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Mrs. Bo Was Stripped of a Vest Again Today

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Résumé du Roman

Bo Shao a divorcé pendant un certain temps, pourchassant sa femme dans le crématorium. Depuis lors, il s'est engagé sur le chemin difficile de chasser sa femme en amincissant profondément le gilet de sa femme.

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Titre Court:MBSVAT
Titre Original:薄太太今天又被扒马甲了
Auteur:Seventy million
Weekly Rank:#2196
Monthly Rank:#2181
All Time Rank:#2756
Mots Clés:Beautiful Female Lead, Female Protagonist, Genius Protagonist, Hacker, Handsome Male Lead, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identities, Hiding True Identity, Medical Knowlege, Multiple Identities, OP MC, Organization, Protagonist Strong from the Start, R-18, Secret Identity, Wealthy Characters,
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17 Comments on “Mrs. Bo Was Stripped of a Vest Again Today
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  1. Why can't they put a matured content??? As long as it's not smut it's ok right??? Just a little bit mumuchuche there tsk ...

  2. I read a lot of romance, except for matured romance because most of it, is very heartbreaking, ml despised mc, all kinds of bitches will linger around ml but the mc's nothing can do, because she is not capable of controlling ml..Even his family despised mc, even target of public opinion, I felt sorry for mc,it is really brokes my heart, sometimes I feel like if mc had another personality which full of vest, or someone will shares her body so they can work together to make a vest so they can shut up those bitches and annoying family...Now I felt ease

  3. In my opinion I really don't like ml he's like a typical idiot main character in a cross-dressing novel, he and fl have promised a contract marriage. But the way to snare fl right" makes me hate it. He hates fl close to other men, But he also often has ambiguous relationships with other women. Does fl forbid him? No! .ml like everything should be under his control.

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