group chat, like you can simplify it by focusing on the topic and stop wring things like, Ok, You are here, what do you want to eat, let me cook you some food and sent a gift, etc. Useless words!! I thought when Hulk vs Abomination happen he will invite Kamen Rider but no!! Wth man??

  3. Well usually marvel fanfiction come from movie, usually the will choose either wanda or skye because beatifull ( theor actor in movie ) as for black widow it is rarely used as heroine because his life style ( an agent and her main skill is seduction ) they will not choose her.

  4. Wouldnt it be kinda funny if when an op protagonist first gets found by shield and an agent is sent to scout he/she directly tells theim to relay to nick fury that he can go fuck himself?

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