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My Cultivation Prowess Peaks after I Buried the Great Emperor’s Corpse

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Résumé du Roman

Lin Wudao a traversé, et il existe un système de collecte de cadavres invincible.

Tant que vous collectez les cadavres pour les plus forts, vous pouvez obtenir les objets qu'ils possédaient ou ont touchés en récompense au cours de leur vie, et les objets obtenus sont toujours renforcés.

Le plus bas, dix fois plus fort !

[Vous avez recueilli le cadavre du grand empereur Jiang Taichu et gagné dix mille ans de cultivation ! 】

[Vous avez récupéré le corps de votre fiancée Jiang Qingxue, obtenu l'épée Zichen, une arme spirituelle humaine, et après l'avoir renforcée dix fois, elle a été améliorée pour devenir une arme spirituelle extrême, l'épée ancienne Xuantian ! 】

[Vous avez collecté les os d'un immortel, obtenu un rayon d'origine immortelle, l'avez amélioré de 100 000 fois et l'avez amélioré pour devenir l'origine originale de Hongmeng. Après l'avoir raffiné, vous pouvez être promu empereur immortel ! 】

Depuis l'obtention du système invincible de collecte de cadavres, Lin Wudao s'est engagé sur une route invincible qui peut traverser les âges et supprimer les cieux.

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Titre Court:MCPP
Titre Original:给大帝收尸,我暴涨万年修为!
Auteur:Castle Peak Sword Demon
Weekly Rank:#1800
Monthly Rank:#1768
All Time Rank:#3049
Mots Clés:Cheats, Cultivation, Male Protagonist, System, System Administrator, Transmigration,
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  1. Oh it's not usrll3ss but it's weird the book y is it able to take away resourc3s that doesn't b3lomg to requ3sted person just bec he said so

  2. Mc is so f stupid y is he making deal with weakling with no meaning at all just f take what u want this is not like ri or longetivty luck where treasure are self destructed I don't see the point also well chp133 other disgusting troupe killing people just for being seen naked also y the f are u naked out in open so ridiculous

  3. Deals are not just meaning less but also have restriction mc had to fullfill them with book of all beings it's stupid y would u do that all power that artifact has is to trabfser things over meaningless

  4. System power is fine mc is boring annoying and boring tho2 better than most still he does annoying politics for no reason of playing around with people it's boring as f depite no need to do so he doesn't try to take useful methods like curse or other he encounter shouldn't u think of getting them also annoying how he just judges people aren't qualified for zhogmen and kills people for no reason just to frame other triple people which he again doesn't really need to do also has yelled subordinates of his af father who attacked him th2 usually cliche of only strength matters for servant and it's just same thing what is mc even trying to do in the firstoace does he want to be powerful does GE care a about orgazinatiom none of it is really f clear but just passively following other plans for no reason. Is all I see happening most of the time atleats

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