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My Attic Connects To Other Worlds

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Résumé du Roman

Wang Huan a été blessé et a pris sa retraite.

Dans le grenier loué, il y a un portail vers l'espace d'un autre monde, et il y a d'innombrables trésors.

Le destin réécrit ! Il a remporté toutes les médailles d'or du sprint aux Jeux olympiques, a remporté le prix Nobel de littérature, les Oscars et les Grammy Awards pour les musiciens.

Il a créé des jeux qui ont anéanti Blizzard, les téléphones portables qui ont anéanti Apple, les puces qui ont anéanti Intel et les avions qui ont anéanti Boeing.

Il est devenu le dieu du sport, de la littérature, de la musique, du cinéma et de la télévision.

Dominez toutes les régions du monde, à commencer par le champion olympique.

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Titre Court:MACTOW
Titre Original:我的阁楼通异界
Auteur:Silent Pastry
Weekly Rank:#3711
Monthly Rank:#2928
All Time Rank:#3982
Mots Clés:Business Management, Gate to Another World, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Poor to Rich, Racism, Revenge, Romantic Subplot, Showbiz, System,
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  1. Ch.4 :: etdah.. Biasa banget, yg ngutang lebih galak dr yg memberi hutang.. Makanya bang.. Kalo minjemin duit gede hrs ada hitam diatas putih.. Jangan lupa materai.. Tapi ada jg sih yg masih tambeng.. Seperti oknum yg minjem ma nyokap duit gede ampe skrg blm dibayar pdhl dah pake materai ples tanda tangan erte erwe setempat ples cap kelurahan.. Lol.. Jd curhat..

  2. Wang Huan wrote the name of his ex-wife Yu Ziqing and his home address, and replied: "Lend fifty thousand for a month." The loan shark manager said: "If you borrow 50,000, you can only give 40,000, but you have to write an IOU of 50,000, with a daily interest of two cents, and you will repay 80,000 after one month. If you can’t pay back the money, we will go to your wife’s office. no problem?" -- sudahkudagu.. Akar pinjol darisinih.. Dibawa dr sonoh dilakuin disinih..

  3. Hahaha, ane ngalamin jg. dipinjem thn 2013 sampe skrg ga dibalikin. Terakhir ane denger dia dipecat dr kantor nya krn boss nya diteror debt collector pinjol tempat do'i ngutang juga 😆

  4. Caused they know if they don't build it.they won't have a chance to merry like debauched.🤣🤣🤣 they build a wall but the empire did not last because of them being complacent of themselves(corruption)what an irony.that wall that protect the people end up the caused of peoples misfortunes.😵😵😵😵

  5. Well, through my experience (more than a thousand Chinese novel/10 years of reading), I come to understand that human race is Chinese people while other foreign populace are mixed aliens. China without a protagonist system can only be bullied. While every Chinese character in the novel seems to be short tempered, arrogant, worship foreigners, pervert, rotten, ass licker, little brother, but somehow chinese people are first class creatures... Everyone hate and fear china. Green hat. Japan and Korea have plans to destroy the world while Chinese save the world. Every harem novel should have a nurse, policewoman,doctor, cold CEO, flirty underground queen, bodyguard, poor girl, mysterious background girl, teacher, school/university flowers, twins, mothers, milfs, Loli with big breasts.. A protagonist that somehow could destroy the planet with a sneeze, somehow feel nervous in front of the supreme leader...

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