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Résumé du Roman

Link, qui a accidentellement rejoint le point de départ et a traversé les rangs de l'armée, est revenu au jeu virtuel holographique en ligne "Destiny" il y a six mois et est devenu un PNJ anonyme dans le jeu.

Link, avec une valeur chanceuse de 1, a rencontré une crise dès son entrée dans le jeu et a accidentellement activé une version de l'artefact qui peut être utilisée pour synthétiser des monstres.

Ainsi, la société de sécurité monstre s'est avérée!

Le méchant gaucher de Link, joueur droitier, s'est bien amusé à couper le poireau.

Six ans plus tard…

Link a conduit sa forteresse super forte et a regardé le Starlight Devourer, le phénix magique, la reine Zerg…

Pleurer sans larmes: "Trois ans et trois ans, si tu ne te montres pas, Empereur Paul, je serai poussé en tant que BOSS par le joueur!"

- Description de MTL


Titre Court:MSM
Titre Original:怪物合成大师
Auteur:Zhuge Wanjun
Weekly Rank:#1352
Monthly Rank:#1190
All Time Rank:#1250
Mots Clés:Action, Army, Army Building, Artificial Intelligence, Assassins, Beast Companions, Cheats, Comedic Undertone, Engineer, Firearms, Fleet Battles, Game Elements, Gamers, Gunfighters, Level System, Male Protagonist, Mercenaries, Outer Space, Poor to Rich, Reincarnated in a Game World, Skill Assimilation, Transported into a Game World, Wars, Weak to Strong,
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30 Comments on “Monster Synthesis Master
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  1. There's story evolve from monsters or something or legendary mechanic when he upgrade self first and the rest in meanwhile but it was less scrupulous and cold hearted. So that is technically nicer even if the hero limits his bonus saving more lives

  2. "Too many intrigues and useless action. Being the leader of a gang doesn't seem useful for him. Since everything speaks with an iron fist, then he just needs to make his arm thicker by gathering money as a killer and this could upgrade his level too rather than being the head of the gang as there are too many constraints that make his golden finger become lack luster." Platinum hotel is very restrictive, there is a level cap, and being a gang leader gives him the opportunity and authority to raise his influence. Golden finger is pretty OP still. And one other comment about the legendary NPC, THAT Is Literally THE ONLY legendary NPC on the planet (Before MC)

  3. It's boring and forced What's the point of not investing points ?, " use them to make a difference in an unexpected situation" bulshit, mc chased and killed but does nothing, The combat system is useless, at least specialise in something And the health issues is pure bullshit, doesn't recovers health automatically?, how the hell your body works normally then? How the players recover then?, use portion or what ? Too slow paced with bullshit everywhere, pointless follower, pointless gang.

  4. the reason MC doesn't invest point is because there is a level cap, and he uses it to meet equipment requirement. regarding health: YES PLAYERS NEED TO drink potions (which is ridiculously expensive) or go to a hospital, also It's a game, so the devs can do whatever they want. idk what you mean by at least specialize in something, the class of the MC is an all-rounder, so why spec. overall not much BS, follower is kinda pointless in the early parts, gang will be used later.

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