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My Sister is the Female Team Leader

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Résumé du Roman

Bae ? Ne vivre qu'un jour ? Deux piliers ? Fou de provoquer soeur? Xian

L'histoire d'un Finlandais luttant contre le golden retriever du monde Gamardis.

Le livre divertit le style de tous les jours, ne vous en faites pas trop.

Livre ouvert dans les deux sens, j'adore lire du texte.

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Titre Court:MSFTL
Titre Original:我的姐姐是女团队长
Auteur:Dawn in the night
Weekly Rank:#1045
Monthly Rank:#799
All Time Rank:#4386
Mots Clés:Actors, Eidetic Memory, Entertainment, Kpop Idols, Male Protagonist, Modern World, Movies, Twins,
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23 Comments on “My Sister is the Female Team Leader
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  1. The brother was a tv reporter and offended some people in the entertainment industry. He didn't want people to retaliate against his sister. His sister didn't want to be accused of using her brother's fame to get ahead. They both agreed to keep their family relationship secret so as not to cause problems for the other. Once it became known, people would use their feelings for each other in order to get them to work for them. Like making the brother host a reward show in 3 languages, so his sister's group would win an award.

  2. I really like this novel, My Sister is the Female Team Leader. Hidden gem like I can read unlimited files, Martial Arts Master, The Legend of Futian, I The Female Protagonist with Superpower am super fierce, Good man training system, I am a good man and The Best Male God.

  3. Are you sure ? I have been reading until chapter 32 and the incest vibe was too strong, mc fight anyone that confess to his sister and his sister warned her members grup to not have any other thoughts to his brother.

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