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Résumé du Roman

Mo Fan a traversé le continent de Xiuxian, mais le système d'éveil était très insipide et n'avait rien à voir avec la cultivation.

Mo Fan ne peut mener qu'une vie ordinaire.

Mais je ne sais pas si j'ai changé le monde.

L'arbre planté est l'arbre Tao Yun, le poulet élevé est le phénix et la carpe blanche dans l'étang est un dragon blanc.

Les mots qu'il a écrits peuvent déclencher une vision du ciel et de la terre, et une seule larme de sa part peut bloquer toutes choses dans le monde.

Tang Seng apprend de lui…

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Titre Court:MXPF
Titre Original:修仙大佬,求你翻牌吧
Weekly Rank:#2481
Monthly Rank:#2598
All Time Rank:#2411
Mots Clés:Cannibalism, Cultivation, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Naive Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Slice of Life, Strong from the Start, System,
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30 Comments on “Master Xiu, Please Flop
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  1. Well, after seeing Long'er started eat her fellow race, i think this novel need tag "Cannibalism'. Also, including "op mc" and "dumb mc"

  2. Are chinese like these in character too? For ex. He just give him a tresure but her teacher said that bla bla he must be know my ancestor or something,everything that man action have meaning like that. So if you become someone who awesome in china first you need to make sure everthing you done have meaning

  3. here there is nothing to misunderstand, and just the stupidity of the characters... even without the MC doing or saying anything they are distorting things.

  4. I don't understand how these mc's brains work, for example when i am in a whole new martial arts world, i would try to get strength by any means possible, for example doing push ups to my limit, does these mc never try to do a push-up but keep bitching about how the world is dangerous and shit, like if he try to do a pushup he will probably realise that he can do unlimited pushups because he's a fricking god or something

  5. What the meaning practice this thing when you were in cultivating world?All strength come from their supernatural power. With their finger, the cultivator can get rid of any ordinary human their want. Beside, if mc want to became strengh based cultivator who were using body not supernatural power, the mc need to cultivate some technique to increasing his body stat like, maybe cultivate Golden Body skill?Without these, no matter how long you practice martial art you will only be stronger than ordinary human.

  6. The mc still think he was only mortal at that time. So he probably think their no meaning to do this if he doesn't even have spirit root. In later chapter, around 500-600 chapter mc already know his strength at Fairy level, but because his clone was so damn strong after being fed so many elexir, his clone can fight one on one against Golden immortal cultivator, most strongest level in their world and he can win against his oponent in second if his clone was serius enough. So, it no wonder mc already abondoned the idea to pratice his body if he had clone, so many friend(follower) at level of immortal who can protect him. Yes, at this time he still doesn't know he had strength of sage level...what dumb mc but i still enjoyed reading this book

  7. Alright, screw everything, imagin he just carries a bucket of water and finds that he doesn't get tired, there are so many ways he can realise he is not an average human, then he just have to carry a heavier buclet of water to realise that it is still not his limit, then he carries more and more heavy buckets of water until he realises that he can carry a whole fucking mountain or something, like i would definitely find it weird if i carry a bucket of water and feel no stress on my hand, and after that i would definitely try to find how much i can carry.

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